This day in military history.. - Page 286

January 6th, 2016  
1781 Battle of Jersey
1809 Britain/Portugal/Brazil invades French Guiana
1921 Iraqi Army Est
1940 French Patrol ship Bursac ran aground/sinks on Iscalons Rocks, Spain
1943 R.N. LCT 106 and 107 sink in a storm off Benghazi. U-164 sunk by USN PBY off Brazil. US Patrol Boat YP-492 sunk in a collision with YP-6713 off the east coast of Fla.
1944 Gunboat USS St. Augustine sunk in collision with SS Camas Meadows off Cape May. Soviet Patrol Boat No. 0131 lost on this date
1945 Destroyer Hinoke damaged by carrier planes, sunk next day by 4 US Destroyers. Destroyer-Minesweeper USS Long sunk and High Speed Transport USS Brooks damaged beyond repair by Kamakazes in Lingayen Gulf. Trawler HMS Wallasea sunk by E Boats off Cornwall. Destroyer HMS Walpole damaged beyond repair by mine off Zeeland. KM F-Lighter F-296 sunk by sub HMS Untired off Rapallo, Italy. Soviet minesweeping boat OVR-9 lost on this date. Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-64 sunk off French Indochina by US aircraft.
January 12th, 2016  
11 Jan
1782 Siege of Brimstone Hill begins
1863 USS Hatteras sunk by CSS Alabama off Galveston. Battle of Arkansas Post begins.
1917 Kingsland Munitions Plant explosion
1940 Armed Yacht HMS Princess sunk in collision with SS Blairmore in the Bristol Channel. trawler HMS Lucida sunk by mine in the mouth of the Tyne. Romanian Minesweeper Locotenant Lepri Remus sunk by mine in the Danube Estuary.
1941 R.N. MTBs 37, 39, 40, 74, 75, and 108 while still under construction are bombed/destroyed on the stocks at the Vosper Thorneycroft Yard in Southampton. Cruiser HMS Southampton bombed/sunk south east of Malta. Trawler HMS Uberous ran aground and sank off Londonderry
1942 Japan declares War on The Netherlands. Japanese invade Tarakan and Celebes, and occupy Kuala Lumpur. Dutch Minelayer Prins Van de Oranje sunk by Destroyer Yamakaze and Patrol Boat PB-38 off Tarakan. KM Minesweeper R 42 struck a wreck and sank off Pas-de-Calais.
1943 PT-43 and 108 sunk by Destroyers Hatsukaze and Tokitsukaze off Guadalcanal
1944 Cruiser Kuma sunk by sub HMS Tally Ho north west of Penang. Minesweeper M 1226 bombed/sunk at Piraeus.
1945 Minesweeper USS YMS-145 sunk in a collision with Destroyer USS Herdon in Boston Harbor. Escort Carrier HMS Thane damaged by U-1172 and scrapped. Soviet Minesweeper T-76 sunk by U-745 in the Bay of Tallinn. KM Minesweeper M-273 sunk by R.N. ships off Norway, and M 59 by mines in Gulf of Tallinn. Aux. Minesweepers Banshu Maru No. 56 and hakuyo Maru scuttled as block ships in Manila Bay. Aux Minesweeper Wa-10 sunk by US Destroyer off Vigan, Philippines.
1962 Soviet sub B-37 burns at Polyarny
January 15th, 2016  
Jan 15
1815 Frigate USS President captured by 3 R.N. Frigates
1865 2nd Battle of Ft. Fisher ends
1937 2nd Battle of Corunna Road ends
1942 U-93 Sunk by destroyer HMS Hesperus. U-577 sunk by a Swordfish n.w. of Mursa Matruh.
1943 Italian sub Tritone sunk by Destroyer HMS Antelope and Corvette HMCS Port Arthur east of Algiers. KM sub chaser UJ-1406 bombed/sunk at Lorient.
1945 Escort Carrier HMS Thane damaged by U-1172 in the Irish Sea, scrapped. Destroyers Hatakaze and Tsuga, and an LST Transport No. 14 sunk by T.F. 38 aircraft off Formosa. Aux. Minesweeper Kyo Maru No. 1 sunk by mines in the Malacca Strait. Vichy French patrol boat Ping Sung sunk by B-25s off Hongay, French Indochina.
1962 naval Battle of Etna Bay, New Guenea: Indonesian Patrol Boat Leopard sunk by Dutch Frigate Evertsen
January 19th, 2016  
Jan 19
1419 English capture Rouen
1511 French take Mirandola
1520 Battle of Bogesund
1806 British occupy the Cape of Good Hope
1812 Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo ends
1839 British East India Company captures Aden
1862 Battle of Mill Springs
1871 Battle of St. Quentin. Battle of Buzenval begins
1915 Zepplins carry out 1st air raids on civilian targets in England, Great Yatmouth & King's Lynn
1940 Destroyer HMS Grenville sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary.
1941 Italian sub Neghelli sunk by Destroyer HMS Greyhound off Crete.
1942 Japanese invade Burma. PT-31 runs aground in Subic Bay, scuttled next day. Trawler HMS Rosemunde sunk by U-581 northeast of The Azores.
1943 Italian Minesweeper Eso sunk by British aircraft off Tunis. KM Patrol ship HH 05 sunk by Allied aircraft off Hook of Holland. E Boat S-104 sunk by mine off Lowestoft.
1944 US LST-228 runs aground and sinks in The Azores, taking down LCT-582. U-641 sunk by HMS Violet in the Atlantic.
1945 Trawler HMS Northern Isles wrecked off Durban, South Africa. HMS Porpoise sunk by Japanese aircraft in the Malacca Strait.
January 21st, 2016  
Jan 21
763 Battle of Bakhamra
1864 Tauranga Campaign begins
1919 Irish War of Independence begins
1940 Destroyer HMS Exmouth sunk with all hands by U-22 in Moray Firth off Inverness
1941 Rescue Tug HMS Englishman bombed/sunk with all hands west of Tory Island, Ireland
1942 Patrol ship HMS Raub bombed/sunk at Belawon, Dutch East Indies
1943 U-301 sunk by sub HMS Sahib west of Corsica. USN Sub Chaser SC-709 lost by grounding at Louisbourg, Nova Scotia. Italian Minesweepers RD 31, 36, 37, 39 sunk by Destroyers HMS Kelvin and Javelin off Tripoli
1945 U-1199 sunk by Destroyer HMS Icarus and Corvette HMS Mignonette off the Isles of Scilly. minesweeper M 305 foundered in the Baltic off Brusterort. R.N. Motor Launch 891 sunk by mine at Ramree, Burma. Trawler HMS Computator sunk in collision with Destroyer HMS Vanoc off Normandy. USN LCT-253 foundered in the Gilbert Islands. Repair Ship Haruta Maru bombed/sunk by B-24s at Hong Kong.
1954 1st nuclear power sub, USS Nautilus, is launched.
1968 Battle of Khe Sanh begins
January 23rd, 2016  
22 Jan
1511 Battle of Ridaniya
1849 Siege of Mutan ends, began April 19, 1848
1879 Battle of Isandlwana. Battle of Rorke's Drift begins
1941 British capture Tobruk, Italian Armored Cruiser San Giorgio scuttled in the Harbor. Rescue Tug HMS St. Cyrus and Trawler HMS Luda Lady sunk by mines in the Humber.
1942 Trawler HMS Rosemonde sunk with all hands by U-203 off Cape Race
1943 Trawler HMAS Patricia Cam bombed/sunk off the Wessel Islands. Italian minesweeper RD 33 founders off Tunisia.
1944 Allies land at Anzio, US LCI-20 and 32 bombed/sunk, and Minesweeper USS Portent sunk by mine off Anzio. Sub RO-37 sunk by Destroyer USS Buchanon off the Santa Cruz Islands. Aux Sub Chaser CHa-40 and Aux. Minelayer Tatsu Maru sunk by B-25s off Manus. KM Minesweeper R 75 sunk in a collision with U-350 in the Bay of Danzig. F Lighter F 598 lost on this date. Soviet Landing Tender No. 31 lost on this date.
1945 IJN river Gunboat Saga bombed/sunk at Hong Kong.
January 23rd, 2016  
23 Jan
1865 Battle of Trent's Reach begins
1879 Battle of Rorke's Drift ends
1900 Battle of Spion Kop begins
1939 1st flight A-20 Havoc
1942 Japanese capture Rabaul and land at Balikipapan. Patrol Ship HMS Larat bombed/sunk at Sabang. Oiler USS Neches sunk by I-72.
1943 Destroyer Hakaze sunk by USS Guardfish south of Kevieng. Patrol Boat YP-577 sunk by an explosion at Great Lakes Naval Training Center. KM Minesweeper R-44 bombed/sunk at Brest. Guadalcanal: Battles of Mount Austen, the Galloping Horse and the Sea Horse ends.
1944 Destroyer HMS Janus sunk by glide bomb off Anzio. Aux. Gunboat Magane Maru sunk by USS Snook north west of Chichi Jima. Soviet Landing Tender No. 45 lost.
1945 I-45 sunk by Destroyer USS Conklin north east of Yap. E Boat S-199 sunk in a collision with S-701. Guard ship Kainan Maru No. 7 sunk by sub USS Sennet.
1968 USS Pueblo captured by N. Korea
January 26th, 2016  
26 Jan
1564 Battle of Ula
1565 Battle of Talikota
1858 Battle of Seattle
1885 Siege of Khartoum ends, began 13 March, 1884
1907 SMLE Introduced
1939 Nationalists capture Barcelona
1940 Stores ship HMS Durham Castle sunk by mine off Cromarty
1942 Patrol ships HMS Shuman bombed/scuttled, and HMS Kelana scuttled, at Endau, Malaya. Dutch Patrol Ship Wega bombed/sunk by Japanese.
1943 KM Patrol Ship V-1105 sunk by mine in the North Sea.
1944 R.N. LST 411 and 422, US LCT-325 sunk off Anzio. PT-110 sunk in a collision with PT-114 in Albing Harbor, New Britain. PTc-38 and 39 lost as cargo when SS Andrew G. Curtin is sunk by U-715. Destroyer Suzukaze sunk by USS Skipjack north west of Ponape. Aux. Gunboat Busho Maru sunk by sub USS Cavalle east of Saigon.
1945 Norwegian MTB 712 wrecked in the Shetland Islands. Frigate HMS Manners sunk by U-1051, and U-1051 sunk by 3 R.N. frigates west of the Isle of Man. KM Minesweeper M-538 wrecked off Hel, Poland. F-lighter F 978 lost. US LCT-1151 lost north of Dutch New Guinea.
January 27th, 2016  
Jan 27
1868 Battle of Toba-Fushimi begins
1918 Finnish Civil War begins
1939 1st flight P-38
1940 Trawler HMS Riant sank off Gigha
1941 Trawler HMS Darogah sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Italian Torpedo Boat Francesco Stocco blown in half by a mine off Yugoslavia, both halves towed to port, repaired and returned to service.
1942 Destroyer HMS Thanet sunk by Cruiser Sendai and 3 Destroyers off Endau, Malaya. I-73 sank in diving accident avoiding torpedoes fired by sub USS Gudgeon west of Midway
1943 1st US bombing raid on Germany wrecks incomplete U-769 and U-770 at Wilhelmshaven.
1944 Siege of Leningrad ends. Aux Gunboat (or salvage ship) Kasagi Maru sunk by USS Swordfish off Japan. Armed Merchant Cruiser Keikai Maru sunk by sub USS Dace.
1945 U-1172 sunk by 3 RN frigates in St. George's Channel. PT-338 wrecked off Luzon, scuttled the next day. Aux. Minesweeper Wa-102 sunk by sub USS Bergall in Lombok Strait.
1961 Soviet sub S-80 sinks in the Barents Sea
2002 Lagos Munitions explosion
January 29th, 2016  
29 Jan
1814 Battle of Brienne
1856 Victoria Cross Est.
1863 Gunboat USS Isaac Smith damaged by shore batteries and captured on the Stono River, S.C. Battle of Bear River
1918 Battle of Kruty
1941 1st flight ANT-58 (Tu-2)
1942 USCG Alexander Hamilton torpedoed by U-132 off Reykjavik, sinks next day. Whaler HMS Sotra sunk by U-431 east of Tobruk. Germans/Italians capture Benghazi
1943 Sub I-1 sunk by Minesweepers HMNZS Kiwi and Moa at Guadalcanal. A-A ship HMS Pozarica torpedoed by Italian aircraft off Bougie, sinks in Bougie harbor 13 Feb. Italian Minesweeper RD 4 sunk by Allied aircraft in the Narrows. KM Aux. Minesweeper M 4606 sunk by Allied aircraft at Guensey. Naval Battle of Rennel Island: Cruiser USS Chicago torpedoed by aircraft, torpedoed by aircraft again and sunk next day.
1944 Armed Yacht HMS Oracle burns at Liverpool. Cruiser HMS Spartan sunk by glide bomb off Anzio. U-364 sunk by RAF Halifax in Bay of Biscay. Net Layer Shuko Maru sunk by sub USS Angler north of the Mariannas.
1945 U-763 bombed at Koningsberg, scuttled. KM Frigate F-5 damaged by mine, sinks under tow. Aux. Sub Chaser Takunan Maru No. 10 sunk by B-25s.
1991 Battle of Khafji begins