"Decoy" used to force a military body into surrender.

June 8th, 2010  

Topic: "Decoy" used to force a military body into surrender.

"Decoy" used to force a military body into surrender.

Which one is the boss "U.S. Treasury'' or "mandated profits"

Foreign invasion uses geological propaganda to "steer" or "brain-wash" nations by method of seducing a multitude of people to cooperate with mental alliances and habitual schematics that incite a system to overthrow a government union by infiltrating and disbanding its chain of supply or command.

Foreign sabotage uses social networks to reform, destruct and dis-able a targeted nation or multitude of its people in order to induce a system of surrendering and or forfeiting the govern of national territory by convincing the nation of its people to pursue and or conform to the priorities of a "decoy" for the purpose of abandoning the pursuit to engage an enemy "target'.

Political agendas feed the geological propaganda that define the processes to overthrow a nations ability of "supply" in order to dis-arm or shut-down its military capacity.

Foreign invasion wants the people to pledge trust or mental habitations that promote the pursuit of "decoy" in order to miss; fumble; neglect; avoid; or ignore acquisition to the "target".

The more people they can get to believe in the decoy and ignore the target, then they can deprive or cut-off national social networks by the chain of its mental habitations in order to shut-off the ability to govern territory by intersection to its chain of supply.

But "counterfeit" does not build "merit".

The path of goal separates merit and counterfeit; then progress succeeds by the logic of supply relevant to the priorities of goal that define the difference between "merit" and "counterfeit"..

Mandated profits is a system of "decoy" used to convert; mis-lead; sabotage; or force a military body into surrender or abandoning its treasury or "network of supply".

Mandated profits is a system of cohersioon to pursuade a military body to cooperate with the pursuit of a decoy instead of promoting the merit of treasury; ownership or priorities of supply .

California state law requires that automobile insurance be paid on a "consent basis"; and never "mandation".

The insurance industry imposes mandated profits and unlawful monetary proceeds by forcing the citizens into economical bribe in order to embezzle a set amount of money from the government as evident to the process with siphoning significant amounts of money from the people.

California is seeking a reliable wok force that can audit the negligence of legislators that violate treasury authority by racketeering to promote counterfeit stock and bonds acquired with the endorsement of mandated profits to solicit unlawful monetary proceeds that are pawned or forced from the citizens income allowance.

The state of California is in neglect and conflicts the legitimacy to govern the state board of license and commission, by promoting the racketeer to quota mandated profits. (Looting)

Mandated profits are a system to overthrow and out buy government treasury assets.

Mandated profits is instigated by any person or group of people that propose or impose legislation that solicits to induce controlling asset over the citizens income allowance for the purpose of confining or reserving the citizen's income allowance as a source of revenue; to force monetary proceeds in order to convene the forgery thereof; quota to pawn; and or induce the act to falsify the surplus of demand to voucher the stock or bonds of a free enterprise or business agency that is not declared as a non -profit organization is called extortion against the United States treasury.

Mandated profits is a system of using the citizen's income allowance as a pawn to over throw treasury assets or controlling authority to a government body.

Mandated profits is a system that uses unlawful revenue to falsify stocks and bonds in order to counterfeit title and deed for the intent to deprive ownership to its legitimate authority; and or, also, the act of sabotaging a common-wealth for the purpose of using unlawful revenue to out-buy or overthrow US treasury assets.

Mandated profits are used to deny or deprive the sovereign treasury's ability to the "power of purchase'

Mandated profits siphon the citizen's income allowance to dominate "the power of purchase" for out-monopolizing controlling asset over the sovereign treasury's, territorial property; and collateral interest of its people.

Mandated profits coherse or persuade geological mentality to support the habitations of looting to deny or deprive the progress of territory and its border patrol.

Mandated profits are classified as a trespass against US treasury; tax evasion; fraudulent investment; grand larceny; and conspiracy to commit treason on a government body.

Mandatory automobile insurance is in violation of article 94 of the UCMJ and is subject to the penalties thereof.
June 8th, 2010  
Whereas you have the profits of the proletariat`s oppressors succumbing to the fundamental influxes of the institutional dogma.....yes, I see your point.