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May 30th, 2016  
May 30
1434 Battle of Cipany
1940 Armed Boarding Vessels HMS Cambrian sunk by mine, and HMS King Orry bombed/sunk, off Dunkirk. French Destroyer Bourrasque damaged by mine, then sunk by German artillery fire off Ostend
1943 Sub HMS Untamed sank in the Firth of Clyde. Raised, repaired, returned to service as Vitality. USN LCT 28 sunk by mine in the Med.
1944 Whaler HMS Firmament ran aground and sank off Alexandria.
June 6th, 2016  
June 6
1513 Battle of Navara
1586 St. Augustine Raid
1644 Quing Dynasty captures Peking from the Mings
1762 Siege of Havana begins
1813 Battle of Stoney Creek, Ontario
1862 naval Battle of Memphis
1882 Battle of Embobo
1909 France captures Abeche
1940 Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Carinthia sunk by U-46 off Ireland . KM Minesweeper M-11 sunk by mine off Feistad, Norway
1942 Sub Luigi Torellidamaged by a Catalina in the Bay of Biscay and beached, refloated and repaired. Battle of Midway: Destroyer USS Hammann sunk by I-168. Cruiser Mikuma bombed/sunk
1943 Armed Yacht HMS Sargasso sunk in a collision off the Isle of Wight
1944 Destroyer Minazuki sunk by sub USS Harder of Tawi Tawi. Frigate CD-15 sunk by sub USS Raton in South China Sea. KM minesweeper M-4031 sunk by mines off Brest.
D-Day: Battle of Normandy begins: Norwegian Destroyer Svenner sunk in the English Channel by KM Torpedo Boat. Destroyer USS Corry sunk by coast artillery off Utah Beach. Sub Chaser USS PC-1261 sunk by coast artillery. R.N. MTB 248 sunk in a collision in the English Channel. USN LCIs 232, 416, 497, 553, 85, 91, 92, 93, and R.N. LCI 185, USN LCTs 197, 22, 229, 25, 27, 294, 30, 332, 362, 364, 52, 397, 305, and R.N. LCTs 2191 and 2283 sunk off Normandy. Target Ship HMS Centurion sunk as a breakwater off Normandy. KM MFP gunboats AF 62, 64, 67, and 72 scuttled in port in Normandy. Minesweeper R-218 bombed/sunk, and S Boats S-139 and S-140 sunk by mines off Normandy.
1945 Gasoline Tanker USS Sheepscot wrecked at Iwo Jima. Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-195 sunk by mines off southern Honshu, raised and under repair at War's end.
1971 Battle of Long Khanh begins
1982 Israel invades Lebanon
July 1st, 2016  
July 1
1097 Battle of Dorylaeum
1431 Battle of La Higueruela
1690 Battle of the Boyne
1782 Lunenburg Raid
1862 Battle of Malvern Hill
1863 Battle of Gettysburg begins
1898 Battle of San Juan Hill
1914 Royal Navy Air Service Est.
1916 Battle of the Somme begins
1940 U-26 damaged by RAF Sunderland and Corvette HMS Gladiolus, scuttled south-west of Ireland. U-102 sunk by Destroyer HMS Vansittart south-west of Ireland.
1941 Flying Tigers formed. Norwegian MTB No. 5 sunk off Dover by an explosion. KM Naval Whaler Adjutant scuttled after engine failure off Chatom Islands, New Zealand by KM Raider Komet. Minesweeper M-3134 sunk by mine off Libau. Trawler HMS Devon County sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Armed Boarding Vessel HMS Malvernian bombed/abandond, sunk on July 19th by a R.N. ship. Soviet Destroyer Bystry mined/beached at Sevastopol, Sub M-81 and minesweeper Imanta sunk by mines off Estonia.
1942 1st Battle of El Alamein. Sperrbrecher 191 sunk by mine in the Baltic.
1943 Net Layer Kashi Maru sunk by US aircraft in the Solomons.
1944 R.N. Motor Launches ML 265 and 287 burned at Freetown. HMCS MTB 460 sunk by mine off Normandy. KM MFP F 586 mined/sunk in North Sea. MFPs KF 439, 503, 589, and 620 bombed/sunk at LaSpezia
1945 Battle of Balikpapan begins. Frigate CD-75 sunk by sub USS Haddo west of Changshan, Korea. KM Minesweeper R-224 sunk by an explosion in the Kattegat.
1947 Philippine Air Force Est.
1991 Warsaw Pact dissolved.
August 18th, 2016  
Aug 18
684 Battle of Marj Rahit
1304 Battle of Mons-en-Pevele
1487 Siege of Malaga ends
1759 naval Battle of Lagos
1864 2nd Battle of the Weldon Railroad
1870 Battle of Gravelotte
1940 KM Minesweeper Tender Von der Groeben damaged by mine and beached near Boulogne, later refloated, repaired and returned to service as minesweeper M-507.
1941 Soviet Destroyer Statnyi sunk by mine off Suurstrat. Sub Tender Boug bombed/sunk at Kherson by German aircraft. Sub HMS P 32 sunk by mine north of Tripoli, and P 33 sunk by enemy action in the Med
1942 R.N. MTB 218 sunk by mine in Dover Strait. MTB 43 sunk by KM surface ships off Gravelines, France. KM patrol ship V-406 sunk by mine in Bay of Biscay.
1943 U-403 sunk by RAF Wellington off Dakar. USN LST-396 exploded and sank at New Georgia. R.N. LCT 416 explodes and sinks at Tripoli, sinking R.N. LCT 301. Aux. Sub Chasers CHa-5 and 18 sunk by 4 US destroyers off Vella Lavella.
1944 KM Minesweeper M-27 sunk by mine in Geronde Estuary. Torpedo Boats T-22, 30, and 32 sunk by mines in Narva Bay. UJ-1103 sunk in a collision off Lista, Norway. U-107 sunk by RAF Sunderland in Bay of Biscay. U-129 scuttled at Lorient. U-621 sunk by 3 RCN destroyers in Bay of Biscay. Cruiser Natori sunk by USS Hardhead east of Samar. Escort Carrier Taiyo sunk by sub USS Rasher in South China Sea. R.N. MTB 707 sunk in a collision with Free French Frigate L'Escarmauche north of Ireland. Armed Boarding Vessel HMS Fratton sunk by KM Neger torpedo device off Normandy.
1945 Battle of Shumshu begins: Soviet LCI DS-1, 5, 9, 43 and 47 sunk by Japanese shore batteries.
1965 Battle of Van Tuong begins
1966 Battle of Long Tan.
1976 Ax Murder Incident in Korean DMZ.
2008 Battle of Uzbin Valley begins.
September 1st, 2016  
Sept 1
1644 Battle of Tippermoir
1814 HMS Avon sunk by USS Wasp
1862 Battle of Ox Hill
1864 Battle of Jonesboro ends. Siege of Atlanta ends, CS Evacuates Atlanta
1870 Battle of Sedan
1880 Battle of Kandahar
1939 Germany invades Poland, WWII Officially starts. Polish Gunnery Training ship Mazur bombed/sunk at Oksywie
1940 Destroyer HMS Ivanhoe damaged by a mine off Texel, scuttled.
Patrol Launch HMS Mesme sunk with all hands in a collision with HMS Sunfish. Trawler HMS Royalo sunk by mine off Penzance. Italian MTB MAS 537 rammed/sunk by Destroyer HMS Ilex in the Med.
1942 Hans-Joachim Marseille shoots down 17 RAF fighters in a day. U-756 sunk by Corvette HMCS Morden in Mid-Atlantic. Soviet Guard Ship Purga bombed/sunk in Lake Ladoga.
1943 I-182(or possibly I-20) sunk by Destroyer USS Wadsworth.
1944 Corvette HMS Hurst Castle sunk by U-482 off Tory Island, Ireland. R.N. Motor Minesweeper MMS 117 sunk by mine off Civita Vecchia, Italy. US Minesweeper YMS-21 sunk by mine off Toulon. U-247 sunk by Frigates HMCS St. John and Swansea in the English Channel. E Boat S-80 sunk by mine in the Baltic.
1983 KAL 007 shot down by the Soviets
November 10th, 2016  
Nov 10
1202 Siege of Zara begins
1444 Battle of Varna
1580 Siege of Smerwick ends
1659 Battle of Pratapgad
1702 Siege of St. Augustine begins
1775 Contenental Marines Est.
1940 Trawler Kingston Alalite sunk by mine off Plymouth. Boom Defence Vessel HMS Marcelle sunk by mine in the Bristol Channel.
1942 Sub I-15 sunk by Destroyer-Minesweeper USS Southard off San Cristobal Island. Operation Torch: Italian sub Emo sunk by Trawler HMS Lord Nuffield off Algiers. Sloop HMS Ibis sunk by Italian torpedo planes near Algiers. Destroyer HMS Martin sunk by U-431 off Algeria. Vichy French Battleship Jean Bart bombed/sunk by USN aircraft in Casablanca Harbor. Vichy French Sub Meduse sunk by spotter plane from USS Philidelphia.
1943 R.N. MTB 222 sank from damage sustained in a collision with MTB 230 in the North Sea the previous day. U-966 sunk by RAF B-24s, Wellingtons and USN PB4Ys in the Bay of Biscay off Cape Ortugal
1944 IJN Patrol Boat PB-46 sunk by sub USS Greenling off Japan. Frigate CD-11 bombed/beached by B-25s. Armed Merchant Cruiser Gokoku Maru sunk by sub USS Barb off Kyushu. Ammo Ship USS Mount Hood explodes at Manus killing 432 & sinking 13 LSMs and damaging many more ships. PT-321 runs aground in San Isidro bay, Philippines and is scuttled. Minesweeper HMs Hydra damaged by mine off Ostend, declared a Total loss, scrapped post War.
1945 Battle of Sorabaya begins
November 11th, 2016  
Nov 11
1673 Battle of Khotyn
1778 Cherry Valley Massacre
1805 Battle of Durenstein
1813 Battle of Crysler's Farm
1864 Sherman begins destroying Rome and Atlanta Ga.
1918 Germany signs armistice with the Allies. Date becomes Armistice Day & later Veteran's Day in the USA
1919 Battle of Riga
1940 Trawler HMS Stella Orion sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Taranto Air Raid: Italian Battleships Andrea Doria, Conte di Cavour, and Littorio sunk
1941 U-580 sunk in a collision with KM Target Ship Angelburg off Lithuania
1942 Transport USS Joseph Hewes sunk by U-173, and Vichy French sub Sidi Ferruch sunk by aircraft from USS Suwanee, both off Fedhala Roads. Sub HMS Unbeaten sunk by RAF Wellington in the Bay of Biscay. Armed Merchant Cruiser Hokoku Maru sunk by Minesweeper HMIS Bengal and Dutch merchant tanker Undina in the Indian Ocean.
1943 R.N. Harbor Defence Motor Launches HDML 1244 and 1289 lost as cargo when SS Indian Prince is torpedoed/sunk by German aircraft north off Oran. Destroyer Suzunami sunk by USN aircraft at Rabaul. Italian MTB MAS 555 scuttled by shore batteries off Leros.
1944 IJN Supply ship Kurusaki sunk by sub USS Raton west of Luzon. Minesweeper W-22 sunk by mine at Palau. US Carrier aircraft wipe out a convoy sinking all 4 transports and Destroyers Hamanami, Naganami, Shimakaze and Wakatsuki and Minesweeper W-30 in Ormac Bay, Leyte. Sub USS Scamp sunk by a bomber and Frigate CD-4 north east of Hachijo Island, Japan. U-773 sunk by sub HMS venture near Horten. U-1200 sunk by 4 R.N. Corvettes south of Ireland.
December 7th, 2016  
Dec 7
1862 Battle of Prarie Grove
1917 US declares War on Austria-Hungary
1940 1st flight Fairy Barracuda. Trawler HMS Capricornus sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Trawler HMS Cortina and Guardship HMS Lormont sink each other in a collision at the mouth of the Humber.
1941 HMS Chantala sunk by mine at Tobruk. Corvette HMCS Windflower sunk in a collision with SS Zypenberg on the Grand Banks. U-205 sunk by Destroyers HMS Hesperus and Harvester west of Gibraltar. Pearl Harbor Attack
1944 Destroyers USS Mahan and Ward damaged/scuttled, and LSM-318 sunk, by Kamakazes off Leyte. KM Patrol Ship V-1606 bombed/sunk by Soviet aircraft. Soviet Sub Chaser BO-229 sunk by U-997 in the Barents Sea. High Speed Transport T-11 sunk by USMC and US Army aircraft at San Isidro, Leyte
1975 Indonesia invades East Timor
December 8th, 2016  
Dec 8
395 Battle of Canne Slope
1914 naval Battle of the Falkland Islands
1941 Japan invades Malaya, Siam, Netherlands East Indies, The Philippines, and Hong Kong (Simultaneous to the Dec 7 Pearl Harbor Attack with the Int Date Line causing a technically different date). US, UK, Canada, China, Free French and The Netherlands declare War on Japan. Trawlers HMS Milford Earl and HMS Phineus Beard bombed/sunk off Scotland. Rescue Tug HMS St Dominic sunk by IJN surface ships south of Saddle Island. Patrol Ship HMIS Probhavati sunk by Cruiser HMS Glasgow in the Indian Ocean. Gunboat HMS Peterel sunk by Armored Cruiser Izumo, and River Gunboat USS Wake captured, at Shanghai. Minesweeper USS Penguin bombed/scuttled at Guam.
1942 Soviet Patrol Ship Smerch bombed/sunk at Murmansk. U-254 sunk in a collision with U-221 while manuevering to attack a Convoy in the Atlantic. U-611 sunk by RAF B-24 south east of Cape Farewell.
1943 Trawler HMS Rysa sunk by mine off La Maddelena.
1945 1st flight Bell 47
1971 Indian Navy attacks Pakistani Navy Base at Karachi
March 27th, 2017  
March 26
1344 Siege of Algeciras ends, began 3 Aug. 1342
1862 Battle of Apache canyon
1913 Siege of Adrianople ends, began 3 Nov 1912
1917 1st Battle of Gaza
1941 Cruiser HMS York damaged by Italian explosive motor boats and beached in Suda Bay, scuttled in May . Armed Yacht HMCS Otter burns off Halifax.
1942 Destroyer HMS Legion bombed/sunk, and Sub HMS P39 bombed/beached, later bombed/wrecked, at Malta. Destroyer HMS Jaguar sunk by U-652 off Sidi Barrani.
1943 Free French Navy Trawler Sgt. Gouarne sunk by U-755 north of Ceuta.
1944 R.N. MTB 352 sunk in a collision in the North Sea. Sub USS Tullibee sunk by own torpedo
1945 Battle of Iwo Jima ends. Sub Chasers CH-34 and 63 sunk by Destroyers HMS Vigilant and Virago off The Andamans. Destroyer USS Halligan damaged by sub Ha-67, wreck washes ashore off Okinawa the next day and is finished off by shore batteries. U-399 sunk by Frigate HMS Duckworth. KM Target Ship Zahringen scuttled as a blockship at Gotenhafen.
2010 S. Korean Corvette Cheonan sunk by N. Korean sub in the Yellow Sea