July 25th, 2005  

Topic: Debate

Out of the many forums that I am apart of, alot of them have started to create debate teams. I think that this would be a really neat idea for this forum because there are many members from all over the world that in my opinion are intelligent enough to hold a good debate. We could create teams within the forum and also challenge other forums. The debates could be held in the chat room, either ours or the opposing teams. Not only would we be having intelligent conversation, we could recruit more people into our foum and we could try out other forums to.
July 25th, 2005  
That's a great idea, only thing - you have to find devout readers to all the sections. I will say that I rarely set foot in the military department, so I would not be a good candidate.

I like the idea, as long as the "debate team" doesn't start ganging up on the other people of the forum and the forums keep a professional attitude toward the others. (i.e. people don't join the other forums and start trampling down their creation and people don't try to hack and other things.)
July 26th, 2005  
I love that idea. I was on my school debate team and i love a good intellegent conversation with someone.