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November 5th, 2019  
November 11th, 2019  
Nov 11
1673 Battle of Khotyn
1778 Cherry Valley Massacre
1805 Battle of Durenstein
1813 Battle of Crysler's Farm
1864 Sherman begins destroying Rome and Atlanta Ga.
1918 Germany signs armistice with the Allies. Date becomes Armistice Day & later Veteran's Day in the USA
1919 Battle of Riga
1940 Trawler HMS Stella Orion sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Taranto Air Raid: Italian Battleships Andrea Doria, Conte di Cavour, and Littorio sunk
1941 U-580 sunk in a collision with KM Target Ship Angelburg off Lithuania
1942 Transport USS Joseph Hewes sunk by U-173, and Vichy French sub Sidi Ferruch sunk by aircraft from USS Suwanee, both off Fedhala Roads. Sub HMS Unbeaten sunk by RAF Wellington in the Bay of Biscay. Armed Merchant Cruiser Hokoku Maru sunk by Minesweeper HMIS Bengal and Dutch merchant tanker Undina in the Indian Ocean.
1943 R.N. Harbor Defence Motor Launches HDML 1244 and 1289 lost as cargo when SS Indian Prince is torpedoed/sunk by German aircraft north off Oran. Destroyer Suzunami sunk by USN aircraft at Rabaul. Italian MTB MAS 555 scuttled by shore batteries off Leros.
1944 IJN Supply ship Kurusaki sunk by sub USS Raton west of Luzon. Minesweeper W-22 sunk by mine at Palau. US Carrier aircraft wipe out a convoy sinking all 4 transports and Destroyers Hamanami, Naganami, Shimakaze and Wakatsuki and Minesweeper W-30 in Ormac Bay, Leyte. Sub USS Scamp sunk by a bomber and Frigate CD-4 north east of Hachijo Island, Japan. U-773 sunk by sub HMS Venture near Horten. U-1200 sunk by 4 R.N. Corvettes south of Ireland.
December 7th, 2019  
Dec 7
1862 Battle of Prarie Grove
1917 US declares War on Austria-Hungary
1940 1st flight Fairy Barracuda. Trawler HMS Capricornus sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Trawler HMS Cortina and Guardship HMS Lormont sink each other in a collision at the mouth of the Humber.
1941 HMS Chantala sunk by mine at Tobruk. Corvette HMCS Windflower sunk in a collision with SS Zypenberg on the Grand Banks. U-205 sunk by Destroyers HMS Hesperus and Harvester west of Gibraltar. Pearl Harbor Attack, War in the Pacific begins
1944 Destroyers USS Mahan and Ward damaged/scuttled, and LSM-318 sunk, by Kamakazes off Leyte. KM Patrol Ship V-1606 bombed/sunk by Soviet aircraft. Soviet Sub Chaser BO-229 sunk by U-997 in the Barents Sea. High Speed Transport T-11 sunk by USMC and US Army aircraft at San Isidro, Leyte
1975 Indonesia invades East Timor
January 17th, 2020  
Jan 17
1287 Aragon invades Minorca
1608 Battle of Ebenet
1746 Battle of Falkirk Muir
1781 Battle of Cowpens
1811 Battle of Calderon Bridge
1873 1st Battle of The Stronghold
1885 Battle of Abu Klea
1899 US takes possession of Wake Island
1941 naval Battle of Ko Chang: Thai Coast Defence Ship Dongkla sunk, Coast Defence Ship Sri Ayu beached, refloated, repaired and returned to service, Torpedo Boats Trad and Songhkla sunk by French. KM Ship Ingenieur Riebell sunk by R.N. off France.
1942 Destroyer HMS Gurkha sunk by U-133 off Sidi Barani. Destroyer HMS Matabele sunk by U-454 in the Arctic Sea. MTB-47 sunk by KM ships off Cap Griz Nez. Soviet naval Trawler TCS-68 torpedoed by U-454, front half sinks. I-60 sunk by destroyer HMS Jupiter in Sunda Strait off Krakatoa.
1943 R.N. LCTs 2234, 2239, 2267, and 2344 lost as deck cargo when SS Vestold sunk by U-268.
1944 Battle of Monte Cassino begins. KM ship NB-12 Skorpion rammed and sunk by German ship SS Oldenburg. Soviet sub L-23 sunk by KM sub chaser UJ-106 north west of Cape Torchakut, Crimea. Midget sub Ha-51 dragged down and sunk when its tow ship SS Tarushima Maru is sunk by USS Whale.
1945 U-2515 and 2523 sunk, and 2530 resunk, by RAF at Hamburg. Minesweeper M-305 sank off Brusterort, Germany. E Boats S-58 and 60 beached on Unije Island, destroyed by R.N. MGBs. Landing Ship T-15 sunk by sub USS Tautog in East China Sea. British occupy Salonika. Soviets occupy Warsaw.
1991 Operation desert Storm begins
June 6th, 2020  
1513: Battle of Novara. Swiss troops defeat the French under Louis de la Tremoille, forcing the French to abandon Milan. Duke Massimiliano Sforza is restored.
1813: Battle of Stoney Creek - A British force of 700 under John Vincent defeat an American force three times its size under William Winder and John Chandler.
1862: Battle of Memphis - Union forces capture Memphis, Tennessee, from the Confederates.
1918 - Battle of Belleau Wood begins .
1940: In the West, 7. Panzer division (Rommel). advancing W of Amiens, penetrative 20 miles into French territory. U-46 sinks the British armed merchant cruiser Carinthia off the west coast of Ireland.
1942: Battle of Midway ends -
1944: D-DAY. - In the early morning hours, the Allied Expeditionary Force of American, British, Canadian, Polish, and Free French troops begins Operation Overlord, the long-awaited invasion of 'Fortress Europe', as the Germans call it. After an intensive naval and aerial bombardment, the first wave of 5 divisions (156,115 men) are landed at designated beaches in Normandy named Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword, preceded by some 12,000 paratroopers of the US 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions behind the German lines on the Cotentin peninsula and the British 6th Airborne Division near Caen. These forces are supported by 1,213 warships, including 7 battleships and 23 cruisers, 1,600 auxiliary ships, and 4,126 landing craft, as well as several Allied air forces flying 14,674 sorties. Opposing them in their bunkers on the beaches are 5 low grade German infantry divisions with about 50,000 men and 100 tanks and assault guns. Despite some heavy casualties, especially at Omaha Beach, the German defenders, stunned and surprised by the massive onslaught, are progressively overwhelmed, and most of the Allied objectives are reached and secured by nightfall. There is little opposition from the Luftwaffe or Kriegsmarine.
1969: Battle of Binh Ba, South Vietnam - Binh Ba, located five kilometers north of the Australian base at Nui Dat was the site of a battle between a combined force of Viet Cong guerillas and North Vietnamese Army troops after they occupied the village. They were driven off after more than a day's fighting. This was the last large-scale clash in Phouc Tuy.
1972: South Vietnamese forces drive out all but a few of the communist troops remaining in Kontum. Over 200 North Vietnamese had been killed in six battles in and around the city. The city had come under attack in April when the North Vietnamese had launched their Nguyen Hue Offensive, a massive invasion by North Vietnamese forces designed to strike the blow that would win them the war. The attacking force included 14 infantry divisions and 26 separate regiments, with more than 120,000 troops and approximately 1,200 tanks and other armored vehicles. In addition to Kontum, the other main North Vietnamese objectives were Quang Tri in the north and An Loc farther to the south.
1982 - 1982 Lebanon War begins: Forces under IsraeliDefense MinisterAriel Sharon invade southern Lebanon in their "Operation Peace for the Galilee," eventually reaching as far north as Beirut .
July 3rd, 2020  
July 3
324 Battle of Adrianople
1754 Battle of Ft. Necessity
1778 Battle of Wyoming (Wyoming Massacre)
1863 Battle of Gettysburg ends
1866 Battle of Koniggratz
1889 Denmark adopts the Krag-Jorgensen.
1898 naval Battle of Santiago de Cuba
1940 Long Range Desert Group formed. Royal Navy siezes 2 French Battleships, 9 Destroyers and other warships, and Destroyer Mistral scuttled, at Plymouth and Portsmouth. Battleships Bretagne sunk, Dunkerque and Provence damaged/beached and Destroyer Mogador sunk at Mers el Kebir, Dunkerque, Provence and Mogador raised, repaired, returned to service.
1941 Trawlers HMS Receptive and Rosme sunk by mines in the North Sea.
1942 U-153 sunk by Destroyer USS Landsdowne off Colon, Panama. U-215 sunk by Trawler HMS Le Tiger east of Boston. 2 Soviet subs sunk by mines in Norway.
1943 U-126 sunk by RAF Wellington and U-628 sunk by RAF B-24, both north west of Cape Ortegal. R.N. LST 429 burns/sinks off Zuwarah, Libya
1944 U-154 sunk by Destroyers USS Inch & Frost north west of Madiera
1967 Operation Sterling Castle
1988 USS Vincennes shoots down Iran Air flight 655
September 11th, 2020  
Sept 11
1297 Battle of Sterling Bridge
1390 Siege of Vilnius begins
1541 Battle of Santiago, Chile
1649 Siege of Drogheda ends
1697 Battle of Zenta
1709 Battle of Malplaquet
1714 Siege of Barcelona ends, began 25 July 1713
1758 Battle of St. Cast
1777 Battle of Brandywine Creek
1803 Battle of Delhi
1814 Battle of Lake Champlain
1861 Battle of Cheat Mountain
1914 Australia invades New Britain, German New Guinea: Battle of Bita Paka
1939 Canada declares War on Germany
1940 Trawler HMS Breathwood sunk by mine in the English Channel
1941 U-207 sunk by HMS Leamington and Veteran near Greenland
1942 Corvette HMCS Charlottetown sunk by U-517 in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Destroyer Yayoi bombed/sunk by US B-17s and Australian Hudsons in the Solomon Sea.
1943 USN LCT-71 sank in the Gulf of Alaska. Destroyer USS Rowan sunk by E Boat off Salerno. R.N. midget subs X5, X6, X7, X8, and X9 lost attacking Lutzow, Scharnhorst and Tirpits. KM Sub Chaser UJ-1217 sunk by Soviet sub M-7 in Sylteforden. Torpedo Boat TA 11 sunk by Italian torpedo Boat Aliseo, Corvette Cormorano and Italian tanks at Elba. Italian Gunboat Aurora, sunk by E Boats S-61 and 64. Torpedo Boats T-6, Impetuoso, Partenope, Pegaro and MTB MAS 431 scuttled. Sub Chasers VAS 208, 214, 219, and 220 sunk by German coastal batteries.
1944 U-19 scuttled off Turkey in the Black Sea. KM Minesweeper M-462 bombed/sunk off Skagen, Denmark. Minesweeper R-80 sunk by aircraft. Auxiliary Sub chaser CHa-165 sunk by USS Albacore off Kagashima.
2001 9/11 Terrorist attacks
2012 Benghazi Embassy attack