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August 30th, 2008  
Originally Posted by Lunatik
Well, if not AQ than a shi'ite extremist group, like, say, Hezbollah? They're even more vertically integrated to the Muslim society and have a constant supply of recruits as well as weapons. And as a bonus, they have Sunni branches as well. Ask the Israelis and they'll tell you all about them.

As Mr. Bush says, this is the 21st century, right? You can't attack a country, mess it up and leave the civilians in so much pain and suffering. You have to help them as best as you can. What are you going to do? Destroy a family's house and kill their children in a bomb attack and then tell teh father to not worry and just rebuild his house and life? His whole life goal will be to take his vengeance, even if he was friendly towards the west in the first place. If you don't help the people, you'd be making yourself a lot, a lot more enemies, and giving them the right to bring the war to your own streets. I.e. More terrorism, more hijacked planes, more blown buildings, more future conflicts, more deaths from all sides...

Also, let's not forget. Freedom is a very subjective term, it's definition can serve many purposes. To be fair, choosing to be governed by Mullahs and extremists is also freedom.
The way I look at it they already wanna kill us, so what is the difference? I know they will come after us but in the future but it is much better than Iran with a atom bomb. Hezbollah would probably take over but they wouldn't be able to do much with the country a complete wreck.

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