This day in military history.. - Page 240

January 28th, 2014  
Jan 27
1868 Battle of Toba-Fushimi begins
1918 Finnish Civil War begins
1939 1st flight P-38
1940 Trawler HMS Riant sank off Gigha
1941 Trawler HMS Darogah sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary
1942 Destroyer HMS Thanet sunk by Cruiser Sendai and 3 Destroyers off Endau, Malaya. I-73 sank in diving accident avoiding torpedoes fired by sub USS Gudgeon west of Midway
1944 siege of Leningrad ends
1945 U-1172 sunk by 3 RN frigates in St. George's Channel
1961 Soviet sub S-80 sinks in the Barents Sea
2002 Lagos Munitions explosion
January 29th, 2014  
28 Jan
1846 Battle of Aliwal
1871 Siege of Paris ends
1918 Red Army Est.
1932 1st Battle of Shanghai begins
1944 U-271 sunk by USN PB4Y south east of Cape Finesterre. U-571 sunk by RAAF Sunderland west of Ireland. Midget sub Ha-49 lost when Neikai Maru was bombed/sunk by Army B-24s and USN PBYs off New Britain.
1945 Frigate Kume sunk by USS Spadefish north east of Shanghai.
1964 USAF T-39 shot down by Soviet Mig over E. Germany
January 30th, 2014  
29 Jan
1814 Battle of Brienne
1863 Gunboat USS Isaac Smith damaged by shore batteries and captured on the Stono River, S.C. Battle of Bear River
1918 Battle of Kruty
1941 1st flight ANT-58 (Tu-2)
1942 USCG Alexander Hamilton torpedoed by U-132 off Reykjavik, sinks next day. Whaler HMS Sotra sunk by U-431 east of Tobruk. Germans/Italians capture Benghazi
1943 naval Battle of Rennel Island: Cruiser USS Chicago torpedoed by aircraft, torpedoed by aircraft again and sunk next day. Sub I-1 sunk by Minesweepers HMNZS Kiwi and Moa at Guadalcanal. A-A ship HMS Pozarica torpedoed by Italian aircraft off Bougie, sinks in Bougie harbor 13 Feb.
1944 Armed Yacht HMS Oracle burns at Liverpool. Cruiser HMS Spartan sunk by glide bomb off Anzio. U-364 sunk by RAF Halifax in Bay of Biscay
1945 U-763 bombed at Koningsberg, scuttled.
1991 Battle of Khafji begins
January 31st, 2014  
30 Jan
1862 USS Monitor launched
1911 royal Canadian Navy est
1940 U-15 rammed/sunk by KM Torpedo Boat Iltis off Honfden. U-55 sunk by Sloop HMS Fowey, destroyer HMS Whitshed, and an RAF Sunderland
1942 Japanese invade Ambon. Battle of Malaya ends. Trawler HMS Loch Alsh bombed/sunk off Skegners
1943 naval Battle of Rennel Island ends. Corvette HMS Samphire sunk by Italian sub Platino off Bougie
1944 Aux. sub chasers CHa-18 and 21 bombed/sunk by US carrier aircraft at Kwajalein. Destroyer HMS Hardy sunk by U-278 in the artic Sea. KM Minesweeper M-451 wrecked north of Porkkala, finland. U-314 sunk by Destroyers HMS Whithall and Meteor south east of Bear Island.
1945 motor Minesweeper HMS MMS 248 sunk by mine in the Schelde. KM transport Whilhelm Gustloff sunk by Soviet sub S-13, apx 9,000 killed.
1968 Tet Offensive begins
February 1st, 2014  
Jan 31
1915 Battle of Bolimow, 1st use of poison gas.
1918 A series of collisions off the Isle of May result in the sinking of subs HMS K-4 and K-17, plus 3 other subs and a Light Cruiser damaged.
1941 Minesweeper HMS Huntley bombed/sunk west of Mersa Matruh
1942 Destroyer HMS Belmont sunk with all hands by U-82 off Newfoundland. Sloop HMS Walney sunk with all hands by U-105 south west of Ireland. Trawler HMS Unicity capsized and sank off Blyth in a storm.
1943 Battle of Stalingrad ends
1944 Battle of Kwajalein begins. Trawler HMS Pine sunk by E Boats off Beachy Head. U-592 sunk by 3 R.N. Frigates.
1945 Destroyer Ume sunk by B-25s south of Formosa. Sub RO-115 sunk by US Destroyers off Mindoro. KM Minesweeper M-381 sunk by Norwegian MTB 715, and M-382 by a mine, both off Kristiansund. U-3520 sunk by a mine in the Baltic off Bulk. US Patrol Craft PC-1129 sunk by Explosive Motor Boats off Luzon.
February 2nd, 2014  
1 Feb
1329 Battle of Medvegalis
1662 Siege of Ft. Zeelandia ends, began 30 March '61
1920 South African Air Arm est.
1943 Destroyer USS De Haven bombed/sunk, Destroyer Makigumo damaged by a mine and scuttled, off Savo Island. PT-37 and 111 sunk by Destroyer Kawakaze, and PT-123 bombed/sunk, off Guadalcanal. Minelayer HMS Welshman sunk by U-616 east of tobruk
1944 Destroyer Umikaze sunk by USs Guardfish at Truk. I-171 sunk by Destroyers USS Guest and Hudson off Green Island. RO-39 sunk by Destroyer USS Walker off Wotje. and Destroyer Escort
1945 sub chaser CH-28 and Landing Ship T-115 sunk by P-51s in the Luzon Channel. USN PT-77 and 79 sunk by Destroyer USS Conyngham and Destroyer Escort Lough off Luzon
February 2nd, 2014  
2 Feb
1141 Battle of Lincoln
1461 Battle of Mortimer's Cross
1542 Battle of Bacente
1941Trawler HMS Almond sunk by mine off Falmouth
1942 Trawlers HMS Cape Spartel and Cloughton Wyke bombed/sunk in the North Sea. IJN Minesweeper W-9 sunk by mine in Ambon Bay. U-581 sunk by Destroyer HMS Westcott south west of the Azores
1943 R.N. LCT 326 sank off the Isle of Man
1944 Battle of Cisterna ends. Sub I-110 sunk by HMIS Jumna, HMAS Ipswitch, and HMAS Launcerton in the Bay of Bengal
1945 Frigate CD-144 sunk by sub USS Besugo off Cape Laguan, Malaya
February 4th, 2014  
Feb 3
1509 naval Battle of Diu
1706 Battle of Fraustadt
1781 British capture St. Eustatius
1807 British capture Montevideo
1813 Battle of Caseros
1863 2nd Battle of Ft. Donelson
1940 Minesweeper HMS Sphinx bombed/capsizes, washes ashore north of Lybster
1941 Trawler HMS Arctic Trapper bombed/sunk off Ramsgate. R.N. MGB 12 damaged by mine, sinks on the 6th. Trawler HMS Midas sunk in a collision off Dungeness. Ocean Boarding Vessel HMS Crispin damaged by U-107, sinks the next day.
1943 US Army transport Dorchester sunk by U-223. U-265 sunk by RAF B-17 off Iceland
1944 Battle of Kwajalein ends
1945 2nd Battle of Manila begins. U-1279 sunk by 3 R.N. Frigates north west of Bergen. Trawler HMS Arley damaged by mine in the North Sea, sinks off Cromer while under tow.
1961 Angolan War of Independence begins
February 5th, 2014  
Feb 4
634 Battle of Dathin
1810 British capture Guadaloupe
1820 Battle of Valvida
1862 Battle of Ft. Henry begins
1899 Battle of Manila begins
1941 Trawler HMS Imbat sunk in a collision at Scapa Flow
1943 U-187 sunk by destroyers HMS Vimy and Beverley.
1944 KM Corvette SG 18 bombed/sunk. I-175 sunk by Destroyer Escort USS Fair off Wotje. U-854 sunk by mine north of Swinemunde
1945 Irrawaddy River Campaign begins. Sub USS Barbel bombed/sunk in Palawan Passage. Motor Minesweeper HMS MMS 68 sunk by mine offCephalonia. U-1014 sunk by 4 R.N. frigates.
February 6th, 2014  
5 Feb
1782 Siege of Minorca ends
1810 Siege of Cadiz begins
1940 U-41 sunk by Destroyer HMS Antelope off the south coast of Ireland
1941 Battle of Keren begins. Trawler HMS Toutmaline bombed/sunk off North Foreland
1942 Corvette HMS Arbatus sunk by U-136
1943 Trawler HMS Stransay sunk by mine off Algeria. KM Sub Chaser UJ-1108 sunk by sub off Berlevag, Norway
1945 KM Gunboat SAT-15 bombed/sunk off Pillau.