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August 3rd, 2015  
Aug 3
881 Battle of Saucourt
1342 Siege of Algeciras begins, ends 26 March 1344
1601 Battle of Guruslau
1645 2nd Battle of Nordlingen
1804 1st Battle of Tripoli Harbor begins
1914 Germany declares War on France
1940 Italians invade British Somililand. U-25 sunk by mine off Terschelling
1941 U-401 sunk by Destroyers HMS Wanderer, St. Albans and Frigate HMS Hydrangea south west of Ireland
1942 Destroyer USS Tucker strikes mine late on the 3rd and sinks before sun up on the 4th off Espiritu Santo
1943 Italian sub Argento sunk by Destroyer USS Buck in the Med. U-335 sunk by sub HMS Seracin south east of the Faroes. U-572 sunk by USN PBM Mariner off Trinidad. U-706 sunk by USN B-24 and RCAF Hampden north west of Cape Ortegal.
1944 Destroyer HMS Quorn sunk by a KM Neger torpedo device or explosive motor boat off Normandy
August 3rd, 2015  
USS Nautilus makes its historic run under the polar cap
August 9th, 2015  
Aug 9
48 B.C. Battle of Pharsalus
378 Battle of Adrianople
1862 Battle of Cedar Mountain
1864 Mobile Bay Campaign: Siege of Ft. Morgan begins
1877 Battle of Big Hole begins
1914 Battle of Mulhouse begins
1938 Battle of Lake Khasan ends
1941 R.N. MGB 62 sunk in collision with MGB 67 in the North Sea. Soviet Patrol Ship SKR-12 sunk by KM Destroyers Hans Lody, Fredrick Eckoldt and Richard Beitzen.
1942 R.N. Motor Launch ML 301 sunk by an explosion at Freetown. Battle of Savo Island: Cruisers USS Astoria, Quincy, Vincennes, HMAS Canberra sunk by IJN Cruisers. Destroyer USS Jarvis bombed/sunk off Tulagi
1943 U-664 sunk by Avengers from USS Card. Minesweeper M-5602 sunk in a collision with U-212 south of Kristiansand. USN LCT 311 shelled/sunk off Bizerte. US LCT-318 bombed/beached/abandoned Sicily. Italian Destroyer Vincenzo Gioberti sunk by sub HMS Simoom off La Spezia.
1944 PT-509 shelled/rammed/sunk by KM Minesweeper off Jersey. A US Navy PB4Y attempting to take off from Stickwell Field, Eniwetok crashes into a carrier aircraft depot, destroying 106 aircraft.
1945 Atom bombing of Nagasaki. Frigates Amakusa, Ohama, and Inagi, Minesweeper W-33 and Sub Chaser CH-42 bombed/sunk by R.N. Corsairs from HMS Formidable in Onegawa Bay. Minesweeper W-1 bombed/sunk by USN aircraft in Yamada Bay. IJA Oiler Daito Maru torpedoed by Soviet DB-3 off Korea, beached but sank next day.
August 11th, 2015  
11 August
490 Battle of Adda
1332 Battle of Dupplin Moor ends
1473 Battle of Otlukbeli
1675 Battle of Konzer Brucke
1812 Battle of Majadahonda
1898 US captures Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
1918 Battle of Amiens ends
1920 Latvian War of Independence ends
1936 Nationalist Gunboat Eduardo Dato sunk by Republican Battleship Jaime I at Algeciras
1937 1st flight Boulton Paul Defiant
1942 Carrier HMS Eagle sunk by U-73 south of Majorca. Soviet sub ShCh-405 sunk by mine off Seiskari, Finland.
1943 U-468 sunk by RAF B-24 off Gambia. U-525 sunk by aircraft from USS Card north west of the Azores. U-604 damaged by a USN PB4Y and a Ventura, scuttled. E boat S-121 sunk by British aircraft.
1944 U-385 sunk by RAAF Sunderland and Sloop HMS Starling in Bay of Biscay. U-967 scuttled at Toulon. KM Minesweepers M-84 and 384 scuttled at St. Nazaire. R-70 sunk by mine in Gulf of Finland. KM Auxiliary ship Ermland sunk off Nantes.
1972 Last US ground combat unit leaves S. Vietnam
August 17th, 2015  
Aug 17
986 Battle of the Gates of Trajan
1424 Battle of Verneuil
1549 Battle of Sampford Courtenay
1585 Siege of Antwerp ends, began July 1584
1717 Siege of Belgrade ends
1862 Sioux Uprising begins
1864 Battle of Gainesville, Fl
1914 Battle of Stalluponen
1941 Soviet Patrol Boat no. 80 sunk by E Boat S-58 off Saaremaa
1943 Schweinfurt-Regensburg air raid. Battle of Sicily ends. USN LCI(L)-1 bombed/sunk in Lac de Bizerte
1944 R.N. LCT 123 sank off Normandy. Battle of La Ciotat: KM Corvette UJ-6082 and Armed Yacht UJ-6073 sunk by Destroyer USS Endicott
1945 Frigate CD-46 sunk by mine off Mokpo, Korea. R.N. Motor Launch ML 230 sunk in a collision in the East Indies
August 18th, 2015  
Aug 18
684 Battle of Marj Rahit
1304 Battle of Mons-en-Pevele
1487 Siege of Malaga ends
1759 naval Battle of Lagos
1864 2nd Battle of the Weldon Railroad
1870 Battle of Gravelotte
1940 KM Minesweeper Tender Von der Groeben damaged by mine and beached near Boulogne, later refloated, repaired and returned to service as minesweeper M-507.
1941 Soviet Destroyer Statnyi sunk by mine off Suurstrat. Sub Tender Boug bombed/sunk at Kherson by German aircraft. Sub HMS P 32 sunk by mine north of Tripoli, and P 33 sunk by enemy action in the Med
1942 R.N. MTB 218 sunk by mine in Dover Strait. MTB 43 sunk by KM surface ships off Gravelines, France. KM patrol ship V-406 sunk by mine in Bay of Biscay.
1943 U-403 sunk by RAF Wellington off Dakar. USN LST-396 exploded and sank at New Georgia. R.N. LCT 416 explodes and sinks at Tripoli, sinking R.N. LCT 301. Aux. Sub Chasers CHa-5 and 18 sunk by 4 US destroyers off Vella Lavella.
1944 KM Minesweeper M-27 sunk by mine in Geronde Estuary. Torpedo Boats T-22, 30, and 32 sunk by mines in Narva Bay. UJ-1103 sunk in a collision off Lista, Norway. U-107 sunk by RAF Sunderland in Bay of Biscay. U-129 scuttled at Lorient. U-621 sunk by 3 RCN destroyers in Bay of Biscay. Cruiser Natori sunk by USS Hardhead east of Samar. Escort Carrier Taiyo sunk by sub USS Rasher in South China Sea. R.N. MTB 707 sunk in a collision with Free French Frigate L'Escarmauche north of Ireland. Armed Boarding Vessel HMS Fratton sunk by KM Neger torpedo device off Normandy.
1945 Battle of Shumshu begins: Soviet LCI DS-1, 5, 9, 43 and 47 sunk by Japanese shore batteries.
1965 Battle of Van Tuong begins
1966 Battle of Long Tan.
August 20th, 2015  
August 20
636 Battle of Yarmouk ends
917 Battle of Achelous
1467 2nd Battle of Olmedo
1666 Holme's Bonfire ends
1707 1st Siege of Pensacola ends
1710 Battle of Saragossa
1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers
1847 Battle of Churubusco. battle of contreres ends
1862 Battle of Brandy Station
1914 Germans capture Brussels. Battle of Gumbinnen
1940 U-51 sunk by HMS Cachalot in Bay of Biscay. Trawler HMS Resparko bombed/sunk at Falmouth
1941 Trawler HMS Lorinda caught fire and sank off Freetown. Soviet Minesweeper Buy sunk by mine off Hogland and Primunas sunk by KM MTB S-58 in Moon Sound
1942 U-464 damaged by a USN PBY and scuttled off Iceland
1943 U-197 sunk by RAF PBY south of Madagascar. U-670 sunk in a collision with KM Target ship Bolkoburg in the Gulf of Danzig. Minesweeper R-84 sunk by British aircraft in La Manche. Aux. Gunboat Chosa Maru sunk by Dutch sub O-24 in the Strait of Molucca.
1944 2nd Jassy-Kishinev Offensive begins. U-9 bombed/sunk at Constanta, raised, repaired, put in Soviet Navy service as "TS-16". U-188 scuttled at Bordeaux. U-984 sunk by 3 RCN Destroyers west of Brest. U-188 sunk by 3 R.N. Destroyers in the English Channel. U-1229 sunk by aircraft from USS Bogue in mid Atlantic. E Boat S-42 burned in shipyard during air attack, S-45 scuttled, and S-52 bombed/sunk, at Constanta. S-131 lost in an air attack. Frigate SG-17 scuttled west of Marseilles. Romanian Torpedo Boat Naluca sunk at Constanta by Soviet aircraft.
1968 Warsaw Pact invades Czechoslavakia
1981 Iran-Iraq War ends
August 21st, 2015  
August 21
1140 Battle of Vancheng
1680 Pueblo Indians capture Santa Fe
1689 Battle of Dunkeld
1778 Siege of Pondicherry begins
1808 Battle of Vimeiro
1863 Lawrence, Ks Raid
1864 2nd Battle of the Weldon Railroad ends
1914 Battle of Charleroi
1918 2nd Battle of the Somme begins
1941 KM Gunboat SAT-1 "Ost" sunk by Soviet Destroyers Artem and Surovyi in the Baltic, later salvaged.
1942 Battle of the Tenaru
1944 Corvette HMCS Alberni sunk by U-480 off the Isle of Wight. R.N. Harbor Defence Motor Launch 1179 sank in a storm off Jamaica. Sloop HMS Kite sunk by U-344 in the Barents Sea. Corvette HMS Orchis strikes a mine and is beached off Juno Beach, Normandy, declared a Total Loss. U-230 ran aground near Toulon and is scuttled. KM Minesweeper M-292 bombed/sunk in the Geronde Estuary. Training ship Viper and supply ship Hako scuttled at Bayonne. Hako raised, repaired and returned to her original Norwegian owners post War. KM Sub Chaser RA 259 and Italian Social Republic Sub Chaser VAS 255 sunk by R.N. ships in Genoa Bay.
August 26th, 2015  
26 August
1071 Battle of Manzikert
1278 Battle of Marchfeld
1346 Battle of Crecy
1303 Delhi captures Chittorgarh
1813 Battle of Katzbach
1814 Battle of Las Tres Acequias
1862 2nd Battle of Manassas begins
1914 Battle of Le Cateau. Allies invade German Togoland
1941 Soviet submarine Depot ship Marija Uljanova damaged by U-571 in the Barents Sea and beached, later refloated and used as an oil storage hulk
1942 KM Sub Chaser UJ-1216 sunk at Vik, Norway
1943 Soviet sub ShCh-203 sunk by Italian sub SB-4 west of the Crimea.
1944 R.N. Harbor Defence Motor Launch HMS HDML 1381 captured by KM surface units. Soviet Minesweeper T-45 sunk by U-745 in Narva Bay, and Survey ship Nord sunk by U-957 in the Kara Sea. KM Sperrbrecher 135 bombed/sunk at Brest
1945 R.N. MTB 261 sank at Alexandria, Egypt
1946 Tug HMS Buccaneer shelled and sunk while towing a target for gunnery practice(Guess they needed more!)
1999 2nd Chechen War begins
August 28th, 2015  
27 August
410 Sack of Rome ends
1776 Battle of Long Island
1798 Battle of Castlebar
1810 naval Battle of Grand Port ends
1813 Battle of Dresden ends
1896 Anglo-Zanzibar War begins and ends, World's shortest War at 45 minutes
1914 Battle of Etreux
1916 Romania declares War on Austria-Hungary
1918 Battle of Ambos Nogales, only WWI battle fought on US soil
1922 Ottomans capture Afyonkarisar
1939 1st flight He-178, 1st jet to fly
1940 Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Dunvegan Castle damaged by U-45, sinks next day. Armed Yacht HMS White Fox II burns.
1941 U-570 captured south of Iceland, put in R.N. service as HMS Graph. Whaler HMS Skudd III bombed/sunk at Tobruk.
1942 KM Aux. Minelayer Cobra sunk by aircraft at Schiedam
1943 Japanese evacuate New Georgia. US LCT-319 wrecked off Kiska. Sloop HMS Egret sunk by glide bomb in Bay of Biscay. U-847 sunk by aircraft from USS Card.
1944 Minesweepers HMS Britomart and Hussar bombed/sunk, and HMS Salamander bombed/damaged beyond repair, by RAF Typhoons in the English Channel. Vichy French Battleship Clemenceau bombed/sunk at Brest. US LST-327 damaged beyond repair by U-92 in the English Channel. KM Minesweeper R-38 sunk by mine off Paros.