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November 5th, 2019  
November 11th, 2019  
Nov 11
1673 Battle of Khotyn
1778 Cherry Valley Massacre
1805 Battle of Durenstein
1813 Battle of Crysler's Farm
1864 Sherman begins destroying Rome and Atlanta Ga.
1918 Germany signs armistice with the Allies. Date becomes Armistice Day & later Veteran's Day in the USA
1919 Battle of Riga
1940 Trawler HMS Stella Orion sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Taranto Air Raid: Italian Battleships Andrea Doria, Conte di Cavour, and Littorio sunk
1941 U-580 sunk in a collision with KM Target Ship Angelburg off Lithuania
1942 Transport USS Joseph Hewes sunk by U-173, and Vichy French sub Sidi Ferruch sunk by aircraft from USS Suwanee, both off Fedhala Roads. Sub HMS Unbeaten sunk by RAF Wellington in the Bay of Biscay. Armed Merchant Cruiser Hokoku Maru sunk by Minesweeper HMIS Bengal and Dutch merchant tanker Undina in the Indian Ocean.
1943 R.N. Harbor Defence Motor Launches HDML 1244 and 1289 lost as cargo when SS Indian Prince is torpedoed/sunk by German aircraft north off Oran. Destroyer Suzunami sunk by USN aircraft at Rabaul. Italian MTB MAS 555 scuttled by shore batteries off Leros.
1944 IJN Supply ship Kurusaki sunk by sub USS Raton west of Luzon. Minesweeper W-22 sunk by mine at Palau. US Carrier aircraft wipe out a convoy sinking all 4 transports and Destroyers Hamanami, Naganami, Shimakaze and Wakatsuki and Minesweeper W-30 in Ormac Bay, Leyte. Sub USS Scamp sunk by a bomber and Frigate CD-4 north east of Hachijo Island, Japan. U-773 sunk by sub HMS Venture near Horten. U-1200 sunk by 4 R.N. Corvettes south of Ireland.
December 7th, 2019  
Dec 7
1862 Battle of Prarie Grove
1917 US declares War on Austria-Hungary
1940 1st flight Fairy Barracuda. Trawler HMS Capricornus sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Trawler HMS Cortina and Guardship HMS Lormont sink each other in a collision at the mouth of the Humber.
1941 HMS Chantala sunk by mine at Tobruk. Corvette HMCS Windflower sunk in a collision with SS Zypenberg on the Grand Banks. U-205 sunk by Destroyers HMS Hesperus and Harvester west of Gibraltar. Pearl Harbor Attack, War in the Pacific begins
1944 Destroyers USS Mahan and Ward damaged/scuttled, and LSM-318 sunk, by Kamakazes off Leyte. KM Patrol Ship V-1606 bombed/sunk by Soviet aircraft. Soviet Sub Chaser BO-229 sunk by U-997 in the Barents Sea. High Speed Transport T-11 sunk by USMC and US Army aircraft at San Isidro, Leyte
1975 Indonesia invades East Timor
January 17th, 2020  
Jan 17
1287 Aragon invades Minorca
1608 Battle of Ebenet
1746 Battle of Falkirk Muir
1781 Battle of Cowpens
1811 Battle of Calderon Bridge
1873 1st Battle of The Stronghold
1885 Battle of Abu Klea
1899 US takes possession of Wake Island
1941 naval Battle of Ko Chang: Thai Coast Defence Ship Dongkla sunk, Coast Defence Ship Sri Ayu beached, refloated, repaired and returned to service, Torpedo Boats Trad and Songhkla sunk by French. KM Ship Ingenieur Riebell sunk by R.N. off France.
1942 Destroyer HMS Gurkha sunk by U-133 off Sidi Barani. Destroyer HMS Matabele sunk by U-454 in the Arctic Sea. MTB-47 sunk by KM ships off Cap Griz Nez. Soviet naval Trawler TCS-68 torpedoed by U-454, front half sinks. I-60 sunk by destroyer HMS Jupiter in Sunda Strait off Krakatoa.
1943 R.N. LCTs 2234, 2239, 2267, and 2344 lost as deck cargo when SS Vestold sunk by U-268.
1944 Battle of Monte Cassino begins. KM ship NB-12 Skorpion rammed and sunk by German ship SS Oldenburg. Soviet sub L-23 sunk by KM sub chaser UJ-106 north west of Cape Torchakut, Crimea. Midget sub Ha-51 dragged down and sunk when its tow ship SS Tarushima Maru is sunk by USS Whale.
1945 U-2515 and 2523 sunk, and 2530 resunk, by RAF at Hamburg. Minesweeper M-305 sank off Brusterort, Germany. E Boats S-58 and 60 beached on Unije Island, destroyed by R.N. MGBs. Landing Ship T-15 sunk by sub USS Tautog in East China Sea. British occupy Salonika. Soviets occupy Warsaw.
1991 Operation desert Storm begins