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July 21st, 2017  
July 21
905 Battle of Verona
1242 Battle of Taillebourg
1403 Battle of Shrewsbury
1545 Isle of Wight Invasion
1568 Battle of Jemmingen
1588 naval battle off Plymouth
1656 Malaga Raid
1861 1st Battle of Manassas
1903 Battle of Ciudad Bolivar
1921 Battleship Ostfriesland sinks during 2nd day of bomb testing
1936 Nationalists capture the navy base at El Ferrol and 1 Battleship, 2 Cruisers, one Destroyer, plus 2 Cruisers under construction there.
1941 Soviet sub M-94 sunk by U-140 off Saaremaa
1942 R.N. MTB 328 sunk by KM surface ships in Dover Strait
1943 U-662 sunk by USN PBY off the mouth of the Amazon
1944 Battle of Guam begins. KM Minesweeper M-20 bombed/sunk off Sweden and M-413 bombed/sunk in Narva Bay, both by Soviet aircraft. M-307 bombed/sunk off Langeoog, Germany by British aircraft. U-212 sunk by Frigates HMS Curzon and Ekins south of Brighton. Brazilian Minelayer Camaqua sank in a storm east of Recife
1977 Libya-Egyptian War begins
1995 Bloody Friday Belfast bombings, 3rd Taiwan Straits Crisis begins
2005 London bombings
August 21st, 2017  
August 21
1140 Battle of Vancheng
1680 Pueblo Indians capture Santa Fe
1689 Battle of Dunkeld
1778 Siege of Pondicherry begins
1808 Battle of Vimeiro
1863 Lawrence, Ks Raid
1864 2nd Battle of the Weldon Railroad ends
1914 Battle of Charleroi
1918 2nd Battle of the Somme begins
1941 KM Gunboat SAT-1 "Ost" sunk by Soviet Destroyers Artem and Surovyi in the Baltic, later salvaged.
1942 Battle of the Tenaru
1944 Corvette HMCS Alberni sunk by U-480 off the Isle of Wight. R.N. Harbor Defence Motor Launch 1179 sank in a storm off Jamaica. Sloop HMS Kite sunk by U-344 in the Barents Sea. Corvette HMS Orchis strikes a mine and is beached off Juno Beach, Normandy, declared a Total Loss. U-230 ran aground near Toulon and is scuttled. KM Minesweeper M-292 bombed/sunk in the Geronde Estuary. Training ship Viper and supply ship Hako scuttled at Bayonne. Hako raised, repaired and returned to her original Norwegian owners post War. KM Sub Chaser RA 259 and Italian Social Republic Sub Chaser VAS 255 sunk by R.N. ships in Genoa Bay.
1945 last surface action of WWII. Japanese Junk attacks 2 Chinese Junks under command of a USNR Lt. between Haimen & Shanghai. Jap junk defeated with 45 crewmen killed & 35 WIA, 4 Chinese killed and 5 Chinese & one US crewman WIA on the Chinese Junks.
December 7th, 2017  
Dec 7
1862 Battle of Prarie Grove
1917 US declares War on Austria-Hungary
1940 1st flight Fairy Barracuda. Trawler HMS Capricornus sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Trawler HMS Cortina and Guardship HMS Lormont sink each other in a collision at the mouth of the Humber.
1941 HMS Chantala sunk by mine at Tobruk. Corvette HMCS Windflower sunk in a collision with SS Zypenberg on the Grand Banks. U-205 sunk by Destroyers HMS Hesperus and Harvester west of Gibraltar. Pearl Harbor Attack, War in the Pacific begins
1944 Destroyers USS Mahan and Ward damaged/scuttled, and LSM-318 sunk, by Kamakazes off Leyte. KM Patrol Ship V-1606 bombed/sunk by Soviet aircraft. Soviet Sub Chaser BO-229 sunk by U-997 in the Barents Sea. High Speed Transport T-11 sunk by USMC and US Army aircraft at San Isidro, Leyte
1975 Indonesia invades East Timor
December 16th, 2017  
Dec 16
1598 naval Battle of Noryang
1750 Norwegian Military Academy Est.
1761 Siege of Kolberg ends
1838 Battle of Blood River
1864 Battle of Nashville ends
1907 US Great White Fleet sets sail on its around the world voyage.
1912 naval Battle of Elli
1939 Trawlers HMS Evelina and Sedgefly sunk with all hands by mines near Newcastle
1941 Japan invades British Borneo. R.N. LCT 11 sank off Sollum. MTB 8 bombed/sunk, and Destroyer HMS Thracian scuttled, both at Hong Kong. Thracian raised, repaired, entered IJN service as Patrol Boat PB-101. U-557 rammed/sunk by Italian Torpedo Boat Orione off Crete.
1943 U-73 sunk by 3 USN Destroyers off Algeria. Minesweeper R-54 sunk by aircraft north west of Anhold. USN Patrol Boat YP-426 runs aground and sinks off Tybee Island, Ga.
1944 Battle of the Bulge begins
1971 Bangladesh War of Independence, and Indo-Pakistani War, ends
1998 Operation Desert Fox bombing campaign of Iraq begins
January 14th, 2018  
Jan 14
1641 Dutch capture Malacca from the Portugese
1761 3rd Battle of Panapit
1822 Greeks capture Acrocorinth
1863 Battle of Bayou Teche: Gunboat CSS Cotton destroyed, US Navy Flag Officer Buchanon killed
1939 Nationalist capture Tarragona from Republicans
1941 Minesweeper HMS Fitzroy damaged by mine and beached, repaired and returned to service
1942 1st flight Sikorski XR-4 helicopter
1944 Destroyer Suzenami sunk by USS Albacore s.e. of Yap. Rescue Tug HMS Adherant founders in the N. Atlantic
1945 Minelayer Yurijima sunk by USS Cobia off Kota Bharu, Malaya. PT-73 wrecked and scuttled in Baliqueias Bay, Mindoro. E Boat S-180 sunk by mine off Holland.
1950 1st flight Mig-17
March 26th, 2018  
26th March 1945, my uncle John RAF VR was murdered by japanese guards on the Sandekan Death March, he has no know grave, he was only 22 years of age. The Japanese gave the reason for his death as Malaria, they forgot to add the starvation diet, the savage beatings and brutal treatment by japanese guards

Out of over 2600 POW''s both Australian and British only 6 Australians survived, of those 6 only 4 where fit enough to give evidence at war crimes trails.

Commanding Officer of Sandekan Captain Hoshijima was found guilty of war crimes and hanged on 6 April 1946. Capt Takakuwa and his second-in-charge, Capt Watanabe Genzo, were found guilty of causing the murders and massacres of prisoners-of-war and were hanged and shot on 6 April 1946 and 16 March 1946 respectively.
April 1st, 2018  
1st April 1918 the Royal Air Force was formed, 100 years ago today.
April 2nd, 2018  
I forgot to add, the Royal Air Force was formed from the army Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service.

Because of its links to the Royal Navy the RAF Ensign is flown from what looks like a yard arm from the Royal Navy
June 4th, 2018  
June 4
1615 Siege of Osaka ends
1745 Battle of Hohenfriedeberg
1794 British capture Port-au-Prince, Haiti
1859 Battle of Magenta
1862 Confederates evacuate Ft. Pillow
1916 Russian Brusilov Offensive begins
1940 Battle of Dunkirk/Dunkirk Evacuation ends. French Aux. Minesweeper Emil Deschamps sunk by mine northeast of Foreness Point
1941 Minelayer HMS Van Meerlant sunk by mine off the Isle of Sleppey
1942 Battle of Midway: Carriers Akagi, Kaga and Soryu bombed/scuttled. Antisubmarine ship HMS Cocker sunk by E Boat S-57 off Tobruk.
1943 U-308 sunk by Sub HMS Truculent northeast of the Faroes. U-594 sunk by RAF Hudson west of Gibraltar. USN Sub Chaser PC-496 sunk by mine off Bizerte
1944 Allies capture Rome. U-505 captured by Boarding Party from Destroyer USS Pillsbury. R.N. LCT 2498 foundered in the English Channel. KM Minesweeper M-37 sunk by Soviet MTBs off Estonia
1945 Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-112 sunk by B-24s in the Java Sea.
June 6th, 2018  
June 6
1513 Battle of Navara
1762 Siege of Havana begins
1813 Battle of Stoney Creek, Ontario
1862 naval Battle of Memphis
1882 Battle of Embobo
1940 Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Carinthia sunk by U-46 off Ireland
1942 Destroyer USS Hammann sunk by I-168. Cruiser Mikuma bombed/sunk
1943 Armed Yacht HMS Sargasso sunk in a collision off the Isle of Wight
1944 Destroyer Minazuki sunk by sub USS Harder of Tawi Tawi. Frigate CD-15 sunk by sub USS Raton in South China Sea.
Battle of Normandy begins: D-Day: Norwegian Destroyer Svenner sunk in the English Channel by KM Torpedo Boat. Destroyer USS Corry sunk by coast artillery off Utah Beach. Sub Chaser USS PC-1261 sunk by coast artillery. R.N. MTB 248 sunk in a collision in the English Channel. USN LCIs 232, 416, 497, 553, 85, 91, 92, 93, and R.N. LCI 185, USN LCTs 197, 22, 229, 25, 27, 294, 30, 332, 362, 364, 52, 397, 305, and R.N. LCTs 2191 and 2283 sunk off Normandy. Target Ship HMS Centurion sunk as a breakwater off Normandy.
1945 Gasoline Tanker USS Sheepscot wrecked at Iwo Jima.
1971 Battle of Long Khanh begins
1982 Israel invades Lebanon