This day in military history.. - Page 274

March 7th, 2015  
Mar 7
1799 Napoleon captures Jaffa
1814 Battle of Craonne
1902 Battle of Tweebosch
1940 French Aux. Minesweeper Marie Yette sunk in a collision on the Gironde
1941 U-70 sunk by Corvettes HMS Camellia and Arbutus. R.N. MTB 28 burns at Portsmouth.
1942 Dutch Minelayer Gouden Leeuw scuttled at Surabaya
1944 PT-337 sunk by shore batteries off Hansa Bay, New Guinea.
1945 US captures the Ludendorf Bridge. U-1302 sunk by 3 Canadian Frigates in St. George's Channell
1951 Operation Ripper begins
March 9th, 2015  
Mar 8
1722 Battle of Gulnabud
1862 Battle of Pea Ridge ends. Battle of Hampton Roads begins, USS Congress and Cumberland sunk
1865 Battle of Kinston begins
1916 Battle of Dujaila
1932 1st Battle of Shanghai ends
1937 Battle of Guadalajara begins
1942 Battle of Java ends, Dutch Minesweeper Jan Van Amsted sunk by IJN Destroyers in Madura Strait, Minesweeper Eland Dubois scuttled in Madura Strait and Minelayer Krakatau scuttled off Madura. Trawler HMS Nothern Princess sunk with all hands by U-587 off Newfoundland. Trawler HMS Notts County sunk with all hands south of Iceland.
1943 U-156 sunk by USN PBY east of Barbados. R.N. LCT-2480 lost as deck cargo when SS Fort Lamy sunk by U-527 in the Atlantic
1944 Bouganville: Battle of Hill 700 begins
March 9th, 2015  
Mar 9
1230 Battle of Klokotnitsa
1811 Battle of Tacuari
1847 Battle of Vera Cruz begins
1862 Battle of Hampton Roads ends with 1st battle between Ironclads.
1916 Pancho Villa's Columbus, N.M. Raid
1940 French Patrol ship Murad wrecked off Lebabnon.
1941 Trawler HMS Gulfoss sunk by mine off Hastings. Trawler HMS Hatsuse striks mine and is beached in Cawsand Bay. Refloated, repaired, returned to service.
1943 R.N. LCT-2341 lost as deck cargo when U-405 sinks Norwegian ship SS Bonneville. Trawler HMS Notts County sunk by U-701 east of Halifax.
1945 Granville Raid: KM Minesweeper M-412 scuttled, US Patrol Craft PC-564 shelled and beached, later refloated, repaired, and returned to service. Troopship Meteor II bombed/sunk by Soviet aircraft at Pillau. Vichy French Gunboats Frances Garnier, My Tho, Tourane, and Vigilante, Sub Chaser Avalanche all scuttled in French Indochina to prevent capture by the Japanese. Sub Chaser Commandante Bourdais bombed/sunk by Japanese.
March 10th, 2015  
Mar 10
241 B.C. naval Battle of Aegusa
1783 Frigate USS Alliance defeats Frigate HMS Sybil off Cape Canaveral, Fl., Sybil manages to escape after the fight ends. Last battle of the American Revolutionary War.
1814 Battle of Laon
1830 Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL) founded.
1831 French Foriegn Legion founded
1865 Battle of Kinston ends
1936 1st flight Fairey Battle
1942 Armed Merchant Cruiser Kongo Maru and Aux. Minelayer Tenyo Maru bombed/sunk by USN aircraft off Lae, New Guinea
1943 U-633 rammed/sunk by SS Scortun south of Iceland. R.N. MGB 622 sunk by KM warships off Tershelling, Netherlands.
1944 Destroyer Escort USS Leopold sinks after being torpedoed by U-255 on the 9th south of Iceland. U-343 sunk by Trawler HMS Mull north of Bizerta. U-450 sunk by 4 R.N. and one USN ship off Ostia, Italy. U-625 sunk by RCAF Sunderland west of Ireland. U-845 sunk by 3 RCN and one R.N. ship south-west of Ireland. Corvette HMS Asphodel sunk by U-575 north west of Cape Finistere. USN Sub Chaser SC-700 burns at Vella Lavella in a refueling accident.
1945 U-275 sunk by mine off Beachy Head. U-681 sunk by USN PB4Y west of the Isles of Scilly. Norwegian Naval Trawler Nordhav II sunk by U-714 off Dundee, Scotland. Vichy French Sloop Amiral Charner and Gunboat Marne scuttled in French Indochina.
March 13th, 2015  
Mar 12
538 Siege of Rome lifted, began 2 Mar 537
1550 Battle of Penco
1811 Battle of Redinha
1938 Germany occupies Austria
1940 Winter War ends
1942 Fleet Air Arm Target Ship HMS St. Briac sunk by mine east of Aberdeen. KM Minesweeper R-74 sunk by mine in La Manche.
1943 Destroyer HMS Lightning sunk by E Boats S-158 and S-55 off Algeria. U-130 sunk by Destroyer USS Champlin west of the Azores
1945 KM Depot ship MRS-4 sunk by Norwegian MTB off the Kvaloyta Lighthouse, Haugesund. Troopship Rolandseck bombed/sunk at Skagen, Denmark. U-260 sunk south of Glandore, Ireland probably by an uncharted underwater rock. Minesweepers R-243, 272, 273, 274, 275, and 276 sunk at Swinemunde.
March 15th, 2015  
Mar 14
1590 Battle of Ivry
1757 Adm. Sir John Bing executed
1780 Spanish capture British Ft. Charlotte, Mobile, Al.
1782 Battle of Wuchale
1862 Union troops capture New Berne, N.C. and New Madrid, Mo
1863 US Navy fleet tries to run past the batteries at Port Hudson. USS Hartford and Albatross make it, USS Mississippi runs aground on a mud bank in range of the batteries, the rest turn back.
1864 Red River Campaign: Battle of Ft. De Russy
1915 Cruiser SMS Dresden scuttled off Chile
1939 1st flight Martin Maryland bomber, only used by France and the UK.
1941 Trawler HMS Jeannie Leask damaged by mine and beached at Brightlingsea. Bombed/damaged on 25th. Refloated, repaired and returned to service. Italian Hospital Ship Po torpedoed/sunk by Swordfish at Vlore
1942 U-133 sunk by mine off Salamis. Italian Sub Ammiraglio Enrico Millo sunk by sub HMS Ultimatum off Calabria, Italy
1943 Trawler HMS Moravia sunk by mine in the North Sea. Sub HMS Thunderbolt sunk by Italian Corvette Cicogna off Sicily. Norwegian MTB 631 wrecked off Florio, salvaged by the Germans. KM Minesweeper M-10 sunk by R.N. MTB 353 off Dunkirk
1945 1st use of the Grand Slam bomb on Germany. U-714 sunk by HMSAS Frigate Natal and HMS Wivern in the Firth of Forth. U-1021 sunk by mine in the Bristol Channel. KM Troopship Hugo Zeye sunk by mine off Fehmorn, Germany. Torpedo Boats T-3 and T-5 sunk by mines at Hela, Prussia
1951 UN recaptures Seoul
1978 Israel invades Lebanon
March 15th, 2015  
Mar 15
933 Battle of Riade
1311 Battle of Halmyros
1781 Battle of Guilford Corthouse
1863 USS Mississippi is abandonded & set on fire, she drifts down river through the Federal fleet eventually blowing up.
1916 US troops invade Mexico in pursuit of Panco Villa after the Columbus Raid
1935 1st flight D0-18A flying boat
1940 Trawler HMS Peridot sunk by mine off Dover
1942 U-503 sunk by USN Hudson south east of Newfoundland. E Boat S-111 sunk by R.N. MGB. Destroyer HMS Vortigern sunk by E Boat S-104 off Cromer. USCG Lighthouse Tender Acacia sunk by U-161 south of Haiti
1943 3rd Battle of Kharkov ends. Sub USS Triton sunk by 3 IJN Destroyers off Kairiru Island
1944 U-653 sunk by Sloops Starling and Wild Goose and Swordfish from HMS Vindex west of Ireland. KM Minesweeper R-161 sunk at Livorno by aircraft.
1945 USS Lancetfish sinks at Boston Navy Yard while incomplete. Raised and decommissioned a week later. Scrapped in 1959 with out ever going to Sea.
2011 Syrian Civil war begins
March 17th, 2015  
Mar 17
45 B.C. Battle of Munda
1452 Battle of Alporchones
1560 Portugal captures Ft. Coligny
1677 Siege of Valecniennes ends
1776 Siege of Boston ends
1860 1st Taranaki War begins
1863 Battle of Kellysville
1865 Mobile, Al. Campaign begins
1898 USS Holland, 1st practicle sub, is launched
1936 1st flight Whitley bomber
1939 Battle of Nanchang begins
1941 U-99 sunk by HMS Vanoc and HMS Walker south east of Iceland. U-100 sunk by HMS Vanoc south east of Iceland. Armed Yacht HMS Mollusc bombed/sunk off Blyth
1942 Italian sub Guglielmotti sunk by sub HMS Unbeaten off Calabria. Rescue Tug HMS Adept wrecked in the Hebrides
1943 Dutch troopship Dempo sunk by U-371 north east of Bougie. PT-67 and 119 burned in a refueling accident at Tufi, New Guinea.
1944 U-28 sinks in a collision with a training target. All crewmembers escape after she sinks. U-801 sunk by Destroyer USS Cory and Destroyer Escort USS Bronstein and Avengers from USS Block Island west of the Cape Verde Islands. U-1013 sunk in a collision with U-286 east of Rugen in the Baltic. PT-283 sunk by Destroyer USS Guest off Bouganville.
1945 Minesweeper HMS Guysborough sunk by U-868 in the Bay of Biscay.
1947 1st flight B-45
1988 Battle of Afabet begins
March 18th, 2015  
Mar 18
1241 Battle of Chmielnik
1865 Battle of Bentonville begins
1915 Naval Battle of Gallipoli
1916 Battle of Lake Noroch begins
1941 Armed Boarding Vessel HMS Rosaura sunk by mine off Tobruk. Italian Torpedo Boat Aldebaran sunk by RAF at Vlore.
1942 Italian sub Tricheco sunk by sub HMS Upholder off Brindisi
1944 Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-10 sunk by Destroyer USS Daley off Wewak.
1945 U-866 sunk by 4 USN Destroyer Escorts east of Nova Scotia. Minesweeper R-227 sunk by Soviet aircraft north of Ustka. IJN Landing Ship T-18 sunk by sub USS Springer off Okinawa. An IJN midget sub was sunk by USN PV-1 Ventura in Davao Gulf.
March 19th, 2015  
Mar 191279 naval Battle of Yamen1861 1st Taranaki War ends1943 U-5 sunk in diving accident west of Pillau. U-384 sunk by RAF B-17 south west of Iceland. KM Minesweeper R-40 sunk by R.N. sub in the Aegean1944 Germany occupys Hungary. U-1059 sunk by Avengers from USS Block Island south west of the Cape Verde Islands. IJN Aux. Sub Chasers CHa-47 and 49 bombed/sunk north of Wewak.1945 Carrier USS Franklin severly damaged off Japan. Carrier Ryuho bombed and irreparibly damaged off Kure. IJN Gunboat Suma sunk by mine in the Yangtze north of Kiangyin1982 Argentina invades South Georgia2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom begins2011 French Air Force intervienes in Libyan Civil War