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June 22nd, 2015  
June 22
217 B.C. Battle of Raphia
168 B.C. Battle of Pydna
1593 Battle of Sisak
1622 Battle of Macau begins
1807 Chesapeake Affair
1893 HMS Camperdown rams/sinks HMS Victoria
1940 France signs armistice with Germany. Armed Yacht HMS Campeador V sunk by mine off Bembridge, Isle of Wight. French Corvette Bastiase sunk by mine off Hartlepool. Incomplete Torpedo Boats Le Fier and L'Entreprenant sank while under tow in the Geronde Estuary
1941 Operation Barbarossa begins. Germany, Italy and Romania declare War on the USSR. Trawler HMS Beech bombed/sunk at Scrabaster. Soviet Patrol Boat MO-238 sunk by E Boat S-44 off Hanko.
1942 KM Sperrbrecher 14 damaged by a mine off France, scuttled as a blockship Aug. 25.
1943 US invades Woodlark Island, the Trobriands. USN LST-333 damaged by U-593 off Algeria and beached, sank on July 6 during attempted refloat. USN Sub Chaser SC751 ran aground and sank off Cape Range, Australia. I-7 damaged by Destroyer USS Monaghan, ran aground and sank off Kiska.
1944 Operation Bagration begins. I-185 sunk by Destroyers USS Chandler and Newcomb.
1945 Incomplete sub I-204 bombed/sunk at Kure
2012 Syria shoots down Turkish F-4
June 23rd, 2015  
June 23
1180 Battle of Uji
1280 Battle of Moclin
1314 Battle of Bannockburn begins
1757 Battle of Plassey
1758 Battle of Krefeld
1760 Battle of Landslaut
1780 Battle of Springfield, N.J.
1812 HMS Belvidera engages & then escapes from Frigates USS President, Congress & United States
1864 Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road ends ends
1865 CS Gen. Stand Watie surrenders the last CS Army in the field
1913 Battle of Dorian ends
1919 Battle of Cesis
1940 French sub Emeraude scuttled @ Toulouse. Patrol Boat Le Cherbourgeoise scuttled at Le Verdon. Destroyer HMS Khartoum heavily damaged by a her own torpedos, beached but sinks next day off South Yemen. HMIS Pathan sunk by explosion of own depth charged, or an Italian sub, off Bombay. Italian sub Torricelli sunk in Red Sea by R.N. ships
1941 Soviet Destroyer Bystry sunk by bombing @ Sevastopol, Destroyer Gnevnyi sunk by mine off Hiiumaa, Estonia, Sub M-78 sunk off Latvia by U-144, and Sub S-3 by E Boats S-35 & S-60 off Germany. Trawler HMS Nogi bombed/sunk off Cromer. KM Supply/POW ship Alsteror scuttled in the Atlantic when intercepted, 200 Allied POWs rescued
1942 Italian Navy cargo ship L-18 sunk off Libya by HMS Thrasher. US Army Transport Maj. Gen. Henry Gibbons sunk by U-158 west of Key West. Soviet destroyer Smishlionny sunk by mines in the Black Sea. Sperrbrecher 183 sunk by mines off Dunkirk.
1943 US Navy cargo ships USS Aludra & Deimos sunk by Ro-103 off San Cristobal Island. Sub Tender Sagara Maru damaged by Sub USS Harder off Honshu and beached, torpedoed again in July while still aground and abandoned
1944 E Boat S-190 sunk.
1945 Aux Sub Chaser CHa-113 sunk by USS Hardhead in the Java Sea.
June 24th, 2015  
June 24
637 Battle of Moira. naval Battle of the Mull of Kintyre
972 Battle of Cedynia
1128 Battle of Sao Mamede
1230 Siege of Jaen begins
1314 Battle of Bannockburn ends
1340 naval Battle of Sluys
1622 Battle of Macao ends
1779 Great Siege of Gibraltar begins, ends 7 Feb., 1783
1812 Napoleon invades Russia
1813 Battle of Beaver Dams
1821 Battle of Carabobo
1859 Battle of Solferino
1862 1st Siege of Vicksburg begins
1864 Battle of Clarendon,Ark: Tinclad Gunboat USS Queen City captured
1866 Battle of Custoza
1940 Italian sub Galvani sunk by Sloop HMS Falmouth in the Gulf of Oman.
Unfinished French Aviso Beautemps-Beaupre scuttled in the Geronde Estuary.
1941 Soviet subs M-71, M-80, S-1, Ronis, and Spidala , Destroyer Lenin scuttled at Liepaja. Minesweeper T-208 sunk at Glotava Bank. Sloop HMS Auckland sunk by aircraft in the Kola Inlet
1942 HMS Gossamer sunk by aircraft in the Kola Inlet
1943 U-119 sunk by Sloop HMS Starling in Bay of Biscay. U-194 sunk by USN PBY south west of Iceland. U-200 sunk by RAF B-24 south west of Iceland. U-449 sunk by 4 R.N. Sloops north west of Cape Ortigal
1944 I-52 sunk in the Atlantic south west of the Azores by US aircraft and ships. U-971 sunk by Destroyers HMS Eskimo, HMCS Haida and a Czech B-24 in the English Channel. U-1225 sunk by RCAF PBY that was also shot down west of Norway. Torpedo Boat TA 34 sunk by R.N. MTBs off Dalmatia. Trawler HMS Lord Austin, Minesweeper MMS 8, and Destroyer HMS Swift sunk by mines off Normandy. USN PT-193 ran aground and was burned off Noemfoor, New Guinea.
1948 Berlin Airlift begins
1954 Battle of An Khe begins
June 25th, 2015  
June 25
524 Battle of Vezeronce
841 battle of Fontenoy
1658 Battle of Rio Nuevo
1876 Battle of the Little Big Horn begins
1940 Destroyer HMCS Fraser rammed/sunk by Cruiser HMS Calcutta in the Geronde Estuary. French Aux. Patrol ship St. Marguerite scuttled at Le Verdan. KM patrol ship V-1107 sunk by HMS Snapper off Norway
1941 Continuation War begins. Vichy French sub Souffleur sunk by sub HMS Pathian off Beirut
1942 Destroyer Yamakaze sunk with all hands by USS Nautilus off Yokosuka.
1944 1st flight Ryan FR Fireball Fighter. Battle of Tali-Ihantala begins. U-269 sunk by Frigate HMS Bickerton south east of Torquay. Minesweeper R-79 bombed/sunk at Bolougne. Frigate HMS Goodson damaged by U-984, scrapped
1945 R.N. Minesweeper MMS-168 sunk by mine off Genoa. Aux. Minesweeper Wa-105 sunk by sub HMS Trenchant off Java.
1950 Korean Conflict begins
1996 Khobar Tower bombing
June 26th, 2015  
June 26
363 Battle of Samarra
1723 Russia captures Baku
1740 Battle of Ft. Mose
1862 Battle of Mechanicsville
1876 Battle of the Little Big Horn ends
1918 Battle of Belleau Wood ends
1936 1st flight FW-61 helicopter
1941 Destroyer Moskva sunk by mine off Constanta. Soviet Sub M-3 scuttled at Libau. Soviet Sub M-101 sunk in the Baltic. Trawler HMS Tranio bombed/sunk off Happisburgh
1942 1st flight F6F Hellcat. US Army cargo ship Matagorda burns out at Sydney. Soviet Sub A-1 and Destroyer Yakobinets scuttled at Sevastopol. Soviet Sub S-32 sunk off Sevastopol. Destroyer Bezuprechny bombed/sunk south of The Crimea.
1943 R.N. MGB 644 damaged by mine west of Sicily, scuttled.
1944 Battle of Osuchy ends. U-317 sunk by RAF B-24 north-east of the Shetland Islands. U-719 sunk by Destroyer HMS Bulldog off Scotland. Minesweeper R-46 sunk by explosion at Le Havre. Frigate HMS Goodson damaged by U-984, not repaired. R.N. MTB 734 sunk by Allied ships and planes off Normandy. Damaged Cruiser Gorizia further damaged by manned torpedoes at La Spezia, scrapped post War.
1945 US Minesweeper YMS -39 sunk by mine, and YMS-365 damaged by a mine and scuttled, off Balikpapan. Aux Sub Chasers CHa-73, 206, and 209 sunk by 3 US Destroyers off the Kuriles. Destroyer Enoki sunk by mine in Obama Bay.
June 29th, 2015  
June 29
1149 Battle of Inab
1444 Battle of Torvioll
1644 Battle of Cropredy Bridge
1659 Battle of Konotop
1776 Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet
1807 Battle of Lemnos
1862 Battle of Savage's Station
1940 Italian sub Uebi Scebeli sunk by Destroyers HMS Dainty and Ilex south west of Crete, and Sub Rubino sunk by RAF Sunderland in the Ionian Sea. Norwegian MTB No. 6 sank in a storm off Beachy Head. Q Ship HMS Edgehill sunk by U-51 south-west of Ireland
1941 U-651 sunk by 5 R.N. ships south of Iceland. Destroyer HMAS Waterhen bombed off Sidi Barani, sank next day.
1942 Italian Aviso Diana sunk by sub HMS Thrasher in Bomba Bay.
1943 Minesweeper USS Redwing sunk by mine off Bizerte. USCG Patrol Boat CG 83421 sunk in a collision with a sister Patrol Boat.
1944 Minelayer Tsugaru sunk by USS Darter off Biak. Minesweeper USS Valor sunk in a collision with Destroyer Escort USS Richard Suessans in Buzzard's Bay, Mass.. U-988 sunk by 4 R.N. ships and an RAF B-24 west of Guernsey.
2002 2nd naval Battle of Yeonpyeong
June 30th, 2015  
June 30
1422 Battle of Arbedo
1520 Battle of Tenochtitlan
1521 Battle of Noain
1651 Battle of Berestechko ends
1758 Battle of Domstadt
1794 Battle of Ft. Recovery begins
1815 USS Peacock captures HMS Nautilus, last action of the War of 1812
1862 Battle of Frazier's Farm
1917 Greece declares War on the Central Powers
1941 Gunboat HMS Cricket bombed off of Egypt, used for parts. Soviet Patrol Boat MO-143 sunk by mine in the Baltic
1942 Minesweeper USS Hornbill sunk in a collision with lumber schooner Esther Johnson in San Francisco Bay. US Patrol Boat YP-128 runs aground and sinks off Monterey, Ca., and YP-270 runs aground and sinks off Baja California. Submarine Depot Ship HMS Medway sunk by U-372 off Port Said. U-158 sunk by USN PBM Mariner west of Bermuda
1943 US invades Rendova. Seaplane Tender USS Hulbert grounds on Attu during a storm, refloated, repaired, returned to service. Attack Transport USS McCawley torpedoed by Japanese aircraft, then sunk by USN PT Boats off Rendova
1944 Battle of Cherbourg ends. KM Torpedo Boat Kondor bombed/wrecked in dry dock at Le Havre. U-478 sunk by RCAF PBY and an RAF B-24 north-east of the Faroe Islands. Soviet MTBs TK-43, 63, 161 sunk by KM Minesweepers in the Baltic. Damaged and abandoned Italian MTB MAS-562 captured by PT-306 off Elba
July 1st, 2015  
July 1
1097 Battle of Dorylaeum
1431 Battle of La Higueruela
1690 Battle of the Boyne
1782 Lunenburg Raid
1862 Battle of Malvern Hill
1863 Battle of Gettysburg begins
1898 Battle of San Juan Hill
1914 Royal Navy Air Service Est.
1916 Battle of the Somme begins
1940 U-26 damaged by RAF Sunderland and Corvette HMS Gladiolus, scuttled south-west of Ireland. U-102 sunk by Destroyer HMS Vansittart south-west of Ireland.
1941 Flying Tigers formed. Norwegian MTB No. 5 sunk off Dover by an explosion. KM Naval Whaler Adjutant scuttled after engine failure off Chatom Islands, New Zealand by KM Raider Komet. Minesweeper M-3134 sunk by mine off Libau. Trawler HMS Devon County sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Armed Boarding Vessel HMS Malvernian bombed/abandond, sunk on July 19th by a R.N. ship. Soviet Destroyer Bystry mined/beached at Sevastopol, Sub M-81 and minesweeper Imanta sunk by mines off Estonia.
1942 1st Battle of El Alamein. Sperrbrecher 191 sunk by mine in the Baltic.
1943 Net Layer Kashi Maru sunk by US aircraft in the Solomons.
1944 R.N. Motor Launches ML 265 and 287 burned at Freetown. HMCS MTB 460 sunk by mine off Normandy
1945 Battle of Balikpapan begins. Frigate CD-75 sunk by sub USS Haddo west of Changshan, Korea. KM Minesweeper R-224 sunk by an explosion in the Kattegat.
1947 Philippine Air Force Est.
1991 Warsaw Pact dissolved.
July 2nd, 2015  
July 2
1298 Battle of Gollheim
1582 Battle of Yamazuki
1644 Battle of Marston Moor
1747 Battle of Lauffeld
1823 Siege of Salvador ends.
1853 Crimean War starts
1918 Transport USS Covington sinks after being damaged by U-86 the day before.
1940 KM E Boat S-23 sunk by mine off South Foreland
1942 Soviet Destroyers Taskent and Bditelnyi bombed/sunk at Novorossiyk. Minesweeper T-404 bombed/sunk at Sevastopol.
1943 US troops invade New Georgia. PT-153 and 158 run aground and are abandoned off Munda Point, New Georgia
1944 US troops invade Noemfoor Island. U-543 sunk by an Avenger from USS Wake Island. KM Minesweeper R-180 sunk off Fe Camp. USN Minesweeper YMS-350 sunk by mine off Utah Beach. R.N. Minesweeper MMS 1019 and LCI Empire Broadsword sunk by mines off Normandy.
1945 Aux Sub Chaser CHa-188 sunk by mine off Mutsure Light.
1950 naval Battle of Chumonchin Chun
July 6th, 2015  
July 6
371 B.C. Battle of Leuctra
640 Battle of Heliopolis
1044 Battle of Menfo
1495 Battle of Fornovo
1614 Zejtun Raid
1685 Battle of Sedgemoor
1770 Battle of Chesme begins
1777 Siege of Ft. Ticonderoga ends
1779 naval Battle of Grenada
1801 1st naval Battle of Algecirus
1809 Battle of Wagram ends
1836 Battle of Sikkak
1917 Battle of Aqaba
1937 Battle of Brunete begins. Marco Polo Bridge Incident begins.
1940 KM Sub Chaser UJ-D sunk by mine off Norway. British attack on Mers-el-Kebir: French Patrol Ship Terre Neuve torpedoed, then sunk by her depth charges detonating, also sinking the torpedoed Battleship Dunkerque, Dunkerque raised, repaired and returned to service. Minesweeper Estrel V is also torpedoed and sunk.
1941 1st Battle of Smolensk begins. Italian Naval Trawler Dante De Lutti sunk by HMS Triumph off Benghazi. Soviet sub ShCh-206 sunk by mine, and Minesweeper T-216 sunk off Estonia.
1942 U-502 sunk in Bay of Biscay by RAF Wellington. Destroyer Tender Shunsho Maru sunk by USS Thresher
1943 KM E-Boat S-59 bombed/sunk off Italy. Italian Guard Ship GM 53 sunk by mine off Salonika. Battle of Kula Gulf: Cruiser USS Helena torpedoed/sunk, Destroyer Nagatsuki shelled/beached, bombed/sunk next day. Destroyer Niisuki shelled/sunk.
1944 Desytoyer Hokaze sunk by sub USS Paddle in the Celebes Sea. Frigate HMS Trollope damaged by an E Boat, not repaired. Minesweepers HMS Cato and Magic sunk by KM Neger manned torpedo devices off Normandy. KM Minesweeper R-224 sunk by sabotage at Le Havre.
1945 Norway declares War on Japan. Aux Sub Chaser CHa-153 sunk by mines off Niigata.
1947 initial production of AK-47 begins
1967 Nigerian Civil War begins