This day in military history.. - Page 287

February 2nd, 2016  
2 Feb
1141 Battle of Lincoln
1461 Battle of Mortimer's Cross
1542 Battle of Bacente
1941 Trawler HMS Almond sunk by mine off Falmouth
1942 Trawlers HMS Cape Spartel and Cloughton Wyke bombed/sunk in the North Sea. IJN Minesweeper W-9 sunk by mine in Ambon Bay. U-581 sunk by Destroyer HMS Westcott south west of the Azores
1943 Battle of Stalingrad ends. R.N. LCT 326 sank off the Isle of Man
1944 Battle of Cisterna ends. Sub RO-110 sunk by HMIS Jumna, HMAS Ipswitch, and HMAS Launcerton in the Bay of Bengal. KM supply ship Charlotte Schliemann scuttled in the Indian Ocean to prevent capture. Torpedo Boat TA 14 sunk by British aircraft off Amorgas, Greece. Patrol Ship V-1702 sunk in a collision with U-987 in the Baltic.
1945 Frigate CD-144 sunk by sub USS Besugo off Cape Laguan, Malaya
February 5th, 2016  
5 Feb
1782 Siege of Minorca ends
1810 Siege of Cadiz begins
1913 World's 1st Naval Air mission flown by Greek pilots.
1933 A Mutiny begins on Dutch Coast Defence ship De Zeven Povincien
1940 U-41 sunk by Destroyer HMS Antelope off the south coast of Ireland
1941 Battle of Keren begins. Trawler HMS Tourmaline bombed/sunk off North Foreland
1942 Corvette HMS Arbatus sunk by U-136. Dutch Patrol ship Daneb sunk by Japanese aircraft
1943 Trawler HMS Stransay sunk by mine off Algeria. KM Sub Chaser UJ-1108 sunk by sub off Berlevag, Norway. Patrol ship V 1602 sunk by mine in The Skagerrak.
1944 KM Minesweeper M 156 damaged by 4 R.N. destroyers and beached, destroyed next by RAF aircraft.
1945 KM F-Lighter Gunboat SAT-15 and Sub Chaser UJ 307 bombed/sunk off Pillau by Soviet aircraft. MFP F 178 lost. Minesweeper R 202 sunk by an explosion off Norway.
February 8th, 2016  
8 Feb
1250 Battle of Al Mansurah begins
1807 Battle of Eylau begins
1862 Battle of Roanoke Island
1904 Battle of Port Arthur begins, Russo-Japanese War begins
1942 Battle of Singapore begins. Destroyer Natsushio damaged by US sub S-37 off Makassar, sinks next day.
1943 Trawler HMS Bredon sunk by U-521 off the Canary Islands. R.N. LCT 2335 lost as cargo when Norwegian ship SS Daghild sunk by U-402 and 608.
1944 U-762 sunk by Frigates HMS Woodpecker and Wild Goose. Norwegian MTB 625 wrecked in the Shetlands.
1945 Aux. Gunboat Eifuku Maru sunk by sub USS Pampinito off French Indochina.
1948 N. Korean Army Est.
1971 S. Vietnamese troops enter Laos
February 9th, 2016  
9 Feb
1654 Battle of Ft. Rocher begins
1799 USS Constellation captures French Frigate L'Insurgente
1864 Libby Prison Escape
1904 Battle of Port Arthur ends
1937 1st flight Blackburn Skua
1940 Trawlers HMS Fort Royal and Robert Bowen bombed/sunk(Bowen with all hands) off Aberdeen
1942 Free French Corvette Alysse damaged by U-654, sinks next day off Cape Race. Patrol Ship HMS Tanjong Katong sunk by IJN ships off Singapore.
1943 Battle of Guadalcanal ends. Italian sub Avorio damaged by Corvette HMCS Regina, sinks next day in the Med. Sub Malachite sunk by Dutch sub Dolfijn. KM MFP F 278 lost. Corvette HMS Erica sunk by mine off Benghazi
1944 U-238 sunk by 3 R.N. Sloops. U-734 sunk by Sloops HMS Wild Goose And Starling.
1945 Rescue Tug HMS Hesperia runs aground/sinks off Libya. KM MFP F 206 lost, salvaged and put in Soviet service as BD-393. U-864 torpedoed and sunk by sub HMS Venturer, only known example in WWII of a submerged sub sinking another submerged sub. U-923 sunk by mine in Kiel Bay.
1951 Geochang Massacre begins
1959 Soviets deploy 1st ICBM, R-7
2001 Ehime Maru sunk in a collision with sub USS Greeneville off Oahu.
February 12th, 2016  
Feb 12
1429 Battle of Rouvray
1593 Battle of Haengju
1814 Battle of Chateau-Thierry. Battle of La Victoria
1817 Battle of Chacabuco
1935 Zepplin USS Macon crashes and sinks off California
1940 U-33 sunk by Minesweeper HMS Gleaner in the Firth of Clyde
1942 Destroyer HMS Maori bombed/sunk at Malta. KM Patrol ship V 1302 John Mahn sunk by British aircraft in the English Channel.
1943 U-442 sunk by RAF Hudson west of Cape St. Vincent
1944 Sub I-27 sunk by Destroyer HMS Petard in the Maldives. Aux. Sub Chaser Choko Maru sunk by sub HMS Stonehenge north west of Penang. Submarine Rescue Ship USS Macaw, grounded on a reef at Midway since 16 Jan. '44, slips off the reef and sinks.
1945 KM Minesweeper M 381 sunk off Kristiansund by a sub or MTB. Patrol ship V 1106 sunk by mine off Cuxhaven.
February 15th, 2016  
Feb 15
1898 Battleship USS Maine blows up at Havana.
1942 Battle of Singapore ends. Anti-sub vessel HMS Mata Hari shelled/sunk at Bangka Island. Patrol Boat HMS Dymas captured north of Muntok Light, and Patrol Boats HMS Klas and Jernantat scuttled at Palembang. Motor Launch ML 433 sunk in Banga Strait. Dutch Minelayer Pro Patia & Navy Tanker Semiramis scuttled at Palembang. Destroyer Van Ghent ran aground on Ross Island and scuttled. R.N. Yacht Siwa lost at Singapore. R.N. ML 169 burned/sank at Gibraltar.
1943 U-529 sunk by RAF B-24
1944 2nd Battle of Monte Cassino begins. Narva Offensive begins. US LCT-35 bombed/sunk off Anzio. Cruiser Agano damaged by USS Scamp south east of Guam, sinks on 15th. RO-40 sunk by destroyers USS Macdonough and Phelps, and Minesweeper USS Sage north west of Kwajalein. I-43 sunk by sub USS Aspro east of Guam. Aux. Gunboat Taiyo Maru No. 3 sunk by sub USS Gato at Rabaul. Norwegian Motor Launch ML 210 sunk by mine off the Somme Estuary. KM minelayer Niedersachsen sunk off Toulouse. Minesweeper M 3411 sunk in a collision during a battle of Suffolk. Vichy French Patrol Ship Ping Sang bombed/sunk by B-25s off Hongay, French Indochina.
1945 U-1053 sank in a diving accident while conducting Diving Trials in Byfjorden, Norway
1989 Soviets finish Afghanistan evacuation.
February 22nd, 2016  
Feb 22
1316 Battle of Picotin
1744 naval Battle of Toulon
1797 Battle of Fishguard
1799 HMS Espoir captures Spanish "Africa" off Marbella
1815 Battle of Ft. Peter, Ga.
1847 Battle of Buena Vista begins
1864 Battle of Okalona
1865 Battle of Wilmington ends
1909 Great White Fleet finishes its around the World voyage
1940 KM Destroyer Leberecht Maass bombed/sunk by HE-111, Destroyer Max Schultz was sunk with all hands by a mine while trying to assist Maass on the Dogger Bank.
1941 Italian sub Marconi sunk by Destroyer HMS Montgomery west of the Hebrides. Monitor HMS Terror damaged by Italian aircraft and 2 mines, damaged by Italian aircraft again the next day, and sinks on the 24th.
1943 Corvette HMCS Weyburn sunk by mine east of Gibraltar. U-225 sunk by Corvette HMS Dianthus s.w. of Ireland. U-606 sunk by Polish Destroyer Burza and USCG Cutter Campbell in mid-Atlantic. US patrol boat YP-72 runs aground and sinks off the entrance to Kodiak, Alaska Territory
1944 PT-200 sunk in a collision off Newport, R.I.. Minelayer Natsushima sunk by Destroyers USS Charles Ausborne, Dyson and Stanly off Tingwon, New Ireland. CHa-29 sunk by mine off Keviang. Salvage/repair ship Nagaure sunk by 5 US destroyers near Kevaing.
1945 Corvette HMCS Trentonian sunk by U-1004 near Falmouth. R.N. LST-364 sunk by KM Midget Sub off Ramsgate. R.N. LCVP 707 sunk by E boats & E Boat S-193 sunk by convoy escorts at the entrance to the Thames Estuary. S-167 sunk in a collision in the North Sea. Minesweeper R-4 sunk by US aircraft at Albona, Croatia. U-300 sunk by Minesweepers HMS Recruit and Pincher, and Armed Yacht HMS Evadne, west of Cadiz.
1958 Indonesia bombs Badung, Sumatra and Menado, Celebes.
February 23rd, 2016  
Feb 23
1554 Battle of Marihuenu
1814 HMS Epervier captures American Privateer "Alfred"
1836 Battle of The Alamo begins
1847 Battle of Buena Vista ends
1885 Battle of Dong Dang
1900 Cuba leases Gitmo to the US. Battle of Hart's Hill
1904 US acquires the Panama Canal Zone
1940 U-53 sunk by Destroyer HMS Gurkha west of the Orkney Islands. R.N. Trawler HMS Benvolio sunk by mine off the mouth of the Humber.
1941 Armed Boarding Vessel HMA Manisee sunk by U-107 and Italian sub Michele Bianchi in the Atlantic
1942 Sub HMS P-38 sunk by Italian Torpedo Boat Circe east of Tripoli
1943 U-443 sunk by Destroyer Escort HMS Bicester, Lamberton, and Wheatland north west of Algiers. U-522 sunk by Sloop HMS Totland west of Madeira. Siebel Ferrys SF 87 and 210 were lost. USN Patrol vessel YP-336 runs aground and sinks in the Delaware River.
1944 KM Minesweeper R 187 damaged by Allied aircraft, towed to Pola where she sinks, later raised. E Boat S 53 sunk by R.N. ships. S 128 sunk in a collision with S 94. Repair Ship Yamashiro Maru sunk by USS Tang.
1945 Battle of Manila ends. Photo of flag raising on Iwo Jima taken. IJN Sub Chaser CH-35 bombed/sunk off Cape Padaran, French Indochina. Escort ship Yaku sunk by USS Hammerhead n.e. of Nha Trang, French Indochina. Free French destroyer La Combattante sunk by mine off Cromer. KM patrol ship V 6733 sunk by Allied aircraft at Horten.
1991 Coalition Forces invade Iraq.
2008 B-2 crashes on Guam
February 24th, 2016  
Feb 24
1303 Battle of Roslin
1525 Battle of Pavia
1739 Battle of Karnal
1809 naval Battle of Les Sables-d'Olonne
1813 HMS Peacock sunk by USS Hornet in 11 minutes off the mouth of the Demerara River, Guiana
1826 1st Anglo-Burmese War ends
1862 Union troops occupy Nashville and Harper's Ferry
1863 USS Indianola is rammed by CSS Webb, beached and abandond to the Confederates.
1895 Cuban War of Independence begins
1940 U-63 sunk by 3 R.N. ships south of the Shetlands
1941 Monitor HMS Terror sinks off Derna after being bombed and hitting 2 mines on the 22nd & bombed again on the 23rd. Destroyer HMS Dainty bombed/sunk by JU-88s off Tobruk
1942 Turkish Navy Auxiliary Cancay sunk by Soviet sub ShCh-213 off Kara Burna
1943 Sub HMS Vandal sinks north of Arran. R.N. MTB 262 bombed/sunk off Cape Serrat, Tunisia. U-649 sunk in a collision with U-232 in the Baltic. F Lighter F143 sunk by mine off Kerch. Patrol ship V 1249 sunk by mine off Borkum.
1944 U-257 sunk by Frigate HMS Wakesiu in the Mid-Atlantic. U-761 detected by a US Navy PBY equipped with MAD gear. Bombed/damaged by the PBY, a PV-1 Ventura and a RAF PBY. Scuttled when intercepted byDestroyers HMS Anthony and Wishart. 1st sub sunk as a result of use of MAD. A-A ship Krischen der Grosse bombed/sunk off Antwerp
1945 Whaler HMS Ellesmere sunk with all hands by U-1203 in the English Channel. Cable Layer HMS Alert 2 sunk with all hands by U-5330 east of Ramsgate. U-713 sunk by Destroyer HMS Keppel in the Norwegian Sea north of Narvik. U-927 sunk by an RAF Warwick s.e. of Falmouth. U-1203 sunk by Frigates HMS Duckworth and Rowley south east of the Isles of Scilly. U-3007, 3042, 3043, 3052 bombed/sunk at Bremen. Incomplete Torpedo Boat TA 8 bombed/sunk by British aircraft at Horten. I-371 sunk by sub USS Legarto in the Bungo Strait.
February 29th, 2016  
Feb 29
1704 Deerfield, Ma Raid
1944 US troops invade the Admiralty Islands. Navy PB4Ys bomb Wake Island. USS Trout sunk by Destroyer Asashimo in the East China Sea. KM Sub Chaser UJ 201 sunk by Free French Destroyers Fantasque and Terrible in the Adriatic. Minesweeper R 194 sunk by aircraft off Corfu.