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August 28th, 2015  
28 August
489 Battle of Isonzo
663 Battle of Baekgang
1189 Siege of Acre begins, ends July 12, 1191
1521 Ottomans capture Belgrade
1542 Battle of Wofla
1640 Battle of Newburn
1648 Siege of Colchester ends
1849 Austria captures Venice
1861 Battle of Hatteras Inlet begins
1914 Battle of the Heligoland Bight
1916 Germany declares War on Romania, Italy declares War on Germany
1941 Soviet Navy evacuates Tallinn losing Destroyers Artem, Kalinin, Skory, Valodarsky, and Yakov Sverdlov, Subs ShCh-301, S-5 and S-6, Minesweepers Barometer, Krab, T-214 and T-216, Gunboat I-8, Sub Chaser MO-202, Net Layers Onega and Vyatka, Patrol Ships Sneg and Saturn, and MTB TKA-103 on mines north of Cape Juminda, Repair Ship Serp-I-Molot bombed/beached at Suursaari
1942 U-94 bombed by USN PBY and rammed/sunk by Corvette HMCS Oakville off Haiti. Destroyer Asigiri bombed/sunk by USMC SBDs near Santa Isabel Island
1943 KM Escort SG-10 sunk by sub HMS Sickle. SG-14 bombed/sunk, both in the Med. U-639 sunk by Soviet sub S-101 in the Kara Sea. Italian Torpedo Boat Lince sunk by sub HMS Ultor in the Med.
1944 Allies capture Toulon and Marseilles: KM Escorts SG-12, 16, and 23, Aux. minelayer M-6062, scuttled at Marseilles. Sub Chaser UJ-1433 sunk by R.N. MTB 252, 254, and 256 in La Manche
1945 Aux. sub chaser CHa-77 sunk off Paramushiro.
September 1st, 2015  
Sept 1
1644 Battle of Tippermoir
1814 HMS Avon sunk by USS Wasp
1862 Battle of Ox Hill
1864 Battle of Jonesboro ends. Siege of Atlanta ends, CS Evacuates Atlanta
1870 Battle of Sedan
1880 Battle of Kandahar
1939 Germany invades Poland, WWII Officially starts. Polish Gunnery Training ship Mazur bombed/sunk at Oksywie
1940 Destroyer HMS Ivanhoe damaged by a mine off Texel, scuttled.
Patrol Launch HMS Mesme sunk with all hands in a collision with HMS Sunfish. Trawler HMS Royalo sunk by mine off Penzance. Italian MTB MAS 537 rammed/sunk by Destroyer HMS Ilex in the Med.
1942 Hans-Joachim Marseille shoots down 17 RAF fighters in a day. U-756 sunk by Corvette HMCS Morden in Mid-Atlantic. Soviet Guard Ship Purga bombed/sunk in Lake Ladoga.
1943 I-182(or possibly I-20) sunk by Destroyer USS Wadsworth.
1944 Corvette HMS Hurst Castle sunk by U-482 off Tory Island, Ireland. R.N. Motor Minesweeper MMS 117 sunk by mine off Civita Vecchia, Italy. US Minesweeper YMS-21 sunk by mine off Toulon. U-247 sunk by Frigates HMCS St. John and Swansea in the English Channel. E Boat S-80 sunk by mine in the Baltic.
1983 KAL 007 shot down by the Soviets
September 2nd, 2015  
2 Sept
31 B.C. naval Battle of Actium
1649 Papal Forces destroy Castro
1807 Bombardment of Copenhagen begins
1937 1st flight F4F Wildcat
1939 Polish Auxiliary ships Gydni and Gdansk bombed/sunk in Gulf of Gdansk
1940 KM Troopship Pionier sunk by HMS Sturgeon east of Denmark. Sub Chaser UJ-121 sunk by mine off Ostend
1942 IJN Patrol Boat PB-35 sunk by a B-17 near Santa Isabel. U-222 sunk in a collision with U-626 off Pillau. Sperrbrecher 164 sunk by mine off Holland.
1943 Frigate Matsure sunk by USS Snapper off Guam
1944 Soviet Minesweeper BTSC-410 Vzryu sunk by U-19 in the Black Sea. U-394 sunk by a Swordfish and 4 R.N. ships south east of Jan Mayen
1949 1st flight De Havilland Venom
1958 Soviets shoot down a USAF C-130 that strayed into Soviet airspace
September 8th, 2015  
Sept 8
617 Battle of Huoyi
1380 Battle of Kulikovo
1514 Battle of Orsha
1565 Siege of Malta ends
1655 Sweden captures Warsaw
1755 Battle of Lake George. Battle of Kittanning
1760 British capture Montreal
1781 Battle of Eutaw Springs
1793 Battle of Hondschoote ends
1796 Battle of Bassano
1863 2nd Battle of Sabine Pass
1923 Honda Point Disaster
1939 1st flight Vultee P-66. Dutch Minesweeper Willem Van Ewijck sunk by a mine off Terschelling
1941 Siege of Leningrad begins. Mine Destructor Vessel HMS Corfield sunk by mine off the Humber Lightship. Italian sub Maggiore Baracca rammed/sunk by Destroyer HMS Croome east of The Azores
1943 R.N. MTB 77 bombed/sunk off Vigo, Spain. R.N. LCT 624 lost in the Med. U-983 sunk in a collision with U-988 north of Loba, Poland. Aux, Minesweepers M 3810, 3811, and 3816 sunk by R.N. MTBs off Fecamp. Italian sub H-3 bombed/sunk at La Maddalena. Incomplete Cruisers Etna and Vesuvio scuttled near Trieste.
1944 Liege and Ostend liberated. KM Minesweeper R-235 sunk in a collision off the Merwe Canal. Soviet sub M-96 sunk by mine in Narva Bay.
September 9th, 2015  
Sept 9
1141 Battle of Qatwan
1493 Battle of Krbava Field
1513 Battle of Flodden Field
1855 Siege of Sevastopol ends
1898 Mauser patents the design for the G-98
1922 Turks capture Smyrna
1939 Battle of Hel begins
1940 Trawler HMS Dervish sunk by mine off the Humber Lightship
1942 Weather ship USCG Muskeget sunk with all hands by U-66 in the Atlantic. US Patrol Boat YP-346 lost in the Solomons. Italian MTBs MAS 571 and 573 sunk by aircraft at Yalta. soviet sub K-2 sunk by mine in Tanaford
1943 Battle of Salerno begins. KM Minesweeper R-7 and 13 scuttled at Salerno. Italian Battleship Roma sunk by German glide bomb. Most of the Italian Fleet is scuttled at La Spezia. 5 KM F-Lighters and 2 sub chasers sunk by Italian Corvettes Aliseo and Cormorano. Tug USS Nauset bombed/sunk in Gulf of Toranto. Sub USS Grayling rammed/sunk by Hokuan Maru west of Luzon. US LCT 366 sank in a storm in the Gulf of Alaska. R.N. LCTs 572 and 626 lost in the Med. Indian Navy MTBs 284 and 285 lost as cargo when MV Larchbank sunk by I-27 in the Indian Ocean. I-182 sunk by USS Trout in Surigao Strait.
1944 U-484 sunk by Corvette HMS Porchester Castle and Frigate HMS Helmsdale. KM Minesweeper R-304 sunk by mine off Eggeroy. Croatian River Monitor Sava scuttled, raised, repaired and returned to Yugoslav service post-War. Aux sub chasers CHa-8 and 9 sunk by mines off Sumatra.
September 10th, 2015  
10 Sept
1547 Battle of Pinkie Cleugh
1561 4th Battle of Kawanakajima
1798 naval Battle of St. George's Caye ends
1813 Battle of Lake Erie
1861 Battle of Carnifex Ferry
1862 Sharpsburg Campaign: Battle of Harper's Ferry begins
1918 Red army captures Kazan
1939 Canada declares War on Germany. Sub HMS Oxley sunk by sub HMS Triton off Stavanger
1941 U-501 damaged by Corvette HMCS Chambly and scuttled in the Denmark Strait. Trawler HMS Christine Rose wrecked on Knap Rock, Argyll. KM Minesweeper M-1102 torpedoed/sunk by RAF in the North Sea
1942 R.N. MGB 335 sunk by KM surface vessels in the North Sea
1943 Minelayer HMS Abdiel sunk by mine at Taranto. IJN Minesweeper W-16 bombed/sunk by B-24s south of Makassar. KM MTB S-46 sunk by Soviet aircraft in the Black Sea. 5 Soviet MTBs sunk in the Black Sea. 4 Italian Sub Chasers sunk by German artillery, one by an F-Lighter.
1944 U-20 and 23 scuttled off Turkey in the Black Sea.
September 11th, 2015  
Sept 11
1297 Battle of Sterling Bridge
1390 Siege of Vilnius begins
1541 Battle of Santiago, Chile
1649 Siege of Drogheda ends
1697 Battle of Zenta
1709 Battle of Malplaquet
1714 Siege of Barcelona ends, began 25 July 1713
1758 Battle of St. Cast
1777 Battle of Brandywine Creek
1803 Battle of Delhi
1814 Battle of Lake Champlain
1861 Battle of Cheat Mountain
1914 Australia invades New Britain, German New Guinea: Battle of Bita Paka
1939 Canada declares War on Germany
1940 Trawler HMS Breathwood sunk by mine in the English Channel
1941 U-207 sunk by HMS Leamington and Veteran near Greenland
1942 Corvette HMCS Charlottetown sunk by U-517 in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Destroyer Yayoi bombed/sunk by US B-17s and Australian Hudsons in the Solomon Sea.
1943 USN LCT-71 sank in the Gulf of Alaska. Destroyer USS Rowan sunk by E Boat off Salerno. R.N. midget subs X5, X6, X7, X8, and X9 lost attacking Lutzow, Scharnhorst and Tirpits. KM Sub Chaser UJ-1217 sunk by Soviet sub M-7 in Sylteforden. Torpedo Boat TA 11 sunk by Italian torpedo Boat Aliseo, Corvette Cormorano and Italian tanks at Elba. Italian Gunboat Aurora, sunk by E Boats S-61 and 64. Torpedo Boats T-6, Impetuoso, Partenope, Pegaro and MTB MAS 431 scuttled. Sub Chasers VAS 208, 214, 219, and 220 sunk by German coastal batteries.
1944 U-19 scuttled off Turkey in the Black Sea. KM Minesweeper M-462 bombed/sunk off Skagen, Denmark. Minesweeper R-80 sunk by aircraft. CHa-165 sunk by USS Albacore off Kagashima.
2001 9/11 Terrorist attacks
2012 Benghazi Embassy attack
October 2nd, 2015  
Oct 2
1187 Siege of Jerusalem ends
1263 Battle of Largs
1814 Battle of Rancagua ends
1835 Battle of Gonzales
1939 Polish Minesweepers Czajk, Mewa, Rybitwa and Zuraw, and Guard Ship Komendant Pilsudski scuttled at Hel, raised, repaired, put in KM service.
1940 Italian sub Berillo damaged by Destroyers HMS Hasty and Havoc, scuttled off Sidi Barrani
1941 I-61 sunk in a collision with Aux. Gunboat Kiso Maru in the Tsushima Strait
1942 Trawler HMS Stonehaven sunk by E Boat S-112 off Eddystone Lighthouse. Cruiser HMS Curacao cut in half and sunk by RMS Queen Mary north west of Ireland. U-512 sunk by a B-18 off French Guiana. aux. Minesweeper T-57 sunk by mine in the Gulf of Finland.
1943 US LCT-496 sunk in the English Channel. R.N. LCT 618 lost in the Med.
October 5th, 2015  
Oct 5
1813 Battle of the Thames
1862 Battle of the Big Hatchee River
1864 Battle of Alatoona Pass
1915 Bulgaria joins the Central Powers
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Kingston Sapphire sunk by Italian sub Nani south of Cadiz
1942 U-582 sunk by USN PBY, and U-619 sunk by RAF Hudson, both south west of Iceland
1943 U-336 sunk by RAF Hudson in the Denmark Strait. Italian Minelayer Legano bombed/sunk by German aircraft off Leros. US LST-448 sank from bomb damage inflicted off Vella Lavella on the 1st
1944 Minesweeper HMS BYMS 2255 sunk by mine off Boulogne. Harbor Defence Motor Launch HMS HDML 1227 sunk by KM surface ships off Piraeus. KM Minelayer Pommern sunk by mine off Toulon. Germans scuttled unfinished Italian Aircraft Carrier Sparviero at Genoa.
1945 Motor Fishing Vessel HMS MFV 118 burns at Portmouth
October 6th, 2015  
Oct 6
105 B.C. Battle of Arausio
69 B.C. Battle of Tigranocerta
1762 Battle of Manila ends
1777 Battle of Forts Clinton and Montgomery
1940 Italian sub Gemma sunk by Italian sub Tricheo south east of Crete. Minesweeper HMS Poulmic sunk by mine off Penlee Point
1942 3rd Battle of the Matanikow begins. R.N. MGB 76 sunk by, and R.N. MTB 295 sunk in a collision with, E Boats in the North Sea. I-22 sunk by a PBY in the Coral Sea. Soviet sub ShCh-320 sunk by mine in the Gulf of Finland.
1943 naval Battle of Vella Lavella: Destroyers USS Chevalier and Yugumo sunk. Soviet Destroyers Besposhchadny, Kharkov and Sposobny bombed/sunk by JU-87 Stukas south of the Crimea
1944 U-168 sunk by Dutch sub Zwaardish in the Java Sea. Frigate CD-21 sunk by USS Seahorse in the S. China Sea. Aux. sub chaser CHa-2 sunk by sub HMS Tally-Ho west of Penang
1973 Yom Kippur War begins
1977 1st flight Mig-29