This day in military history.. - Page 241

February 7th, 2014  
6 Feb
1806 naval Battle of San Domingo
1862 Battle of Ft. Henry ends
1922 Washington Naval Treaty signed
1940 French Minesweeper Veteran sunk in a collision off Calais.
1942 UK declares War on Thailand. U-82 sunk by Sloop HMS Rochester and Corvette HMS Tamarisk north east of The Azores
1943 Corvette HMCS Louisburg bombed/sunk off Oran by Italian aircraft.
1944 U-177 sunk by a PB4Y west of Ascension. Minesweeper M-159 bombed/sunk off France.
2000 Russians capture Grozny
February 9th, 2014  
8 Feb
1250 Battle of Al Mansurah begins
1807 Battle of Eylau begins
1862 Battle of Roanoke Island
1904 Port Arthur Attack
1942 Battle of Singapore begins. Destroyer Natsushio damaged by US sub S-37 off Makassar, sinks next day.
1943 Trawler HMS Bredon sunk by U-521 off the Canary Islands. R.N. LCT 2335 lost as cargo when Norwegian ship SS Daghild sunk by U-402 and 608.
1944 U-762 sunk by Frigates HMS Woodpecker and Wild Goose.
1948 N. Korean Army Est.
1971 S. Vietnamese troops enter Laos
February 9th, 2014  
9 Feb
1654 Battle of Ft. Rocher begins
1799 USS Constellation captures French Frigate L'Insurgente
1864 Libby Prison Escape
1937 1st flight Blackburn Skua
1940 Trawlers HMS Fort Royal and Robert Bowen bombed/sunk(Bowen with all hands) off Aberdeen
1942 Free French Corvette Alysse damaged by U-654, sinks next day off Cape Race. Patrol Ship HMS Tanjong Katong sunk by IJN ships off Singapore.
1943 Battle of Guadalcanal ends. Italian sub Avorio damaged by Corvette HMCS Regina, sinks next day in the Med. Corvette HMS Erica sunk by mine off Benghazi
1944 U-238 sunk by 3 R.N. Sloops. U-734 sunk by Sloops HMS Wild Goose And Starling.
1945 Rescue Tug HMS Hesperia runs aground/sinks off Libya.
February 11th, 2014  
Feb 10
1258 Siege of Baghdad ends
1814 Battle of Champaubert
1856 Battle of Sobraon
1862 naval Battle of Elizabeth City
1906 HMS Dreadnought launched
1936 Battle of Amba Aradan begins
1941 Trawler HMS Boy Alan sunk in a collision in the Thames Estuary.
1943 Battle of Krasny Bor begins
1944 Destroyer Minekaze sunk by sub USS Pogy off Formosa. U-545 damaged by RAF Wellington, scuttled.
1945 KM Sub Tender Ammerland sunk in a collision off Libau.
1964 Destroyer HMAS Voyager sunk in a collision with Carrier HMAS Melbourne off New South Wales
February 14th, 2014  
Feb 13
1739 Battle of Karnal
1941 Trawler HMS Rubens bombed/sunk south west of Ireland
1942 Minesweeper Chengteh bombed/sunk in the Rhio Strait. R.N. Motor Launch ML 310 bombed/scuttled Tjebia, D.E.I. Patrol Ship HMS Panglima scuttled, Gunboat HMS Scorpion shelled/sunk, both in the Banga Strait. Anti-Sub ship HMS Siang Wo bombed/beached on Banga Island. Patrol Ship HMS Trung scuttled at Singapore. Motor Minesweeper MMS 180 sunk in a collision off the Tyne. Sub HMS Tempest sunk by Italian Torpedo Boat Circe off Toranto.
1943 U-620 sunk by RAF PBY off Portugal
1944 Trawler HMS Cap 'd Antifer sunk by E Boats in the North Sea. US LCT-220 sank off Anzio
1945 Siege of Budapest ends. Corvette HMS Denbigh Castle sunk by U-992 in the Barents Sea. Sub RO-113 sunk by USS Batfish in the Luzon Strait.
1951 Battle of Chipyong-ni begins
February 16th, 2014  
Feb 15
1898 Battleship USS Maine blows up at Havana.
1942 Battle of Singapore ends. Anti-sub vessel HMS Mata Hari shelled/sunk at Bangka Island. Patrol Boat HMS Dymas captured north of Muntok Light, and Patrol Boats HMS Klas and Jernantat scuttled at Palembang. Motor Launch ML 433 sunk in Banga Strait. Dutch Minelayer Pro Patia & Navy Tanker Semiramis scuttled at Palembang. Destroyer Van Ghent ran aground on Ross Island and scuttled. R.N. Yacht Siwa lost at Singapore. R.N. ML 169 burned/sank at Gibraltar.
1943 U-529 sunk by RAF B-24
1944 US LCT-35 bombed/sunk off Anzio. Cruiser Agano damaged by USS Scamp south east of Guam, sinks on 15th. RO-40 sunk by destroyers USS Macdonough and Phelps, and Minesweeper USS Sage north west of Kwajalein. I-43 sunk by sub USS Aspro east of Guam. Norwegian Motor Launch ML 210 sunk by mine off the Somme Estuary. KM minelayer Niedersachsen sunk off Toulouse. Vichy French Patrol Ship Ping Sang bombed/sunk by B-25s off Hongay, French Indochina.
1945 U-1053 sank in a diving accident while conducting Diving Trials in Byfjorden, Norway
1989 Soviets finish Afghanistan evacuation.
February 17th, 2014  
16 Feb
1270 Battle of Karuse
1646 Battle of Torrington
1804 Captured Frigate USS Philedelphia burned by USN raiding Party in Tripoli Harbor
1862 Battle of Ft. Donelson ends
1934 Austrian Civil War ends
1940 Altmarck Incident
1941 Trawler HMS Ormonde bombed/sunk off Peterhead. Trawler HMS Southsea damaged by a mine off the Tyne Estuary and beached.
1942 Patrol ship HMS Elizebeth and Harbor Defence Motor Launch 1062 shelled/sunk in the Bangka Strait. Minesweeper HMS Fuh Ho beached on Bangka Island.
1943 USS Amberjack depth charged and sunk by a Japanese airplane and Torpedo Boat Hiyodori and Sub Chaser CH-18
1944 R.N. LST 418 sunk by U-230 off Ponza Island. Sub Chaser CH-39 bombed/sunk by B-25s off New Hanover.
1945 Frigate CD-56 sunk by USS Bowfin east of Honshu. US LCI(L)-7, 26, 49 sunk, and LCI(L)-27 damaged and beached, by Explosive Motor Boats in Mariveles Bay. U-309 sunk by Frigate HMCS St. John off Muray Firth.
February 18th, 2014  
Feb 17
1500 Battle of Hemmingstedt
1814 Battle of Mormons
1864 USS Housatonic sunk by CS Army Sub H. L. Hunley, Hunley fails to return from the Mission
1942 KM Guardship NS21 sunk off Norway. Minesweeper USS Paramount ran aground and abandoned off Cape Hatteras, Refloated, repaired, returned to service. Minesweeper USS Detector sunk in a collision with Tanker Oswego off Boston, raised, repaired and returned to service. Dutch Destroyer Van Nes bombed/sunk, Patrol Ship HMS Tandjong Pinang shelled/sunk, both off Bangka Island.
1943 U-69 sunk by destroyer HMS Fame. U-201 sunk by Destroyer HMS Viscount off Newfoundland. U-205 sunk by Destroyer HMS Paladin off Libya.
1944 Battle of Eniwetok begins. Soviet sub ShCh-216 sunk by KM Sub Chasers UJ-103 and 106 west of Sevastopol. Minesweeper W-26 and Guardship Fuku Maru No. 2 sunk by USN aircraft off New Britain. Operation Hailstorm begins(
1945 Venezuela declares War on Germany and Japan. Corvette HMS Bluebell sunk by U-711 in the Kola Inlet off Murmansk. Sloop HMS Lark sunk by U-968 north east of Murmansk. KM Minesweeper M-421 sunk by mine off Kolberg. U-425 sunk by Sloop HMS Lark and Corvette HMS Alnwick Castle near Murmansk. U-1273 sunk by mine near Horten. US Patrol Boat YP-94 runs aground in the Aleutians, either sinks the next day or on the 23rd. US LCI(L)-474 sunk by shore batteries off Iwo Jima.
1979 Sino-Vietnamese War begins
February 19th, 2014  
18 Feb
1268 Battle of Wesenberg
1637 naval Battle of Lizard Point
1814 Battle of Montereau
1900 Battle of Paardeberg begins
1940 Destroyer HMS Darling sunk by U-23 off Duncansby Head
1942 Trawlers HMS Botanic and Warland bombed/sunk in the North Sea. Patrol Ship HMS Malacca scuttled in the Demake River, Sumatra. Destroyer USS Truxton wrecked in Placentia Bay. Dutch Gunnery Training Ship Soerabaja bobmed/sunk, and Dutch sub K VII bombed/sunk while sitting on the bottom of Surabaya Harbor. Free French sub Surcouf either sunk in a collision with SS Thompson Lykes or bombed/sunk on the 19th north of Christobal, Panama.
1944 Cruiser HMS Penelope sunk by U-410 west of Naples. U-7 sank in a diving accident off Pillau. U-406 sunk by Frigate HMS Spey. Operation Hailstone ends: Destroyer Oite and Sub Chaser CH-29 bombed/sunk off Truk.
1945 KM Sperrbrecher 139 sunk by mine off Norway. U-2344 sunk in a collision with U-2336 off Rostock
1946 Royal Indian Navy Mutiny begins
February 20th, 2014  
19 Feb
197 Battle of Lugdunum
1649 2nd Battle of Guarapes
1865 Battle of Wilmington begins
1915 naval Dardanelles Campaign begins
1942 Battle of Badung Strait: Dutch Destroyer Piet Hein sunk. Darwin Air Raid: Patrol Boats HMAS Mavie and Coongoola, Destroyer USS Peary and USAT Meigs bombed/sunk.
1943 Battle of Kasserine Pass begins. U-268 sunk by RAF Wellington in Bay of Biscay. U-563 sunk by a Wellington and Destroyer HMS Isis and Escort Destroyer HMS Hursley. KM Patrol Boat V-408 sunk by USS Blackfish off Spain.
1944 U-264 sunk by Sloops HMS Woodpecker and Starling. U-386 sunk by Frigate HMS Spey.
1945 Battle of Iwo Jims begins. Sub Chasers CH-22 and 40 bombed/sunk by B-25s south of Kavieng, New Ireland.
1978 Larnaca Airport Raid