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July 7th, 2015  
July 7
1520 Battle of Otumba
1543 France invades Luxenburg
1575 Raid of the Redeswire
1770 Battle of Larga. naval Battle of Chesma ends
1777 Battle of Hubbardton
1798 US-French "Quasi-War" begins. USS Delaware captures French Privateer La Croyable.
1915 1st Battle of Isonzo ends
1937 Marco Polo Bridge Incident begins
1941 US troops replace British troops occupying Iceland. Free French-British occupy Beirut. Trawler HMS Lord St. Vincent sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Soviet Minesweeper Petrozavodsk sunk off Kronstadt
1942 U-701 bombed/sunk by US Army A-29 off Cape Hatteras
1943 U-951 sunk by USN PB4Y north east of Cape St. Vincent. Italian MTB MAS 536 sunk in a collision with Tug Rubattino off Leros.
1944 Destroyer Tamanami sunk with all hands by sub USS Mingo south west of Manila Bay. Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-6 was lost off Rabaul. U-678 sunk by 2 RCN Destroyers and an R.N. Corvette south west of Brighton. HMCS MTB 463 sunk by mine off Normandy. Fighter Director Tender HMS FDT 216 torpedoed/sunk by German aircraft off Cherbourg.
1945 1st flight Mitsubishi J8M/Ki-200 (Me-163 copy)
1946 1st flight Hughes XF-11 Recon plane, plane crashes with Howard Hughes flying it.
1991 10 Day War ends
July 9th, 2015  
July 9
660 Battle of Hwangsonbeol
1386 Battle of Sempach
1701 Battle of Carpi
1745 Battle of Melle
1755 Battle of the Monongahela
1846 USS Portsmouth captures San Francisco, Ca.
1863 Siege of Port Hudson ends
1864 Battle of Monocacy
1917 Battleship HMS Vanguard blows up at Scapa Flow
1940 naval Battle of Calabria. Sloop HMS Foxglove bombed/damaged, withdrawn from service. Sub HMS Salmon sunk by mine off Egersund
1941 KM Minelayers Hansestadt Danzig, Prussen, and Tannenberg sunk by mines off Sweden. Aux. Sub Chaser UJ-1110 sunk by mine in the Norwegian Sea. Soviet Minesweeper Nalim lost.
1942 Trawler HMS Manor sunk by E-Boat S-67 in the English Channel off Devon. Italian sub Perla damaged, captured off Beirut.
1943 Allies invade Sicily. U-345 sunk by RAF Wellington west of Portugal. U-590 sunk by USN PBY off the mouth of the Amazon
1944 Battle of Saipan ends. British/Canadians capture Caen. Battle of Tuli-lhantala ends. Minesweeper USS Swerve sunk by mine off Anzio. KM Torpedo Boat TA 27 sunk by mine in the Med. R.N. LCT 300 and 511 lost on this date.
1945 US Minesweeper YMS-84 sunk by mine off Balikpapen. Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-50 sunk by USS Bluefish east of Malaya.
July 16th, 2015  
July 16
1212 Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa
1683 naval Battle of Penghu
1779 Battle of Stony Point
1863 Jackson, Miss evacuated by Confederates
1940 Destroyer HMS Imogen rammed/sunk by Cruiser HMS Glasgow off Duncansby Head, Scotland. Sub HMS Phoenix sunk by Italian Torpedo Boat Albatros off Augusta
1941 R.N. MGBs 90 and 92 burn at Portland, England
1942 1st flight JU-290
1943 U-675 sunk by aircraft from USS Core
1944 R.N. LCT 7057 lost. KM Anti-Aircraft Cruiser Niobe bombed/sunk at Kotka, Finland.
1945 I-13 sunk by Destroyer Escort USS Lawrence C Taylor. IJN Torpedo Boat Kari sunk by sub USS Baya south west of Makassar. IJN Gunboat Nankai sunk west of Surabaya by sub USS Blenny.
1948 Israel captures Nazereth
July 21st, 2015  
July 21
1242 Battle of Taillebourg
1403 Battle of Shrewsbury
1545 Isle of Wight Invasion
1568 Battle of Jemmingen
1588 naval battle off Plymouth
1656 Malaga Raid
1861 1st Battle of Manassas
1903 Battle of Ciudad Bolivar
1921 Battleship Ostfriesland sinks during 2nd day of bomb testing
1936 Nationalists capture the navy base at El Ferrol and 1 Battleship, 2 Cruisers, one Destroyer, plus 2 Cruisers under construction there.
1941 Soviet sub M-94 sunk by U-140 off Saaremaa
1942 R.N. MTB 328 sunk by KM surface ships in Dover Strait
1943 U-662 sunk by USN PBY off the mouth of the Amazon
1944 Battle of Guam begins. KM Minesweeper M-20 bombed/sunk off Sweden and M-413 bombed/sunk in Narva Bay, both by Soviet aircraft. M-307 bombed/sunk off Langeoog, Germany by British aircraft. U-212 sunk by Frigates HMS Curzon and Ekins south of Brighton. Brazilian Minelayer Camaqua sank in a storm east of Recife
1977 Libya-Egyptian War begins
July 22nd, 2015  
July 22
838 Battle of Anzen
1209 Sack of Beziers
1298 Battle of Falkirk
1456 Siege of Belgrade ends
1484 Battle of Lochmaben Fair
1499 Battle of Dornach
1797 Battle of Cape Finisterre
1802 USS Constellation defeats 9 Tripolitan Gunboats
1805 2nd Battle of Cape Finisterre
1812 Battle of Salamanca
1864 Battle of Atlanta
1940 Trawler HMS Campina sunk with all hands by mine off Holeyhead
1941 Soviet MTB TK-71 sunk by E-Boats.
1942 USAT Southern Seas strikes a reef and sinks in Taruiu Pass, raised, repaired, put in US Navy service
1943 Allies capture Palermo. R.N. MTB 288 bombed/sunk off Augusta, Sicily. Italian Minelayer Durazzo sunk by sub HMS Safari east of Corsica. Seaplane Carrier Nisshin bombed/sunk off south east tip of Bouganville.
July 23rd, 2015  
July 23
1319 Battle of Chios
1677 Siege of Marstrand ends
1793 Siege of Mainz ends
1821 Greeks capture Monemvasia
1920 Battle of Maysalun Pass
1940 HMS Narwhale bombed/sunk in Norwegian Sea
1941 Destroyer HMS Fearless torpedoed by Italian aircraft, scuttled north east of Bone, Algeria. KM Sub Chaser UJ-113 sunk by mine off Liepuja. Patrol Boat V-1310 sunk by R.N. MTB off Boulogne, and V-1508 sunk south west of Boulogne.
1943 Italian sub Ascianghi sunk by HMS Eclipse and Laforey off Augusta, Sicily. KM Minesweeper M-152 sunk by mine in the Geronde Estuary. Aux. Minesweeper M-3131 sunk by mine at Dunarmundung. U-598 sunk by US B-24 off Natal, Brazil. U-527 sunk by aircraft from USS Bogue south of the Azores. U-613 sunk by Destroyer USS George E. Badger south of the Azores. USN LCT 196 sank in a storm off Salerno.
1944 US invades Tinian
1945 Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-117 sunk by USS Hardhead south east of Bali.
July 27th, 2015  
July 27
1202 Battle of Basiqan
1214 Battle of Bouvines
1302 Battle of Bapheus
1689 Battle of Killiecrankie
1720 naval Battle of Grengam
1778 1st naval Battle of Ushant
1880 Battle of Maiwand
1940 Destroyer HMS Codrington bombed/beached, damaged beyond repair at Dover. Destroyer HMS Wren bombed/sunk off Aideburgh. Spanish sub C-4 sunk in a collision with Spanish destroyer Lepanto off Morro de la Vaca.
1941 Soviet Destroyer Smelyi sunk by E Boat S-54 in Gulf of Riga
1942 1st Battle of El Alamein ends. R.N. MGB 501 sunk by an explosion off Land's End. Aux. Cruiser Shofuku Maru No. 2 sunk by Dutch sub O-23 in Strait of Malacca.
1943 Minelayer Kirashima sunk by USS Swordfish off Fukue Jima. I-168 sunk by USS Scamp in Steffen Strait. R.N. LCT 353 bombed/sunk by Italian aircraft off Syracuse. R.N. MTB 345 ran aground off Norway and was captured, put in KM service as SA 12. U-396, E-boat S-137 and Barracks Ship (ex-Cruiser) Hamburg bombed/sunk at Hamburg.
1944 R.N. MTB 412 sunk in a collision off Normandy. Soviet sub V-1 sunk by RAF B-24 off Norway. Trawler HMS Maaloy sunk by U-510 off Ceylon.
1945 USN LCT-1050 was sunk while tied up alongside SS Pratt Victory when the Victory ship was damaged by an aerial torpedo at Ie Shima. Midget submarine-Kaiten-Explosive Motor Boat Tender Komahashi bombed/sunk at the Owase Submarine Base.
1953 Korean War ends
July 29th, 2015  
July 29
904 Sack of Thesalonica begins
1014 Battle of Kleidon
1018 Battle of Vlaardingen
1030 Battle of Stiklestad
1148 Siege of Damascus ends
1588 naval Battle of Gravelines
1693 Battle of Landen
1846 USS Cyane captures San Diego
1862 Steamer #280 sails from Liverpool to be converted into CSS Alabama
1914 2 Austrian Monitors shell Belgrade
1937 Tianjin Incident
1938 Battle of Lake Khasan begins
1940 Armed Yacht HMS Gulzar bombed/sunk at Dover. Destroyer HMS Delight bombed/damaged off Portland, sinks in Portland Harbor next day
1941 Soviet Minesweeper Zaryad sunk off Risna Light House, Estonia. R.N. LCI 8 bombed/sunk off Sidi Barani by German and Italian aircraft.
1943 U-614 sunk by RAF Wellington north west of Cape Finisterre. E boat S-137 sunk by aircraft. Italian sub Pietro Micca sunk by sub HMS Trooper in the entrance to the Adriatic
1944 LSI(S) HMS Prince Leopold sunk by U-621 in the English Channel off Normandy. Trawler HMS Lord Wakefield bombed/sunk off Omaha Beach. Bombed at Bremen: U-872 damaged/scrapped, Torpedo Boats T-2 and T-3 sunk, new Destroyer Z-44 damaged while still fitting out, not repaired.
1967 USS Forrestal fire, 134 killed, 161 wounded
July 30th, 2015  
July 30
634 Battle of Ajnadayn
1635 Siege of Schenkenschans begins, ends April 30, 1636
1656 Battle of Warsaw ends
1799 Siege of Mantua ends
1864 Siege of Petersburg: Battle of the Crater
1916 Black Tom Island munitions disaster
1941 Sub HMS Cachelot rammed/sunk by Italian Torpedo Boat Gen. Achille Papa in the Med. Soviet sub S-6 bombed/sunk off Estonia
1942 U-166 sunk by USN Patrol Craft PC-566 south of the mouth of the Miss. River. Aux. Minesweeper M 4008 and Net Layer Uranus sunk by Allied aircraft off Brittany.
1943 1st flight SAAB 21A fighter. Soviet Minesweeper T-911 sunk by U-703. U-43 sunk by aircraft from USS Santee south west of The Azores. U-461 sunk by RAAF Sunderland north west of Cape Ortegal with U-462, sunk by RAF Halifax and 5 R.N. Sloops, the Sloops also sank U-504. U-375 sunk by USN Patrol Craft PC-624 north west of Malta. U-591 sunk by USN PV-1 Ventura Brazilian PBY and A-28 off Pernambuco.
1944 Soviet Minesweepers KT-804 and 807 sunk by U-481 in Narva Bay. Soviet Sub Chaser MO-105 sunk by U-250, in turn sunk by MO-103. U-250 raised and towed to Kristensand, comissioned into Soviet Navy as TS-4 for 3 months, later scrapped. E Boat S-144 bombed/sunk at Le Havre. USN Minesweeper YMS-304 sunk and YMS-378 damaged beyond repair by mines off Normandy.
1945 Cruiser USS Indianapolis sunk by I-58 in the Philippine Sea. Destroyer Hatsushio sunk by mine in Miyazo Bay. Frigate Okinawa sunk by mines, and Minelayer Toshima bombed/sunk, in Maizuru Bay. Sub Chaser CH-26 bombed/sunk off Chinkai.
August 2nd, 2015  
Aug 2
338 B.C. Battle of Chaeronea
216 B.C. Battle of Cannae
47 B.C. Battle of Zela
1377 Battle of Pyana River
1554 Battle of Marciano
1798 Battle of the Nile ends
1861 Union troops evacuate Ft. Stanton, New Mexico Territory
1897 Siege of Malakand ends
1914 Germany invades Luxenbourg.
1916 Italian Battleship Leonardo da Vinci sunk by magazine explosion at Taranto
1940 Trawler HMS Cape Finisterre bombed/sunk off Harwich
1941 Italian sub Tembian rammed/sunk by Cruiser Hermione off Tunis. Soviet sub S-11 sunk by mine in Soela Strait
1942 KM Minesweepers R-9 and R-11 bombed/sunk at Bardia. Soviet Minesweeper T-39 and Guard Ships MO-211, 212, and 225 sunk by mines in The Baltic
1943 PT-109 rammed/sunk by Destroyer Amigiri in the Solomons. U-106 sunk by RAF and RAAF Sunderland north west of Cape Ortegal
1944 Destroyer Escort USS Fiske sunk by U-804 north of the Azores. E Boats S-39 and S-114 bombed/sunk.
1964 Pt.1 Tonkin Gulf Incident
1990 Iraq invades Kuwait
1998 2nd Congo War begins