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March 20th, 2014  
Mar 19
1279 Battle of Yamen
1943 U-5 lost in a diving accident west of Pillau. U-384 sunk by RAF B-17
1944 Aux. sub chasers CHa-47 and 49 bombed/sunk by B-25s north of Wewak. U-1059 sunk by Avengers from USS Block Island south west of the Cape Verdes
1945 River gunboat Suma sunk by mine in the Yangtze.
March 21st, 2014  
Mar 20
1922 USS Langley, 1st US Aircraft Carrier, is commissioned.
1932 1st flight P-26
1940 KM Sperrbrecher 12 bombed/sunk off Ameland, Netherlands
1941 Aux. Anti-Aircraft ship HMS Helvellyn bombed/sunk at London. Trawler HMS Soizic lost. Trawler HMS Gloaming sunk by mine off the Humber. Trawler HMS Dox and Tug HMS Sir Bevois bombed/sunk at Plymouth.
1942 Destroyer HMS Heythrop sunk by U-652 north east of Bardia
1943 USN Patrol Boat YP-438 hits a breakwater and sinks at the entrance to Port Everglades
1944 Sub HMS Graph wrecked off Could point. Sperrbrecher 163 sunk by mine in the Skagerrak
1945 Sloop HMS Lapwing sunk by U-968 in the Kola Inlet. R.N. LST 80 sunk by mine off Ostend. Minesweepers M-15 and 16 bombed/sunk at Kiel. U-1003 damaged when she rams Frigate HMCS New Glasgow, scuttled on the 23rd. Aux. Sub chaser Kainan Maru sunk by Sub USS Baya south of Cam Ranh Bay, French Indochina
1988 Battle of Afabet ends
2003 Allies invade Iraq
March 24th, 2014  
Mar 23
1757 British capture Chandannagar
1815 HMS Penguin captured by USS Hornet off Tristan da Cunha
1862 1st Battle of Kernstown
1879 Battle of Topater
1885 Battle of Phu Lam Tao
1939 Slovak-Hungarian War begins
1940 Trawler HMS Loch Assiter sunk by mine north east of Kinnaird Head
1941 U-551 sunk by Trawler HMS Visenda south of Iceland
1942 Italian Destroyers Lanciere and Scirocco sank in a storm. Japanese occupy the Andaman Islands.
1943 Italian sub Delfino scuttled after a collision off Augusta
1944 I-42 sunk by sub USS Tunny off Palau. US LCT-315 explodes and sinks at Eniwetok. U-575 sunk by US and Canadian ships and USN and RAF aircraft. US Patrol Boat YP-331 sinks in a storm off Key West
1945 Battleship Gniesenau scuttled as a blockship at Gdynia. R.N. MTB 705 sunk by mine in the Adriatic. RO-41 sunk by destroyer USS Haggard. KM Patrol Ship V-2022 sunk by sub in the Kattegat
2003 Battle of Nasiriyah begins
March 24th, 2014  
24 Mar
1862 Siege of Ft. Macon begins
1878 HMS Eurydice sinks off the Isle of Wight
1885 Battle of Bang Bo
1940 French destroyer La Railleuse sunk when one of her torpedos exploded off Casablanca
1941 Armed Yacht HMS Wilna bombed/sunk at Portsmouth
1942 Destroyer HMS Southwold sunk by mine off Valetta, Malta. U-655 rammed/sunk by Minesweeper HMS Sharpshooter in the Barents Sea.
1944 "The Great Escape" from Luft Stalag III. I-32 sunk by USN ships off Wotje
1945 Torpedo Boat Tomozuru, Frigate CD-68, Aux. Minesweepers Seki Maru, Chitose Maru, and Shoan Maru No. 16 sunk by USN aircraft half way between Shanghai and Okinawa. KM Sub Chaser UJ-1435 bombed/sunk at Egersund
1999 NATO intervienes in the Kosovo War
March 26th, 2014  
Mar 25
1863 Ram USS Lancaster sunk by field artillery in Black Bayou
1865 Battle of Ft. Stedman
1942 Whaler HMS Sulla sank off Bear Island
1943 U-469 sunk by RAF B-17 south of Iceland
1944 Sub Chaser CH-54 sunk by USS Pollock north of Muki Jima. U-976 sunk by RAF Mosquitos off St. Nazaire.
1958 1st flight AVRO-Canada Arrow
1971 S. Vietnamese invasion of Laos ends
March 26th, 2014  
26th March 1945.
My Uncle John was murdered by Japanese guards on the Sandekan Death March.

Rest in Peace Uncle John you will not be forgotten.
March 27th, 2014  
Mar 26
1344 Siege of Algeciras ends, began 3 Aug. 1342
1862 Battle of Apache canyon
1913 Siege of Adrianople ends, began 3 Nov 1912
1917 1st Battle of Gaza
1941 Cruiser HMS York damaged by Italian explosive motor boats and beached in Suda Bay, scuttled in May . Armed Yacht HMCS Otter burns off Halifax.
1942 Destroyer HMS Legion bombed/sunk, and Sub HMS P39 bombed/beached, later bombed/wrecked, at Malta. Destroyer HMS Jaguar sunk by U-652 off Sidi Barrani.
1943 Free French Navy Trawler Sgt. Gouarne sunk by U-755 north of Ceuta.
1944 R.N. MTB 352 sunk in a collision in the North Sea. Sub USS Tullibee sunk by own torpedo
1945 Battle of Iwo Jima ends. Sub Chasers CH-34 and 63 sunk by Destroyers HMS Vigilant and Virago off The Andamans. Destroyer USS Halligan damaged by sub Ha-67, wreck washes ashore off Okinawa the next day and is finished off by shore batteries. U-399 sunk by Frigate HMS Duckworth. KM Target Ship Zahringen scuttled as a blockship at Gotenhafen.
2010 S. Korean Corvette Cheonan probably sunk by N. Korean sub in the Yellow Sea.
March 28th, 2014  
Mar 27
1809 Battle of Ciudad Real
1814 Battle of Horseshoe Bend
1836 Goliad Massacre
1865 Siege of Ft. McDermett and Ft. Blakely begins
1899 Battle of Marilao River
1940 U-21 runs aground off Norway, refloated and interned by Norway until Germans occupy Norway in April
1942 Q Ship USS Atik sunk with all hands by U-123 off Norfolk, Va. U-587 sunk by 5 R.N. ships
1943 Battle of the Komandorski Islands. USCG Patrol Boat 85006 sunk by internal explosion off Long Island. Escort Carrier HMS Dasher sunk by internal explosion in the Firth of Clyde.. U-169 sunk by RAF B-17.
1944 Whaler HMS Maaloy sunk with all hands by U-510 off Ceylon. PT-121 and 353 bombed/sunk by RAAF aircraft off New Britain.
1945 Argentina declares War on Germany and Japan. IJN sub Ha-208 bombed/sunk off Okinawa. U-722 sunk by Frigates HMS Fitzroy, Redmill, and Byron west of Scotland. U-905 sunk by Frigate HMS Conn in The Minch.
1999 F-117 downed by Yugoslavia
March 28th, 2014  
Mar 28
1794 Battle of Le Cateau
1809 Battle of Medellin
1814 USS Essex captured by HMS Phoebe and Cherub off Valparaiso, Chile
1860 Battle of Waireka begins
1862 Battle of Glorietta Pass.
1863 Gunboat USS Diana captured at Pattersonville, La.
1883 Battle of Gia Cuc ends
1931 1st flight 2MR8 Japanese recon aircraft.
1939 Siege of Madrid ends, began Nov.'36. Spanish civil War effectively ends.
1941 Battle of Cape Matapan: Italian Cruisers Fiume, Pola, Zara, Destroyers Giosue Carducci and Vittorio Alfieri sunk. Italian Torpedo Boat Gen. Antonio Chinotto sunk by mine off Greece
1942 St. Nazaire Raid: Destroyer HMS Campbelltown expended as a bomb, 12 Motor Launches, 1 MTB and 1 MGB lost. Battle of Sumatra ends.
1943 U-77 depth charged/sunk by RAF Hudsons south of Cape Nao, Spain
1944 Sub HMS Syrtis sunk off Bodo, Norway
1945 Minesweeper USS Skylark sunk by mine off Okinawa. Sub USS Trigger sunk by Frigates CD-33, 59 and Mikura. Mikura in turn sunk by USS Threadfin, and CD-33 bombed/sunk by US Navy aircraft. Patrol Boat PB-108 bombed/sunk by B-24s off Celebes. Minesweeper W-11 bombed/sunk by B-24s in Makassar Strait. Red Army captures Danzig.
1951 Battle of Mao Khe ends
March 30th, 2014  
Mar 29
1430 Ottomans capture Thessalonica
1461 Battle of Towton
1847 Siege of Veracruz ends
1879 Battle of Kumbula
1911 Colt M1911 adopted by the US Army
1942 KM Destroyer Z-26 sunk by Cruiser HMS Trinidad and Destroyer Eclipse in the Barents Sea.
1943 KM E Boat S-29 sunk by R.N. MGBs
1944 U-961 sunk by Sloop HMS Starling north of the Faroes.
1945 Frigates CD-18 and 130 bombed/sunk, and CD-84 sunk by USS Hammerhead, all off Cape Varella, French Indochina. Frigate HMCS Teme damaged by U-315 and scrapped. KM Patrol Boat V-5532 damaged by Norwegian MTB 716 and 717, beached/burned off Norway. U-1106 sunk by RAF B-24 north east of the Faroes. U-1169 sunk by Frigate HMS Duckworth south of Lizard Point.