This day in military history.. - Page 288

March 1st, 2016  
Mar 1
1476 Battle of Toro
1562 French Wars of Religion begin
1713 Siege of Ft. Neoheroka begins
1870 Battle of Cerro Cora
1896 Battle of Adwa
1901 Australian Army Est.
1941 Bulgaria joins the Axis. Trawler HMS St. Donats sunk in a collision with Destroyer HMS Cotswald. Trawler HMS Plowboy damaged by mine, or bombed, and beached at Malta
1942 Destroyer USS Edsall bombed and then sunk by Battleships Hiei and Kirishima and 2 Cruisers near Christmas Island. Tanker USS Pecos bombed/sunk near Christmas Island. 2nd Battle of the Java Sea: Cruiser HMS Exeter and Destroyers HMS Encounter and USS Pope sunk. Battle of Sunda Strait: Cruisers USS Houston and HMAS Perth, and Dutch Destroyer Evertson sunk, IJN Minesweeper W-2 and Landing Craft Depot Ship Shinshu Maru torpedoed/sunk by Cruiser Mogami when she missed the Allied Cruisers. Many Dutch Navy ships scuttled at ports in Java. U-656 sunk by US Navy Hudson off Cape Race, Newfoundland.
1943 Italian Torpedo Boat Monsone sunk by Allied aircraft at Naples
1944 Frigate HMS Gould sunk by U-358, who in turn is sunk by 4 other R.N. Frigates off Portugal. U-603 sunk by Destroyer Escort USS Bronstein south west of Ireland. U-709 sunk north of The Azores by 3 USN Destroyer Escorts.
1945 Torpedo Boat Manazuru and Aux. Gunboat Chohakusan Maru sunk by US Navy aircraft off Naha, Okinawa. Minelayer Tsubame sunk by US Navy aircraft off Miyako Jima. E-Boat S-220 sunk by Frigate HMS Seymour. Minesweeper M 2 sunk by RAF in Fedjeford, Norway
2002 Operation Anaconda begins
March 4th, 2016  
Mar 4
1238 Battle of Sit River
1665 2nd Anglo-Dutch War begins
1814 Battle of Longwoods, Ont.
1865 Battle of Natural Bridge, Fla.
1913 Battle of Bizani begins
1941 KM Trawler Krebs sunk by Destroyer HMS Somali off the Lofetens Islands.
1942 Depot Ship HMS Anking, Minesweeper MMS 51 and Sloop HMAS Yarra sunk by IJN Cruisers south of Java
1943 U-87 sunk by Corvette HMCS Shediac and Destroyer HMCS St. Croix. E Boat S 70 sunk by mine in the North Sea. Battle of the Bismarck Sea ends: US Army and RAAF aircraft sink abandoned Destroyers Tokitsukaze and Asashio.
1944 U-472 sunk by Destroyer HMS Onslaught and Swordfish from HMS Chaser. Sub Chasers KT 42 and UJ 6080 bombed/sunkat Toulon. Guard Ship Vs 223 sunk by mine in the Baltic.
1945 Lapland War begins. U-3508 bombed/sunk at Wilhelmshaven. Sub Chaser CH-8 shelled/sunk by subs HMS Terrapin and Trenchant in the Malacca Strait. Aux. Sub Chaser Kiku Maru sunk by sub HMS Clyde in the Malacca Strait
1970 French Sub Eurydice sunk by an explosion while submerged.
2001 BBC terror bombing
2002 Battle of Takur Ghar begins
March 7th, 2016  
Mar 7
1799 Napoleon captures Jaffa
1814 Battle of Craonne
1902 Battle of Tweebosch
1940 French Aux. Minesweeper Marie Yette sunk in a collision on the Gironde
1941 U-70 sunk by Corvettes HMS Camellia and Arbutus. R.N. MTB 28 burns at Portsmouth.
1942 Dutch Minelayer Gouden Leeuw scuttled at Surabaya. Seaplane Tender Volk scuttled at Tjilatjap, salvaged and put in Japanese service as Patrol Boat PB-104
1943 Italian Torpedo Boat Ciclone sunk by mine in the Med. KM Minesweeper R 40 sunk by mine off Boulogne.
1944 PT-337 sunk by shore batteries off Hansa Bay, New Guinea. KM Minesweeper M 4405 sunk by RAF in Bay of Biscay, Sperrbrecher 19 sunk by mine in North Sea.
1945 US captures the Ludendorf Bridge. U-1302 sunk by 3 Canadian Frigates in St. George's Channell. Patrol vessels V-1610, 1612 and 4 MFPs sunk by RAF in the Kattegat
1951 Operation Ripper begins
March 8th, 2016  
Mar 8
1722 Battle of Gulnabud
1801 Battle of Abukir
1862 Battle of Pea Ridge ends. Battle of Hampton Roads begins, Frigates USS Congress and Cumberland sunk
1865 Battle of Kinston begins
1916 Battle of Dujaila
1932 1st Battle of Shanghai ends
1937 Battle of Guadalajara begins
1941 Aux. Minesweeper HMS Dart sunk by mine in the Suez Canal.
1942 Battle of Java ends, Japan captures Rangoon. Dutch Minesweeper Jan Van Amsted sunk by IJN Destroyers in Madura Strait, Minesweeper Eland Dubois scuttled in Madura Strait and Minelayer Krakatau scuttled off Madura. Trawler HMS Nothern Princess sunk with all hands by U-587 off Newfoundland. Trawler HMS Notts County sunk with all hands south of Iceland. Soviet Guard Boat DK-38 runs aground and sinks at Cape Tsyp-Navolok.
1943 U-156 sunk by USN PBY east of Barbados. E Boat S 119 sinks from battle damage or a collision in the English Channel. R.N. LCT-2480 lost as deck cargo when SS Fort Lamy sunk by U-527 in the Atlantic
1944 Bouganville: Battle of Hill 700 begins. KM Torpedo Boat TA 8 sunk by British aircraft at Heraklion.
1945 Frigate CD-69 damaged by B-24s off Hainan, sinks under tow off Hong Kong on the 16th.
March 10th, 2016  
Mar 10
241 B.C. naval Battle of Aegusa
1783 Frigate USS Alliance defeats Frigate HMS Sybil off Cape Canaveral, Fl., Sybil manages to escape after the fight ends. Last battle of the American Revolutionary War.
1814 Battle of Laon
1830 Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL) founded.
1831 French Foriegn Legion founded
1865 Battle of Kinston ends
1915 Battle of Neuve Chapelle begins
1936 1st flight Fairey Battle
1942 Armed Merchant Cruiser Kongo Maru and Aux. Minelayer Tenyo Maru bombed/sunk by USN aircraft off Lae, New Guinea
1943 U-633 rammed/sunk by SS Scortun south of Iceland. R.N. MGB 622 sunk by KM warships off Tershelling, Netherlands.
1944 Destroyer Escort USS Leopold sinks after being torpedoed by U-255 on the 9th south of Iceland. U-343 sunk by Trawler HMS Mull north of Bizerta. U-450 sunk by 4 R.N. and one USN ship off Ostia, Italy. U-625 sunk by RCAF Sunderland west of Ireland. U-845 sunk by 3 RCN and one R.N. ship south-west of Ireland. Corvette HMS Asphodel sunk by U-575 north west of Cape Finistere. USN Sub Chaser SC-700 burns at Vella Lavella in a refueling accident. Soviet sub S-54 sunk by mines in Syltefjord, Norway
1945 U-275 sunk by mine off Beachy Head. U-681 sunk by USN PB4Y west of the Isles of Scilly. Norwegian Naval Trawler Nordhav II sunk by U-714 off Dundee, Scotland. Vichy French Sloop Amiral Charner and Gunboat Marne scuttled in French Indochina. Soviet MTB TK-214 wrecked.
1968 Battle of Lima Site 85 begins
1975 Battle of Ban Me Thuot begins
March 23rd, 2016  
Mar 23
1757 British capture Chandannagar
1815 HMS Penguin captured by USS Hornet off Tristan da Cunha
1821 Battle of Kalama
1862 1st Battle of Kernstown
1879 Battle of Topater
1885 Battle of Phu Lam Tao
1939 Slovak-Hungarian War begins
1940 Trawler HMS Loch Assiter sunk by mine north east of Kinnaird Head. U-22 sunk by mine in Skaggerak.
1941 U-551 sunk by Trawler HMS Visenda south of Iceland
1942 Italian Destroyers Lanciere and Scirocco sank in a storm. Soviet aux. Minelayer Ostrovsky sunk at Tuapse by aircraft. Japanese occupy the Andaman Islands.
1943 Italian sub Delfino scuttled after a collision off Augusta
1944 I-42 sunk by sub USS Tunny off Palau. US LCT-315 explodes and sinks at Eniwetok. U-575 sunk by US and Canadian ships and USN and RAF aircraft. Patrol Ship V 6109 sunk by Soviet aircraft in Busse Sound. US Patrol Boat YP-331 sinks in a storm off Key West
1945 Battleship Gniesenau scuttled as a blockship at Gdynia. KM Patrol Ship V-2022 sunk by Soviet sub L-29 in the Kattegat. Minesweeper M3138 sunk by mine off Pillau. R.N. MTB 705 sunk by mine in the Adriatic. RO-41 sunk by destroyer USS Haggard.
2003 Battle of Nasiriyah begins
March 26th, 2016  
26th March 1945. My uncle John AC2 RAFVR murdered by Japanese guards on the Sandekan Death March. He has no known grave. The Japanese reported his death due to Malaria, they forgot to add the starvation diet and brutal treatment handed out by the vicious guards.

Rest in Peace Uncle John wherever you lay, I will never forget you.
March 29th, 2016  
Mar 29
1430 Ottomans capture Thessalonica
1461 Battle of Towton
1831 Bosnian Uprising begins
1847 Siege of Veracruz ends
1879 Battle of Kumbula
1911 Colt M1911 adopted by the US Army
1942 KM Destroyer Z-26 sunk by Cruiser HMS Trinidad and Destroyer Eclipse in the Barents Sea.
1943 KM E Boat S-29 sunk by R.N. MGBs. Minesweeper r 30 sunk by Soviet aircraft off Kerch. Sub Chasers UJ 2201 and 2204 sunk by sub HMS Sibyl in Palermo Bay.
1944 U-961 sunk by Sloop HMS Starling north of the Faroes. MFP 456 sunk off Livorno. MFPs F 479 and 505 lost. Minesweeper M 4000 sunk by mine off St. Malo. R 191 sunk in the Aegean
1945 Frigates CD-18 and 130 bombed/sunk, and CD-84 sunk by USS Hammerhead, all off Cape Varella, French Indochina. Aux. Sub Chaser Shinan Maryu sunk by B-25s off Hainan. Aux. Gunboat Eikichi Maru sunk by sub USS Tirante off Kyushu. Frigate HMCS Teme damaged by U-315 and scrapped. KM Patrol Boat V-5532 damaged by Norwegian MTB 716 and 717, beached/burned off Norway. U-1106 sunk by RAF B-24 north east of the Faroes. U-1169 sunk by Frigate HMS Duckworth south of Lizard Point Wilhelmshaven Air Raid: Frigate Konigin Luise, Cruiser Koln, Minesweepers M 329 and 3430, U 96, 429, 3508, U Boat Tender Vistula, E Boats S 186, 194, 224 sunk Hamburg Air Raid: U 348, 350, 1167, 2340 sunk. Bremen Air Raid: U 430, 870, 882, 884, 1197, 3036, 3043, 3046, 3045 sunk. Patrol ship Vs 343 sunk by mine off Kolberg
1947 Malagasy Uprising begins
1973 Last US combat troops leave S. Vietnam
April 1st, 2016  
1st April 1918 The Royal Air Force formed from the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service.
April 12th, 2016  
April 12
238 Battle of Carthage
1204 Crusaders capture Constantinople
1807 Froberg Mutiny ends
1861 Bombardment of Ft. Sumter begins,US Civil War begins
1862 The Great Locomotive Chase
1863 Battle of Bayou Teche begins
1864 Ft. Pillow Massacre
1865 Confederate Army of Mobile evacuates Mobile, US troops captures Montgomery, Al.
1917 Battle of Vimy Ridge ends
1935 1st flight Bristol Blenheim
1940 French Sub Chaser C107 sunk in a collision in the Loire. KM Tanker Moonsund stopped by sub HMS Snapper and sunk after crew abandoned ship. KM Sub Chaser UJ-117 sunk by mine in Danish Straits. Captured Norwegian Patrol Ships Senja and Michael Sars bombed/sunk by British at Narvik, raised, repaired and returned to KM service. Norwegian Guard Ship Sperm scuttled at Vikedal
1941 Trawler HMS Rypa sank in a storm in Loch Ewe. Yugoslav River Monitors Drava, Morava, Sava, and Vardar scuttled or bombed/sunk. Morava and Sava raised, repaired and put in Croatian service.
1942 PT-35 scuttled while under repair at Cebu to prevent capture. US Aux. minesweeper YAG-4 shelled/sunk off Corrigidor.
1944 PT-135 scuttled after running aground off Crater Point, New Britain. USN Rescue Tug ATR-98 sunk in collision with Tug USS Abnaki west of the Azores. IJN sub I-174 bombed/sunk by USN PB4Y off Truk. Aux. Minesweeper Wa-104 sunk by HMS Stygia south west of Bali.
1945 U-486 sunk by sub HMS Tapir north-west of Bergen. U-1024 captured by R.N. ships off the Isle of Man, sinks next day. USN LST 493 wrecked/sunk off Plymouth, U.K. LCT-66 lost at Pearl Harbor, unknown causes. LCS(L)-33 and Destroyer USS Manert L Abele sunk by Kamakzes off Okinawa. IJN sub RO-64 sunk by mine in Hiroshima Bay.
1970 Soviet sub K-8 sinks after a fire on the 8th.