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November 6th, 2015  
Nov 6
1632 Battle of Lutzen
1863 Battle of Droop Mountain
1865 CSS Shenandoah surrenders to HMS Donegal at Liverpool, last CS military unit to surrender
1935 1st flight Hawker Hurricane
1940 Whaler HMS Sevra sunk by mine off Falmouth. Trawler HMS Girl Helen sunk by mine off Newcastle. Italian sub Comandante Faa di Bruno sunk by Destroyers HMS Harvester and HMCS Ottawa south west of Ireland.
1942 R.N. MGB 19 bombed/sunk at Oulton Broad. Italian Torpedo Boat Centauro and minelayer Selve sunk at Benghazi by British aircraft.
1943 Destroyer USS Beatty torpedoed/sunk by JU-88s off Algeria. U-226 sunk by 3 R.N. Sloops. U-842 sunk by Sloops HMS Starling and Wild Goose. Sub Chaser CH-11 bombed/sunk by B-25s west of Buka
1944 R.N. LCT 609 sank in a storm off Ostend
1948 Battle of Xu-Beng begins
1951 Soviets shoot down USN P2V off Siberia
November 9th, 2015  
9 Nov
1313 Battle of Gammelsdorf
1330 Battle of Posada begins
1688 William of Orange captures Exeter
1780 Battle of Fishdam Ford
1822 Boats from USS Alligator capture Pirate ship Revenge and recapture 5 prizes in Cuba
1914 Cruiser SMS Emden is damaged by HMAS Sydney and beached on Direction Island in the Indian Ocean
1940 Vichy French Sloop Bouganville sunk by Free French Sloop Sovorgnan de Brazza, and VF sub Poncelet damaged by Sloop HMS Milford and scuttled, off Gabon
1941 Trawler HMS Boy Andrew sunk in a collision in the Firth of Forth. Italian Destroyers Libeccio and Fulmine sunk by R.N. warships in the Med.
1942 Minesweeper HMS Cromer sunk by mine off Mersa Matruh. Operation Torch: Corvette HMS Gardinia sunk in a collision with R.N. Trawler HMS Fluellen off Oran. Vichy French Subs Ariane, Danae and Diane, Destroyers Epervier and Typhon sunk, others scuttled.
1943 R.N. MTB 230 sunk in a collision with MTB 222 in the North Sea. U-707 sunk by RAF B-17 east of the Azores. Hungarian Ammo ship Ungvar explodes and sinks in the Black Sea sinking Romanian MTBs Vijelia and Viroful.
1944 Aux. Gunboat Chojusan Maru sunk by USS Queenfish off Kyushu. KM Minesweeper MRS 3 sank in a storm at Dordrecht, Holland, raised, repaired, returned to service. Sperrbrecher 190 sunk by sabotage at Svendborg, Denmark. U-537 sunk by USS Flounder in the Java Sea.
November 11th, 2015  
Nov 10
1202 Siege of Zara begins
1444 Battle of Varna
1580 Siege of Smerwick ends
1659 Battle of Pratapgad
1702 Siege of St. Augustine begins
1775 Contenental Marines Est.
1940 Trawler Kingston Alalite sunk by mine off Plymouth. Boom Defence Vessel HMS Marcelle sunk by mine in the Bristol Channel.
1942 Sub I-15 sunk by Destroyer-Minesweeper USS Southard off San Cristobal Island. Operation Torch: Italian sub Emo sunk by Trawler HMS Lord Nuffield off Algiers. Sloop HMS Ibis sunk by Italian torpedo planes near Algiers. Destroyer HMS Martin sunk by U-431 off Algeria. Vichy French Battleship Jean Bart bombed/sunk by USN aircraft in Casablanca Harbor. Vichy French Sub Meduse sunk by spotter plane from USS Philidelphia.
1943 R.N. MTB 222 sank from damage sustained in a collision with MTB 230 in the North Sea the previous day. U-966 sunk by RAF B-24s, Wellingtons and USN PB4Ys in the Bay of Biscay off Cape Ortugal
1944 IJN Patrol Boat PB-46 sunk by sub USS Greenling off Japan. Frigate CD-11 bombed/beached by B-25s. Armed Merchant Cruiser Gokoku Maru sunk by sub USS Barb off Kyushu. Ammo Ship USS Mount Hood explodes at Manus killing 432 & sinking 13 LSMs and damaging many more ships. PT-321 runs aground in San Isidro bay, Philippines and is scuttled. Minesweeper HMs Hydra damaged by mine off Ostend, declared a Total loss, scrapped post War.
1945 Battle of Sorabaya begins
November 17th, 2015  
Nov 17
1183 Battle of Mizushima
1796 Battle of Arcole
1810 Anglo-Swedish War of 1810-12 Declared. What if they had a War and no one came?
1862 Battle of Fredricksburg begins
1917 U-58 sunk by Destroyers USS Fanning and Nickolson off Milford Haven, Wales, 1st sub kill for the USN.
1942 U-331 damaged by RAF Hudson, surrenders, sunk after surrender by Albacores from HMS Formidable. Landing Ferry F 346 sunk by sub HMS safari in the Med.
1943 High Speed Transport USS McKean torpedoed and sunk by IJN torpedo plane off Bouganville. Sub Tender Hie Maru sunk by USS Drum south west of Truk. Soviet Anti-aircraft motor Boat PVO 10 lost on this date.
1944 R.N. LCT 1022 wrecked off Dungeness. US LST-6 sunk by mine in Siene Bay, France. Motor Launch HMAS ML 827 run aground in Jacquinot Bay, New Guinea, refloated but sinks under tow on 20th. Escort Carrier Shinyo and IJ Army Landing Craft Depot Ship Mayasan Maru sunk by sub USS Picuda in the Yellow Sea. Torpedo Boat Hiyodori sunk by sub USS Gunnel north east of Cape Tourane, French Indochina. KM Guard Ship NKI 01 bombed/sunk off Norway.
November 19th, 2015  
19 Nov
636 Battle of Qadisiya ends
1885 Battle of Slivnitsa ends
1912 Serbs liberate Bitola from the Ottomans
1917 Destroyer USS Chauncey rammed/sunk by British SS Rose west of Gibraltar
1940 Trawler HMS Fontenoy bombed/sunk off Lowestoft
1941 KM Aux. Cruiser Kormoran and Cruiser HMAS Sydney sink each other off Western Australia, Sydney lost with all hands. MTB S 41 sunk in a collision with S 47.
1942 Whaler HMS Ullswater sunk by MTB S-112 in the English Channel. KM Auxiliary MN-01 shelled/beached in Varangerfjord. Sperrbrecher 169 sunk by mine in Helgefjord. US Patrol Boat YP-26 destroyed by a explosion while hauled out on a marine railway at Cristobal, Panama Canal Zone.
1943 U-211 sunk by RAF Wellington east of The Azores. USN Sub Chaser SC-1067 sank off Attu, Alaska Territory. PT-147 ran aground and was scuttled off Teliata Point, New Guinea.
1944 Sub I-37 sunk by Destroyers USS Conklin and McCoy Reynolds. Sub Chaser CH-36 bombed/sunk by USN aircraft off Subic Bay. Sub USS Sculpin damaged by Destroyer Yamagumo and scuttled north of the Mariannas. KM Gun Ferry AF-18 bombed/sunk by Soviet aircraft. Battle of Vianden.
December 7th, 2015  
Dec 7
1862 Battle of Prarie Grove
1917 US declares War on Austria-Hungary
1940 1st flight Fairy Barracuda. Trawler HMS Capricornus sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Trawler HMS Cortina and Guardship HMS Lormont sink each other in a collision at the mouth of the Humber.
1941 HMS Chantala sunk by mine at Tobruk. Corvette HMCS Windflower sunk in a collision with SS Zypenberg on the Grand Banks. U-205 sunk by Destroyers HMS Hesperus and Harvester west of Gibraltar. Pearl Harbor Attack
1944 Destroyers USS Mahan and Ward damaged/scuttled, and LSM-318 sunk, by Kamakazes off Leyte. KM Patrol Ship V-1606 bombed/sunk by Soviet aircraft. Soviet Sub Chaser BO-229 sunk by U-997 in the Barents Sea. High Speed Transport T-11 sunk by USMC and US Army aircraft at San Isidro, Leyte
1975 Indonesia invades East Timor
December 8th, 2015  
Dec 8
395 Battle of Canne Slope
1914 naval Battle of the Falkland Islands
1941 Japan invades Malaya, Siam, Netherlands East Indies, The Philippines, and Hong Kong (Simultaneous to the Dec 7 Pearl Harbor Attack with the Int Date Line causing a technically different date). US, UK, Canada, China, Free French and The Netherlands declare War on Japan. Trawlers HMS Milford Earl and HMS Phineus Beard bombed/sunk off Scotland. Rescue Tug HMS St Dominic sunk by IJN surface ships south of Saddle Island. Patrol Ship HMIS Probhavati sunk by Cruiser HMS Glasgow in the Indian Ocean. Gunboat HMS Peterel sunk by Armored Cruiser Izumo, and River Gunboat USS Wake captured, at Shanghai. Minesweeper USS Penguin bombed/scuttled at Guam.
1942 Soviet Patrol Ship Smerch bombed/sunk at Murmansk. U-254 sunk in a collision with U-221 while manuevering to attack a Convoy in the Atlantic. U-611 sunk by RAF B-24 south east of Cape Farewell.
1943 Trawler HMS Rysa sunk by mine off La Maddelena.
1945 1st flight Bell 47
1971 Indian Navy attacks Pakistani Navy Base at Karachi
December 9th, 2015  
Dec 9
730 Battle of Ardabil
1775 Battle of Great Bridge
1824 Battle of Ayacucho
1856 British capture Bushehr
1917 Allenby captures Jerusalem
1937 Battle of Nanking begins
1940 Troopship HMS Royal Scot sunk by mine in the Bristol Channel.
1941 Japanese occupy Tarawa and Makin. China declares War on Italy and Germany. Cuba, Guatamala and the Philippines declare War on Germany and Japan.
1942 Sub I-3 sunk by PT-59 off Guadalcanal. Corvette HMS Marigold torpedoed/sunk by Italian aircraft. Destroyer HMS Porcupine sunk by U-602 north east of Oran.
1944 U-387 sunk by Corvette HMS Bamborough Castle near Murmansk.
December 18th, 2015  
Dec 17
546 Siege of Rome ends
1583 Siege of Godesberg ends
1812 Battle of the Mississinewa
1903 Wright Bros 1st flight
1935 1st flight DC-3
1937 1st flight Consolidated PB2Y Coronado
1939 KM Armored Ship Adm. Graf Spee scuttled at Montevideo
1940 Destroyer HMS Acheron sunk by mine off Isle of Wight. Boom Defence Vessel HMS Thomas Connolly sunk by mine north of Sheerness
1941 Sub RO-62 sunk in a collision with RO-66 off Wake Island. Destroyer Shinonami bombed/sunk by a Dutch Do-24 flying boat. U-131 damaged by Corvette HMS Pentstemon and scuttled.
1942 Italian Destroyer Aviere sunk by Sub HMS Splendid north east of Bizerte. Destroyer HMS Firedrake sunk by U-211.
1944 U-772 sunk by Corvette HMS Nyasaland south of Ireland.
1947 1st flight B-47
January 5th, 2016  
5 Jan
1477 Battle of Nancy
1675 Battle of Turckheim
1781 British burn Richmond, Va
1913 naval Battle of Lemnos
1940 Trawler HMS Kingston Cornelian sunk in a collision with French SS Chella east of Gibraltar, lost with all hands
1941 KM Patrol Ship Vp-306 sunk by mine off Ilmuiden. Patrol Ship V-303 sunk by mine.
1942 Italian sub Ammiraglio St. Bon sunk by sub HMS Upholder in the Med. Soviet Minesweeper Vrzyvatel bombed/sunk at Eupatoria, MTB No. 91 lost on this date also.
1945 IJN Landing ship T-107 sunk at Haha Jima and T-154 at Iwo Jima by US Destroyers. Midget sub Ha-71 sunk by USN PB4Ys south west of Chichi Jima. Ha-82 sunk by destroyer USS Taylor in Surigao Strait. Destroyer Momi sunk by carrier planes south west of Manila. Harbor Defence Motor Launch HMS HDML 1163 sunk by E Boat in the Adriatic. KM Minelayer Alsace sunk by mine in the Kattegat east of Denmark.
1991 South Ossetia War begins