DD214 issue - Former Reservist activated during Desert Storm

November 12th, 2012  

Topic: DD214 issue - Former Reservist activated during Desert Storm

I was in the Army Reserves between November 1989 to November 1997, and our Reserve unit was activated for Desert Storm between November 1990-June 1991. I'm trying to get a VA Loan, and I've received copies of my service records from St. Louis that I recently requested. This is what they gave me when I requested my DD214:

1. A copy of my DD214 I received after AIT (Nov 1990), with my rank of E-1.
2. A copy of my DD215 (correction to 214) showing my service in Iraq and Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War.
3. A letter saying that a copy of my DD214 could not be located.

Shouldn't I have another updated DD214 showing my enlistment in Desert Storm?

I've tried sending these to Atlanta to receive a certificated of eligibility for VA Loan benefits, but they wrote back saying they need the DD214 (I assume the updated one) showing character of service (which my AIT DD214 shows). Any help is greatly appreciated.
November 12th, 2012  
Hi mate.

Unfortunately, I can't help you. But I'd like to welcome you to the International Madhouse!

Watch out for Capt. Frogman - He's a smooth operator!

But thank you for service during Op. Desert Storm.
November 12th, 2012  
Have you tried using the online service of the National Archives? I had problems obtaining my DD214 too but got help from a local VA office, which is probably who you are going through the loan with.

November 13th, 2012  
Yeah, that's how I obtained my copies. I'll probably have to do what you did and contact my local VA office.
November 15th, 2012  
Request a certified copy of a Certificate of Service for the DD214 they are unable to locate. It will serve the same purpose. Keep the letter and CoS together.

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