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February 21st, 2014  
Feb 20
1339 Battle of Parabiago
1813 Battle of Salta
1815 HMS Cyane and HMS Levant captured by USS Constitution
1864 Battle of Olustee
1940 Trawler HMS Fifeshire bombed/sunk in North Sea.
1941 Trawler HMS Marjory M. Hustie damaged by mine and beached, refloated, repaired, returned to service. Trawler HMS Ouse sunk by mine off Tobruk.
1942 Japan invades Netherlands Timor.
1943 Destroyer Oshio sunk by USS Albacore north east of Manus. US Minesweeper YMS-133 sinks off Coos Bay, Or.
1944 Destroyer HMS Warwick sunk by U-413 off Prevost Head. Sloop HMS Woodpecker damaged by U-256, sinks on the 27th. US LST-348 and R.N. LST 305 sunk off Anzio. US LCT-340 sinks off Algiers
1945 Corvette HMS Vervain sunk by U-1276, in turn she is sunk by Sloop HMS Amethyst. KM Torpedo Boat TA48 bombed/sunk at Trieste. Destroyer Nokaze sunk by sub USS Pargo off Nha Trang, French Indochina
February 22nd, 2014  
Feb 21
1543 Battle of Wayna Daga
1808 Russians invade Sweden
1862 Battle of Valverde
1865 Battle of Wilmington ends
1916 Battle of Verdun begins
1919 1st flight Thomas Morse BM-3, 1st US designed Fighter
1941 Trawler HMS Lincoln City bombed/sunk in the Faroe Islands
1943 U-623 sunk by RAF B-24 south west of Ireland.
1944 Gunboat Kowa Maru and Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-48 sunk by B-25s north of New Hanover
1945 1st flight Hawker Sea Fury. Carrier USS Bismarck Sea sunk by Kamakazes off Iwo Jima. US LCT-175 sank in a storm off Palau.
February 23rd, 2014  
22 Feb
1744 naval Battle of Toulon
1797 Battle of Fishguard begins
1847 Battle of Buena Vista begins
1899 2nd Battle of Manila
1940 KM destroyer Leberetcht Maass sunk by HE-111, Destroyer Max Shultz sunk by mine while rescuing survivors on the Dogger Bank
1941 Italian sub Marcello sunk by Destroyer HMS Montgomery in the Atlantic. Monitor HMS Terror bombed by JU-87s and struck 2 mines, bombed by Italian aircraft on the 23rd and sinks on the 24th.
1943 Corvette HMS Weyburn sunk by mine east of Gibraltar. US Patrol Boat YP-72 ran aground and sank Spruce Cape Alaska Terr. U-225 sunk by Corvette HMS Dianthus. U-600 sunk by USCG Campbell and Polish Destroyer Burza.
1944 Minelayer Natsushima sunk by 3 US destroyers off New Ireland. PT-200 sunk in a collision off Newport, R.I.
1945 R.N. LST 364 sunk by KM Midget Sub off Ramsgate. Corvette HMCS Trentonian sunk by U-1004 near Falmouth. U-300 sunk by Minesweepers HMS Recruit and Pincher and Armed Yacht HMS Evadne west of Cadiz.
February 25th, 2014  
feb 24
1303 Battle of Roslin
1525 Battle of Pavia
1813 HMS Peacock sunk by USS Hornet off Guyana
1863 USS Indianola damaged when rammed by CSS Webb, beached and abandoned.
1940 U-63 sunk by 3 R.N. ships south of the Shetlands
1941 destroyer HMS Dainty bombed/sunk by JU-88s off Tobruk
1943 R.N. MTB 262 bombed/sunk off Tunesia. Sub HMS Vandal sank in an accident in the Sound of Bute
1944 U-257 sunk by Frigate HMCS Waskesiu. U-761 damaged by a US PV-1 and USN and RAF PBYs, scuttled west of Gibraltar.
1945 Whaler HMS Ellesmere sunk by U-1203 north west of Brest. Cable Layer HMS Alert 2 sunk by U-5370 off Ramsgate. U-713 sunk by Destroyer HMS Keppel north west of Narvik. U-927 sunk by RAF Warwick south east of Falmouth. U-1208 sunk by frigates HMS Duckworth and Rowley south east of the Isles of Scilly. U-3007 bombed/sunk at Bremen. Sub I-371 sunk by sub USS Lagarto (hull no.SS 371!) in the Bungo Strait
February 26th, 2014  
Feb 25
1336 Battle of Pilenai
1831 Battle of Olszynka Grochowska
1836 Colt patents his revolver
1921 Red Army captures Tbilisi
1941 Italian Cruiser Armando Diaz sunk by sub HMs Upright off Tunisia. Destroyer HMS Exmoor sunk by a mine or E Boat S-30 north east of Lowestoft. Trawler HMS Sarna damaged by mine in the Suez Canal and beached.
1944 Destroyer HMCS Columbia runs aground off Newfoundland, refloated and used as a storage hulk until scrapped post War. Destroyer HMS Inglefield sunk by glide bomb off Anzio. destroyer HMS Mahratta sunk by U-956 off Nordkapp. U-601 sunk by RAF PBY north west of Narvik. US LCT-26 sank in a storm off Anzio.
1945 Turkey declares War on Germany. Frigate Shonan sunk by Sub USS Hoe south of Hainan
February 27th, 2014  
Feb 26
1233 Siege of Kaifing ends, began 8 April '32
1266 Battle of Benevento
1863 Confederates tricked into destroying the beached/captured USS Indianola near Vicksburg
1943 Trawler HMS Harstad sunk by E Boats in Lyme Bay
1944 U-91 sunk by 3 R.N. ships. US LST-349, LCT-39 sank off Anzio. US PT-251 runs aground and is sunk by shore batteries in Empress Augusta Bay
1945 I-368 and RO-43 sunk by TBFs from USS Anzio, and I-370 sunk by Destroyer Escort USS Finnegan, all near Iwo Jima.
February 28th, 2014  
Feb 27
1776 Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge
1829 Battle of Tarqui
1881 Battle of Majuba Hill
1900 Battle of Paardeberg ends
1941 Italian Armed Merchant Cruiser Ramb I sunk by Cruiser HMNZS Leander off the Maldives. Trawler HMS Remillo sunk by mine off the Humber
1942 Seaplane Tender USS Langley bombed/scuttled south of Java. Battle of the Java Sea: Dutch Cruisers De Ruyter and Java, destroyers HMS Electra and Jupiter sunk.
1943 Sub HMS Tigres sunk by Sub Chaser UJ-2210 off Capri. Trawler HMS Lord Hailsham, Norwegian Naval Trawler Harstadt, and R.N. LCT 381 sunk by E Boats in Lyme Bay. Norwegian Sub Tender Columbia sunk by U-516 off Simonstown, S. Africa
1944 Sub USS Grayback sunk by aircraft south east of Okinawa. R.N. Motor Fishing Vessel MFV 70 hit a submerged wreck and sank off Italy.
1945 U-327 sunk by Frigate HMS Labaon and Sloop HMS Loch Fada, later Loch Fada also sank U-1018.
March 4th, 2014  
Mar 3
1575 Battle of Tukaroi
1776 Battle of Nassau: 1st amphibious operation by Continental Navy & Marines
1779 Battle of Brier Creek.
1799 Siege of Corfu ends, began Nov 4,'98
1918 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ends Russian participation in WWI
1941 R.N. MGB 12 damaged by mine, sinks on the 6th. Trawler HMS Cobbers bombed/sunk off Lowestoft. Armed Yacht HMS Tiny bombed/sunk at South Dock, Southerland.
1942 Gunboat USS Asheville sunk by Destroyers Arashi and Nowaki south of Java
1943 Battle of the Bismarck Sea: Destroyers Arashi, and Shirayuki bombed/ sunk
1944 Minelayer Shirikami damaged in a collision with Nichiran Maru, sinks on the 5th.
1945 Battle of Manila ends. KM cruiser Koln bombed/sunk at Wilhelmshaven. Whaler HMS Southern Flower sunk by U-1022 off Reykjavik. Patrol Boat HMAS Southern Hour burns off Darwin.
March 5th, 2014  
4 Mar
1238 Battle of the Sit River
1814 Battle of Longwoods
1863 1st Battle of Spring Hill
1864 Richmond Raid ends
1913 Battle of Bizani begins
1941 Lofoten Raid: KM Patrol Boat Krebs sunk by Destroyer HMS Somali
1942 Depot Ship HMS Anking, Minesweeper MMS 51, and Sloop HMAS Yarra sunk south of Java
1943 Battle of the Bismarck Sea ends: destroyers Asashio and Tokitsukaze bombed/sunk near Finshafen. U-87 sunk by Destroyer HMCS St. Croix and corvette HMCS Shediac
1944 U-472 sunk by Swordfish and Destroyer HMS Onslaught off Bear Island
1945 Finland declares War on Germany. Sub Chaser CH-8 shelled/sunk by subs HMS Trenchant and Terrapin in the Malacca Strait.
1970 French sub Eurydice explodes/sinks east of Toulon
March 5th, 2014  
5 Mar
1279 Battle of Aizkraukle
1811 Battle of Barrosa
1906 1st Battle of Bud Dajo
1912 Italy makes 1st use of airships in military role, recon of Turkish positions
1936 1st flight Spitfire
1943 1st flight Gloster Meteor. Sub USS Grampus sunk by Destroyers Minegumo and Murasame near the Blackett Strait, they in turn are sunk by US Cruisers and Destroyers in the Battle of Blackett Strait.
1944 Uman Batosani Offensive begins. R.N. Motor Launch ML 387 blew up and sank at Beirut. U-359 sunk by Swordfish off Norway. KM Sub Chaser UJ-1703 sunk off Norway.
1945 US LCS-127 wrecked on San Clemente Island. Minesweeper W-15 damaged by USS Tilefish and beached/abandoned on Akuseki Jima.