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April 28th, 2014  
April 28
1503 Battle of Cerignola
1789 Mutiny on the Bounty
1862 Battle of New Orleans: The Garrison of Ft. Jackson mutinys and forces the surrender of it and Ft. St. Philip
1940 Trawler HMS Cape Siretoko bombed/sunk west coast of Norway, raised, repaired and put in KM service as V-6113
1941 U-65 sunk by Destroyer HMS Douglas. Trawler HMS Caroline sunk with all hands by a mine off Milford Haven. R.N. LCT-5 bombed, beached, abandoned at Monemvassia, Greece. R.N. Lighter A-15 bombed/sunk between Suda Bay and Monemvassia. Greek Minelayer Aixos sunk at Syros.
1942 Tug HMS West Dean bombed/sunk at Malta
1943 KM Patrol Ship UJ-1402 sunk off Lannion, France. R.N. MTB-639 sunk by Italian Torpedo Boat Sagittaro off Pantellaria
1944 USN LST-507 and 531 sunk by E Boats off Slapton Sands
1945 Minesweeper USS Skylark sunk by mine off Okinawa. R.N. Minesweeper BYMS 2053 sunk by mine off Porto Corsini, Italy. U-56 bombed/sunk at Kiel
1965 US invades the Dominican Republic
April 30th, 2014  
April 29
711 Muslims invade Spain
1091 Battle of Levonnion
1386 Battle of Vikhra River
1483 Gan Canaria captured by Castile
1521 Battle of Vasteras
1587 Cadiz Raid
1781 Battle of Ft. Royal, Martinique
1814 HMS Epervier captured by USS Peacock
1863 Battle of Chancellorsville begins
1916 Siege of Kut ends
1940 Sub HMS Unity sunk in a collision with Norwegian SS Atle Jarl in the Tyne. Trawler HMS Cape Chelyoski bombed/sunk off Trondhiem
1941 Patrol Ship HMS Passac bombed/sunk at Plymouth, raised, repaired, returned to service. R.N. Motor Launch ML 278 sunk with all hands by a mine at Portsmouth. Armed Boarding Vessel HMS Chakla bombed/sunk at Tobruk
1942 Sub HMS Urge sunk by Italian biplane off Ras Hilal
1943 U-332 sunk by RAF B-24 north of Cape Finestere.
1944 PT 346 and 347 sunk by US Navy aircraft off New Britain. I-183 sunk by Sub USS Pogy off Japan. I-44 and RO-45 sunk by USN TBM Avenger from USS Tulagi. KM Torpedo Boat T 27 sunk off France. Destroyer HMCS Athabaskan sunk by KM Torpedo Boat T 24 off France. Vichy French Gunboat Tahure sunk by USS Flaser off Cape Varella, F.I.C.
1945 German forces in Italy surrender. KM Frigate F 5 sunk by mine off Copenhagen. Frigate HMS Goodall sunk by U-286, in turn sunk by 3 R.N. Frigates in the Kola Inlet. U-307 sunk by Frigate HMS Loch Insh near Murmansk. U-1017 bombed/sunk by RAF B-24 west of Scotland. KM Submarine Tender/Supply ship Quito sunk by USS Bream off Borneo in the Java Sea. I-44 sunk by Avengers from USS Tulagi south east of Okinawa
1970 US and S. Vietnam invades Cambodia
May 1st, 2014  
April 30
313 Battle of Tzirallum
1557 Battle of Mataquito
1636 Siege of Schenkenschams ends, began July 30, 1635
1798 Dept. of the Navy Est.
1863 Battle of Camerone
1937 Spanish Nationalist Navy Battleship Espana sunk by mine off Cape Penas
1940 trawler HMS Aston Villa and St. goran bombed off Norway, later scuttled. Trawler HMS Jardine bombed/damaged the day before is scuttled off Trondheim, raised, repaired, put in KM service as V-6117. Sloop HMS Bittern bombed at Namsos and scuttled. Minesweeper Dunoon sunk by mine off Great Yarmouth. Trawler HMS Warwickshire bombed/sunk off Trondheim, raised, repaired, put in KM service as Alame. French Destroyer Maille Breze sunk by discharge and explosion of own torpedo near her Bridge. KM Torpedo Boat Leopard sunk in collision with Minelayer Preussen in the Skagerrak
1941 Tug HMS Peuplier bombed/sunk off Plymouth. Trawler HMS Trusty Star bombed/sunk at Malta, raised, repaired, put back into service. Patrol Ship HMIS Parvati sunk by mine in the Red Sea. Minesweeper HMS Fermoy bombed/damaged beyond repair, bombed/sunk on May 4.
1942 Cruiser HMS Edinburgh damaged by U-456, sunk by destroyer z-24 on May 2.
1943 U-227 sunk by an RAAF Hampden off Iceland. KM E Boat RA-10 bombed/sunk off Tunisia
1945 U-879 sunk by 4 USN ships east of Cape Hatteras. U-1107 sunk by USN PBY west of Brest. U-3525 bombed/damaged in the Baltic, scuttled on 3 May. Torpedo Boat TA-43 sunk at Trieste. Frigate HMS Goodall scuttled after being damaged the day before by U-286
1975 Saigon falls, Vietnam War ends
May 2nd, 2014  
May 1
1455 Battle of Arkinholm
1778 Battle of Crooked Billet
1794 Battle of Boulou
1898 Battle of Manila Bay
1940 KM Troopship Buenos Aires sunk by HMS Narwhal in the Skagerrak. KM Minelayer Uller bombed by Norwegian He-115s and scuttled. Norwegian Troopship Dronning Maud bombed/sunk off Foldvik. Trawler HMS St. Goran bombed/sunk off Namsos. Norwegian Guardship Veslefrikk scuttled in Lonnefjord
1941 Trawler HMS Jean Frederic bombed/sunk off Start Point. Balloon Vessel HMS Saturnus declared total loss from unspecified damages. Seaplane Tender Mizuho sunk by USS Drum off Japan.
1942 Destroyer HMS Punjabi rammed/sunk by Battleship HMS King George V. U-573 damaged by RAF Hudson west of Spain, interned in, and purchased by, Spain
1943 Soviet Sub ScHc-323 sunk by mine off Petershof
1944 U-277 sunk by Swordfish from HMS Fencer southwest of Bear Island. USN Patrol Craft YP-95 ran aground and sank, Adak, Alaska. R.N. Harbor Defence Motor Launch 1380 sank in a storm in the Aegean.
1945 Australians land at Tarakan. U-3006 scuttled at Wilhelmshafen. U-3009 scuttled near Wesermunde. Frigate CD-50 damaged by sub USS Sennet, towed to Osaka, repairs not completed by end of War and scrapped 1948.
1960 Gary Power's U-2 shot down.
1965 naval Battle of Dong-Yin
1995 Operation Flash begins
May 3rd, 2014  
May 2
1866 Battle of Callao
1885 Battle of Cut Knife, Canada
1940 Norwegian Minesweepers Djerv & Dristig scuttled to prevent capture. French Destroyer Bison and Destroyer HMS Afridi bombed/sunk off Norway
1941 Anglo-Iraqi War begins. Trawler HMS Alberic sunk in a collision with Norwegian Destroyer St. Albans in the Pentland Firth. Destroyer HMS Jersey sunk by mine at Malta. Armed Yacht HMS Nyula sunk in a collision off the Tyne. KM Trawler Vp-808 bombed/sunk north west of Borkum
1942 Naval Yacht USS Cythera sunk by U-402 off N. Carolina. River Gunboat USS Mindanao bombed/scuttled off Corregidor. Cruiser HMS Edinburgh sunk by Z-25, and Z-27 sunk by HMS Edinburgh in the Barents Sea. Polish sub Justrzab damaged by Norwegian Destroyer St. Albans and Minesweeper HMS Seagull and scuttled. U-74 sunk by Destroyers HMS Wishart and Wrestler south east of Cartagena.
1943 USCG Patrol Boat 58012 sunk by engine room explosion off Mass. R.N. MTB 311 sunk by mine off Algeria. U-465 sunk by RAAF Sunderland in Bay of Biscay.
1944 Destroyer USS Parrott rammed by SS John Morton while backing out of a slip at Norfolk, Va., hull bent beyond repair and scrapped post War. U-674 sunk by Swordfish northwest of Narvik and U-959 south east of Jan Mayen.
1945 Russians announce fall of Berlin. Cruiser Adm. Hipper & 17 U-Boats scuttled. Trawler HMS Ebor Wyke sunk by U-979 off Iceland. Frigate Ojika sunk by sub USS Springer in the Yellow Sea.
1964 Escort Carrier USS Card sunk at Saigon, probable V.C. bomb. raised, repaired, returned to service.
1982 Sub HMS Conqueror sinks Argentine Cruiser Gen. Belgrano
2011 Osama Bin Laden killed
May 4th, 2014  
May 3
1808 Russians capture Sweden's Sveaborg Fortress
1815 Battle of Tolentino ends
1861 USS Surprise captures Confederate Privateer Savannah
1862 Siege of Yorktown ends
1898 US Marines land @ Cavite
1940 Trawlers HMS Aston Villa, Gaul, and St. Goran, previously bombed/damaged are scuttled off Norway.
1941 Italian Torpedo Boat Canopo bombed/sunk at Tripoli
1942 Japanese invade Tulagi
1943 US LCT-23 sunk by an explosion at Algiers
1944 Destroyer Escort USS Donnell damaged by U-472 off Iceland, not repaired and used as Barracks ship and as a power plant barge, scrapped post war
1945 Frigate CD-25 sunk by sub USS Springer. in the Yellow Sea. Sub USS Legarto sunk by Minelayer Hatsutaka in the Gulf of Siam. Destroyer USS Little and LSMR-195 sunk by Kamakazes off Okinawa. US Minesweeper YMS-481 sunk by shore batteries off Borneo. Cruiser Emden, Destroyer Z43, Torpedo Boats T-8 and 9, Frigate F3, and 86 U boats scuttled. U-2521, 2524, 3032 sunk, or damaged and scuttled after being attacked, by RAF Typhoons
1982 British Lynx helicopters sink Arg. patrol boat Alferez
May 5th, 2014  
May 4
1471 Battle of Tewkesbury
1799 Siege of Seringapatan ends
1862 Battle of Williamsburg/Ft. Magruder begins
1863 Battle of Chancellorsville ends
1910 Royal Canadian Navy Est
1912 Italy occupies Rhodes
1940 Polish Destroyer Grom bombed/sunk off Narvik. Sub HMS Seal damaged by mine off Goteborg, captured the next day.
1941 Minesweeper HMS Fermoy bombed/sunk at Malta. Trawler HMS Ben Gairn sunk by mine at Lowestoft. Italian Torpedo Boat Guiseppe La Farina sunk by mine off Kerkenah
1942 Minesweeper USS Tanager sunk by artillery off Corrigidor and Submarine Rescue Vessel USS Pigeon bombed/sunk off Corregidor. Armed Merchant Cruiser Kinjosan Maru sunk by sub USS Greenling off Truk. Auxiliary Gunboat Kongosan Maru sunk by USS Trout south east of Honshu.
Battle of the Coral Sea begins: IJN Aux Minesweepers Wa-1 and 2 sunk by USN aircraft at Tulagi, Aux Minelayer Tama Maru damaged, sinks on the 6th, and Destroyer Kikutzuki bombed/beached, sinks on the 5th.
1943 USAT Onieda founders in a storm off Va. U-109 sunk by RAF B-24 south of Ireland. U-659 and U-439 sink each other in a collision.
1944 U-371 sunk by US, RN and Free French ship north of Constantine. U-846 sunk by RCAF Wellington north of Cape Ortegal
1945 LCT-1358 runs aground and sinks off California. Destroyers USS Luce and Morrison, and LSM(R)s 190 and 194 sunk by Kamakazes off Okinawa. US Patrol Craft PCM-17 ran aground off Okinawa, later refloated and scuttled in deep water. KM Minesweeper M-36 bombed/sunk in the Great Belt and M-301 off Mandel. 20 U-Boats and other KM ships scuttled.
1982 HMS Sheffield damaged by Exocet, abandoned
May 5th, 2014  
Celebration's two days late(last entry).. oh well.. better late than never.
May 5th, 2014  
May 5
1811 Battle of Fuentes de Onoro ends
1862 Battle of Puebla. Battle of Williamsburg/Ft. Magruder ends
1864 Battle of The Wilderness begins
1936 Italy captures Addis Ababa
1940 Siege of the Hegra Fortress ends. Norwegian Torpedo Boat Sild scuttled off Haroya. HMS Seal captured, commisioned into KM service as U-Boat U-B.
1941 Boom Defence Vessel HMS Fidelia bombed/sunk at Lowestoft
1942 Fleet Tug USS Genessee scuttled off Corrigidor, raised, repaired and put in IJN service as Patrol Boat PB-107. Harbor Tug USS Vaga scuttled at Corrigidor.
Battle of Madagascar begins: Vichy French sub Beveziers, Sloop D'Entrecastreaux and Armed Merchant Cruiser Bouganville sunk. D'entracastreaux raised, repaired and put in Free French service.
1943 U-638 sunk by Corvette HMS Sunflower northeast of Newfoundland.
1944 R.N. MTB 708 bombed by Allied aircraft and then sunk by Allied warships in the English Channel. PT-247 sunk by IJN barges and shore batteries off Bouganville. Destroyer Escort USS Flechteler sunk by U-967 in The Med.
1945 KM Gunboat K-1 bombed/sunk off Denmark. Torpedo Boat T-36 bombed/sunk off Swienmunde. 67 U Boats scuttled. IJN Minesweeper W-20 sunk by sub USS Trepang in the Yellow Sea. Trawler HMS Coriolanus and R.N. Motor Launch ML 558 sunk by mines in the Adriatic.
May 7th, 2014  
May 6
1527 Spanish and German troops Sack Rome
1536 Siege of Cuzco begins(ends Mar. 1537)
1757 Battle of Prague
1801 Spanish Frigate El Gamo 32 captured by HMS Speedy 14
1863 Battle of Chancellorsville ends.
1935 1st flight P-36
1940 KM Flackship V-101 sank in the Kattegat. V-811 sunk by mine in the Ems Estuary. Trawler HMS Loch Naver sunk in a collision off Hartlepool
1941 1st flight P-47. Ocean Boarding Vessel HMS Comito sunk by U-97 southwest of Cape Clear
1942 Trawler HMS Senatuer Dahamel sunk in collision with auxiliary test and evaluation ship USS Semmes off Cape Lookout. R.N. Motor Launch ML 160 bombed/sunk at Brixton. Battle of Luzon ends with capture of Corrigidor: Gunboats USS Luzon and Oahu and Minesweeper USS Quail scuttled off Corrigidor
1943 U-125 rammed by Destroyer HMS Oribi, and sunk by Corvette HMS Sunflower. U-438 sunk by Sloop HMS Pelican northwest of Newfoundland. U-531 and U-630 sunk by Destroyer HMS Vidette off Newfoundland.
1944 1st flight A7M Reppu fighter. U-699 rammed by Destroyer Escort USS Buckley, Germans attempt to board, sub pulls away & is shelled, then rams Buckley and scuttles. U-473 scuttled after being damaged by 3 R.N. Sloops. U-765 sunk by Swordfish from HMS Vindex
1945 Battle of Prague begins. U-853 sunk by Destroyer Escort USS Atherton and Frigate USS Mobley off Rhode Island. U-881 sunk by Destroyer Escort USS Farquhar. U-3523 sunk by RAF B-24 in the Skagerak