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April 12th, 2021  
April 12
238 Battle of Carthage
1204 Crusaders capture Constantinople
1807 Froberg Mutiny ends
1861 Bombardment of Ft. Sumter begins,US Civil War begins
1862 The Great Locomotive Chase
1863 Battle of Bayou Teche begins
1864 Ft. Pillow Massacre
1865 Confederate Army of Mobile evacuates Mobile, US troops captures Montgomery, Al.
1917 Battle of Vimy Ridge ends
1935 1st flight Bristol Blenheim
1940 French Sub Chaser C107 sunk in a collision in the Loire. KM Tanker Moonsund stopped by sub HMS Snapper and sunk after crew abandoned ship. KM Sub Chaser UJ-117 sunk by mine in Danish Straits. Captured Norwegian Patrol Ships Senja and Michael Sars bombed/sunk by British at Narvik, raised, repaired and returned to KM service. Norwegian Guard Ship Sperm scuttled at Vikedal
1941 Trawler HMS Rypa sank in a storm in Loch Ewe. Yugoslav River Monitors Drava, Morava, Sava, and Vardar scuttled or bombed/sunk. Morava and Sava raised, repaired and put in Croatian service.
1942 PT-35 scuttled while under repair at Cebu to prevent capture. US Aux. minesweeper YAG-4 shelled/sunk off Corrigidor.
1944 PT-135 scuttled after running aground off Crater Point, New Britain. USN Rescue Tug ATR-98 sunk in collision with Tug USS Abnaki west of the Azores. IJN sub I-174 bombed/sunk by USN PB4Y off Truk. Aux. Minesweeper Wa-104 sunk by HMS Stygia south west of Bali.
1945 U-486 sunk by sub HMS Tapir north-west of Bergen. U-1024 captured by R.N. ships off the Isle of Man, sinks next day. USN LST 493 wrecked/sunk off Plymouth, U.K. LCT-66 lost at Pearl Harbor, unknown causes. LCS(L)-33 and Destroyer USS Manert L Abele sunk by Kamakzes off Okinawa. IJN sub RO-64 sunk by mine in Hiroshima Bay.
1970 Soviet sub K-8 sinks after a fire on the 8th.
June 4th, 2021  
June 4
1745 Battle of Hohenfriedeberg
1794 British capture Port-au-Prince, Haiti
1859 Battle of Magenta
1862 Confederates evacuate Ft. Pillow, opens way to Memphis.
1916 Russian Brusilov Offensive begins
1940 Battle of Dunkirk/Dunkirk Evacuation ends. French Aux. Minesweeper Emil Deschamps sunk by mine northeast of Foreness Point
1941 Minelayer HMS Van Meerlant sunk by mine off the Isle of Sleppey
1942 Battle of Midway: Battle begins, Carriers Akagi, Kaga and Soryu bombed/scuttled. Antisubmarine ship HMS Cocker sunk by E Boat S-57 off Tobruk.
1943 U-308 sunk by Sub HMS Truculent northeast of the Faroes. U-594 sunk by RAF Hudson west of Gibraltar. USN Sub Chaser PC-496 sunk by mine off Bizerte
1944 Allies capture Rome. U-505 captured by Boarding Party from Destroyer USS Pillsbury. R.N. LCT 2498 foundered in the English Channel. KM Minesweeper M-37 sunk by Soviet MTBs off Estonia
1945 Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-112 sunk by B-24s in the Java Sea.
June 6th, 2021  
June 6
1513 Battle of Navara
1762 Siege of Havana begins
1813 Battle of Stoney Creek, Ontario
1862 naval Battle of Memphis
1882 Battle of Embobo
1940 Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Carinthia sunk by U-46 off Ireland
1942 Destroyer USS Hammann sunk by I-168. Cruiser Mikuma bombed/sunk
1943 Armed Yacht HMS Sargasso sunk in a collision off the Isle of Wight
1944 Destroyer Minazuki sunk by sub USS Harder of Tawi Tawi. Frigate CD-15 sunk by sub USS Raton in South China Sea.
Battle of Normandy begins: D-Day: Norwegian Destroyer Svenner sunk in the English Channel by KM Torpedo Boat. Destroyer USS Corry sunk by coast artillery off Utah Beach. Sub Chaser USS PC-1261 sunk by coast artillery. R.N. MTB 248 sunk in a collision in the English Channel. USN LCIs 232, 416, 497, 553, 85, 91, 92, 93, and R.N. LCI 185, USN LCTs 197, 22, 229, 25, 27, 294, 30, 332, 362, 364, 52, 397, 305, and R.N. LCTs 2191 and 2283 sunk off Normandy. Target Ship HMS Centurion sunk as a breakwater off Normandy.
1945 Gasoline Tanker USS Sheepscot wrecked at Iwo Jima.
1971 Battle of Long Khanh begins
1982 Israel invades Lebanon