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October 8th, 2015  
Oct 7
1513 Battle of La Motta
1571 naval Battle of Lepanto
1777 2nd Battle of Saratoga
1780 Battle of Kings Mountain
1800 HMS Kent captured by French Privateer La Confiance
1864 CSS Florida is illegally siezed by USS Wachusett in the Port of Bahia, Brazil in violation of Brazilian neutrality and International Law.
1939 KM patrol ship V-804 sunk by mine off Holland
1942 Rescue Tug HMS Caroline Moller sunk by E Boat S-80, and ML 339 sunk by S-62, off Cromer.
1943 US LCT-215 and 216 lost in heavy seas off the North African coast. R.N. LCT 621 lost in the Med. US sub S-44 sunk by Frigate Ishigaki off the Kuriles. KM sub chaser UJ-2111 sunk by R.N. ships in the Dodecanese.
1944 Indian Navy Harbor Defence Motor Launch HMIS HDML 1119 sunk by Allied aircraft off Burma. KM F Lighter AF 73 sunk by Allied aircraft off Terschelling, raised, repaired, returned to service. River Minesweeper FR 11 lost on this date. Torpedo Boat TA 37, Guard Ship GK 62 and Sub Chaser UJ 2101 sunk by Destroyers HMS Tuscan and Termagant in the Aegean.
1985 Achille Lauro hijacking begins
2001 US invades Afghanistan
October 9th, 2015  
9 Oct
1238 Aragon captures Valencia
1264 Castile captures Jerez
1594 Battle of Danture
1708 Battle of Lesnaya
1799 HMS Lutine wrecked/sunk off Terschelling
1812 HMS Caledonia and Detroit captured by a cutting out party, HMS Detroit destroyed in the ensuing battle between US and British batteries
1854 Siege of Sevastopol begins.
1861 Battle of Santa Rosa Island, Fla.
1938 Spanish Republican sub C 1 bombed/sunk by Nationalist aircraft at Barcelona.
1940 Trawler HMS Sea King sunk by mine in the Humber Estuary
1942 3rd Battle of the Matanikau ends. U-171 sunk by mine off Lorient. Sperrbrecher 143 sunk by mine off Neuport
1943 Destroyer USS Buck sunk by U-616 off Salerno. Destroyer HMS Panther bombed/sunk by JU-87 Stukas in the Scarpanto Strait. Cruiser HMS Carlisle severely damaged by bombs, used as stores ship thereafter. KM Sub Chaser UJ-1210 bombed/sunk of Gdynia. Italian MTB MS-26 wrecked on Leros.
1944 KM sub chaser UJ-1711 bombed/sunk off Norway. Patrol ship V-1403 sunk by R.N. MTBs off the Hook of Holland.US LCT-459 lost by grounding off west coast of France
October 14th, 2015  
Oct 14
1066 Battle of Hastings
1322 Battle of Byland Moor
1758 Battle of Hochkirch
1805 Battle of Elchingen
1806 Battle of Jena-Auerstedt
1863 Battle of Bristoe Station
1938 1st flight P-40
1939 Battleship HMS Royal Oak sunk by U-47 at Scapa Flow. U-45 sunk by 3 R.N. Destroyers south west of Ireland
1940 KM Netlayer Genua sunk by Destroyer HMS Cossack off Egersund, raised, repaired, returned to service. Sub Chaser UJ-173 wrecked Off Stavenger. Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Cheshire damaged by U-138 and beached, repaired and returned to service. Trawler HMS Lord Stamp sunk by mine south west of Portland Bill.
1941 Trawler HMS Fleur de Lys sunk by U-206 west of Gibraltar. Trawler HMS Forerunner sunk in a collision in the Thames. KM Patrol Ship UJ-1709 bombed/sunk west of Lister. Italian Torpedo Boat Pleiada sank after being bombed the day before
1942 KM Auxiliary Cruiser Komet sunk by R.N. MTB 236 off Cape de la Hague. R.N. LCMs 508, 509, 519, 522, 523, 532, 537, 547, 620 and LCT 2006 lost as cargo when SS Southern Express was sunk by U-211 east of Newfoundland. Soviet sub ShCh-213 sunk by mines off Romania. ShCh-302 sunk by Finnish aircraft in the Gulf of Finland
1943 USCG Patrol Ship Dow wrecked off Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
1944 Motor Fishing Vessel HMS MFV 117 sunk by an explosion in the Aegean. Corvette HMCS Magog damaged by U-1223 in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, losing her stern, declared a total loss, scrapped post war. KM Light MTB LS-7 and 10 lost on this date
1952 Battle of Triangle Hill begins
1962 Cuban Missle Crisis begins
October 16th, 2015  
Oct 15
1211 Battle of Rhyndacus
1529 1st Siege of Vienna ends
1863 Confederate Privateer sub H L Hunley sinks for the 2nd time in Charleston Harbor, killing her whole crew including H L Hunley. Raised, repaired, returned to service by the Confederate Army.
1864 Battle of Glasgow, Mo
1880 Mexican troops kill Apache leader Victorio
1940 Sub HMS Triad sunk by Italian sub Enrico Toti in a surface gun and torpedo battle. River Patrol vessel HMS Mistletoe sunk by mine off Bull Sand Fort. Italian sub Foca sunk while laying a minefield off Haifa, Palestine, probably by one of her own mines.
1942 Destroyer USS Meridith bombed/sunk off Guadalcanal. U-661 rammed/sunk by Destroyer HMS Viscount
1943 R.N. MTB 636 sunk by R.N. MGB 658 off Elba
1944 U-777 bombed/sunk at Wilhelmshaven. KM Patrol Boat V-1605 bombed/sunk by Beaufighters off Justoy, Norway. V-6705 scuttled at Vadso. Cruiser Liepzig damaged beyond repair in a collision with Prinz Eugen, used as a barracks ship. Minesweeper M-3619 sunk by Soviet sub L-3 off Pomerania. Guard ship DB-17 sunk in North Sea by British aircraft. R.N. motor launch ML 870 and Greek minesweepers Kassos and Kos sunk by mines off Piraeus, Greece. Aux. Sub chaser Kaiyo Maru No. 2 sunk bu sub HMS Tally-Ho in the Strait of Malacca.
October 17th, 2015  
Oct 16
1793 Battle of Wattignies ends
1813 Battle of Leipzig begins
1859 John Brown's Harper's Ferry Raid begins
1939 French Aux. minesweeper St. Clair sunk by mine in the Strait of Dover.
1940 R.N. MTB 106 sunk by mine north of Scheerness. Minesweeper HMS Dundalk damaged by mine off Harwich, sinks next day. Destroyers HMS Ashanti and Fame ran aground off Sunderland, refloated, repaired, returned to service
1942 U-253 sunk by Destroyer HMS Fame.
1943 R.N. MTB 356 sunk by KM surface units off Holland. Armed Yacht USS Moonstone sunk in a collision with Destroyer USS Greer off Cape May, N.J. A Wolfpack consisting of U-470, 844, and 964 is sunk by RAF B-24s. U-533 sunk by a RAF Blenheim in the Gulf of Oman. Sub Chaser UJ-2109 sunk by Destroyers HMS Jensen and Penn at Kalymnos. Light MTB LS-5 lost on this date. Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-31 sunk by US aircraft off New Britain.
1944 KM Patrol Boat V-6707 sunk by Soviet aircraft off Kirkenes. V-2016 sunk by R.N. MTBs in the North Sea. Torpedo Boat TA 39 sunk by mine off Salonika. Minesweeper R-301 sunk by Soviet aircraft off Vardo. U-1006 sunk by Frigate HMCS Annan south east of the Faeroes. Torpedo Boat Hato sunk by US Navy aircraft south east of Hong Kong. Guard Ship Kyowa Maru No. 2 sunk by USS Tilefish off Japan.
1949 Greek Civil War ends
October 18th, 2015  
Oct 17
456 Battle of Placentia
1346 Battle of Neville's Cross
1448 2nd Battle of Kosovo begins
1781 Siege of Yorktown ends
1917 naval Battle of Moon Sound ends: Russian Battleship Slava damaged by Battleship SMS Konig and is scuttled.
1939 Battleship HMS Iron Duke bombed/beached at Scapa Flow, refloated, repaired, returned to service
1940 Trawler HMS Kingston Cairngorm damaged by a mine, sinks the next day.
1941 Corvette HMS Gladiolus sunk with all hands by U-558
1942 Destroyer Oboro bombed/sunk by B-26s north east of Kiska.
1943 KM Raider Michel sunk by USS Tarpon east of Yokohama, taking down Light E-boat LS-4. U-540 sunk by RAF B-24 east of Cape Farewell. U-631 sunk by Corvette HMS Sunflower south east of Cape Farewell. U-841 sunk by Frigate HMS Byard east of Cape Farewell
1944 Minelayer Itsukushima sunk by Dutch sub Zwaardvish in the Java Sea. Destroyer-Minelayer USS Montgomery damaged by a mine off Palau and scrapped. Soviet Patrol Boat BMO-527 sunk by U-1165 in the Baltic. KM Patrol Boat V-6107 bombed/sunk in Varangerfjord. V-6801 sunk by BeauFighters off Alesund. Sub Chaser UJ-1764 sunk by mine off Egersund. US Minesweeper YMS-70 sank in a storm in Leyte Gulf.
October 18th, 2015  
Oct 18
1016 Battle of Ashingdon
1081 Battle of Dyrrhachium
1540 Battle of Mabila
1599 Battle of Sellenberk
1812 HMS Frolic captured by USS Wasp
1859 US Marines capture John Brown & his Raiders
1940 Trawler HMS Kingston Cairngorm, damaged by a mine the day before, sinks. Sub HMS H-49 sunk by KM Sub Chasers UJ-116 and UJ-118 off Texel. Aux. Minesweeper HMCS Bras d'Or lost with all hands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Italian sub Durbo sunk by 2 Saunders-Roe London seaplanes & HMS Firedrake and Wrestler.
1941 Destroyer HMS Broadwater sunk by U-101 south of Iceland. Tug HMS Assurance wrecked in Lough Foyle, N. Ireland.
1943 Sub Chaser CH-23 had her bow blown off by B-25s in St. George's Channel and beached, refloated, repaired, returned to service.
1944 Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-95 sunk off Calayan Island by US Navy aircraft. Minelayer Maeshima and Aux. Minelayer Shinko Maru, and Landing Ships T-135 and 136 sunk near Lopoc Bay. IJA Salvage ship Chinzei Maru sunk by USS Bluegill in the South China Sea. Minesweeper HMAS Geelong sunk in a collision with SS York in the Solomon Sea. US LST-906 ran aground and sank off Livorno. KM Minesweeper RA-2 sunk by mine off Ostend.
October 26th, 2015  
26 Oct
1597 naval Battle of Myeongnyang
1813 Battle of Chateauguay
1917 Brazil declares War on the Central Powers
1940 1st flight P-51
1941 CAM ship HMS Ariguani damaged by U-83, repaired and sold into merchant service 1944. Romanian landing ships SF-25 and 26 sunk by Soviet sub M-35
1942 Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. Carrier USS Hornet and Destroyer USS Porter sunk. Battle of Henderson Field ends. KM Sub Chaser UJ-1204 sunk by mine in Gulf of Finland
1943 1st flight Do-335 fighter. Italian MTB MS-15 sunk by German aircraft at Leros. Tug HMS Tien Hsing hits reef in the Red Sea off Egypt and sinks.
1944 Norwegian Corvette Rose rammed/sunk by Frigate HMS Manners east of Newfoundland. KM Minesweeper M-433 bombed/sunk off Norway. river Minesweeper FR-2 lost on this date. Sub Chaser UJ-5722 sunk off Rorvik by Allied aircraft. R.N. Motor Launch ML 579 bombed/sunk at Leros. R.N. MTB 669 sunk by KM ships off Norway. Battle of Leyte Gulf ends: IJN losses: Cruisers Kunu, Noroshiro, Abukuma, sub I-26, Destroyers Nowaki, Urinami, and Hayashimo, Landing Ship T-102.
1945 Minesweeper HMS Saltburn sinks off Horse Sand Fort.
2002 Moscow Theatre Siege ends
October 31st, 2015  
Oct 30
1137 Battle of Rignano
1270 Siege of Tunis ends
1340 Battle of Rio Saludo
1657 Battle of Ocho Rios
1806 Stettin surrenders to the French
1863 Gunboat USS Undine and 2 transports captured by Forrest's CS Cavalry.
1939 Armed Boarding Vessel HMS Northern Rover sunk by U-59 north west of the Orkneys
1940 U-32 sunk by Destroyers HMS Harvester and Highlander north west of Ireland. Destroyer HMS Sturdy wrecked off Tiree, Inner Hebrides. R.N. ML 109 sunk by mine in The Humber
1941 Soviet sub Kalev sunk by mine off Hanko
1942 U-520 sunk by RCAF B-18 east of Newfoundland. U-559 sunk by 5 R.N. Destroyers, Enigma machine and materials captured before she sinks. U-658 sunk by RCAF Hudson east of Newfoundland
1943 Soviet MTBs TK 75, 134, and 171 sunk in the Baltic
1944 KM MTB S-54 bombed/sunk at Thessaloniki. Minesweepers R-185, 195, 210, 211, Alula, Gallipoli and Zeus scuttled at Salonika. R.N. LCT 936 damaged beyond repair at Lowestoft.
November 5th, 2015  
Nov 5
1688 William of Orange invades England
1757 Battle of the Wabash
1780 LaBlame's Defeat
1854 Battle of Inkerman
1940 Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Jervis sunk by Admiral Scheer south west of Ireland.
1941 Soviet Destroyer Smetlivyi sunk by mine in Gulf of Finland. KM Artillery support ship LAT 4 sunk by RAF in the Ems.
1942 Soviet sub ShCh-305 rammed/sunk by Finnish sub Vetehinen in the Baltic. U-408 sunk by USN PBY north of Iceland.
1943 E Boat S-39 sunk in air attack. U-848 sunk by USN PB4Ys and US Army B-25s west of Ascention.
1944 KM F-Lighters AF 44 and 92 sunk in air attack at Zijpe. Torpedo Boat TA 24, Minelayer Kiebitz, and Sub Chaser G 104 sunk by US aircraft at Fiume. R.N. LCT 457 sunk by mine in the North Sea. Cruiser Nachi and Patrol Boat PB-107 sunk by USN aircraft in Manila Bay
1950 Battle of Pakchon