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January 8th, 2014  
7 Jan
1558 Siege of Calais ends
1863 2nd Battle of Springfield begins
1940 Battle of Raate Road ends. Sub HMS Undine damaged by KM Minesweepers and scuttled, Sub HMS Seahorse sunk by KM Minesweepers, both in the North Sea.
1942 Battle of Bataan begins
1943 Trawler HMS Horatio sunk by E Boat S-58, and Trawler HMS Jura sunk by U-371, both off Algeria.
1944 Frigate HMS Tweed sunk by U-305. KM Seaplane Tenders Bernhard Von Tschirschky and Krischan bombed/sunk at Kiel
1945 Destroyer-Minesweepers USS Hovey and Palmer sunk by aircraft in Lingayen Gulf. Soviet sub S-4 rammed/sunk by KM Torpedo Boat T-3 in Bay of Danzig.
1979 Vietnam captures Phnom Penh
January 9th, 2014  
Jan 8
871 Battle of Ashdown
1297 Francois Grimaldi captures Monaco
1815 Battle of New Orleans
1847 Battle of San Gabriel
1863 2nd Battle of Springfield ends
1877 Battle of Wolf Mountain
1944 U-426 sunk in the Atlantic by RAAF Sunderland. U-751 sunk by Frigate HMS Bayntun and Corvette HMCS Camrose
1945 KM flackship V-5116 bombed/sunk by RAF in Korsfjord
January 11th, 2014  
11 Jan
1782 Siege of Brimstone Hill begins
1863 USS Hatteras sunk by CSS Alabama off Galveston. Battle of Arkansas Post begins.
1917 Kingsland Munitions Plant explosion
1940 Armed Yacht HMS Princess sunk in collision with SS Blairmore in the Bristol Channel
1941 R.N. MTBs 37, 39, 40, 74, 75, and 108 while still under construction are bombed/destroyed on the stocks at the Vosper Thorneycroft Yard in Southampton. Cruiser HMS Southampton bombed/sunk south east of Malta. Trawler HMS Uberous ran aground and sank off Londonderry
1942 Japan declares War on The Netherlands. Japanese invade Tarakan and Celebes, and occupy Kuala Lumpur. Dutch Minelayer Prins Van de Oranje sunk by Destroyer Yamakaze and Patrol Boat PB-38 off Tarakan.
1943 PT-43 and 108 sunk by Destroyers Hatsukaze and Tokitsukaze off Guadalcanal
1944 Cruiser Kuma sunk by sub HMS Tally Ho north west of Penang
1945 Minesweeper USS YMS-145 sunk in a collision with Destroyer USS Herdon in Boston Harbor. Escort Carrier HMS Thane damaged by U-1172 and scrapped. Soviet Minesweeper T-76 sunk by U-745 in the Bay of Tallinn. KM Minesweeper M-273 sunk by R.N. ships off Norway.
1962 Soviet sub B-37 burns at Polyarny
January 13th, 2014  
12 Jan
1940 Trawler HMS Valdora bombed/sunk with all hands off Cromer
1942 U-374 sunk by sub HMS Unbeaten east of Cape Spartevento. Minesweepers W-13 and 14 sunk by Dutch shore batteries at Tarakan.
1943 Trawler HMS Kingston Jacinth sunk by mine off Plymouth. Patrol Boat PB-1 sunk by USS Guardfish off New Hanover. US PT-28 wrecked at Unimak. US troops land on Amchitka, Destroyer USS Worden wrecked while covering the landing. US Patrol Boat YP-183 runs aground/sinks on the west coast of the big island of Hawaii.
1945 Frigates Chiburi, CD-17, 19, 23, 35, 43, and 51, Sub Chasers CH-31 and 43, Cruiser Kashii, Patrol Boat PB-103, Landing Ship T-140, Minesweeper W-101, Vichy French Cruiser La Motte-Picquet and Survey Ship Octant all bombed/sunk off French Indochina by US carrier aircraft. IJA Landing Craft Depot Ship Nigitsu Maru sunk by USS Hake south east of Okinawa. Minesweeper HMSAS Treen sunk by mine in the Med. USS Swordfish sunk off Okinawa. US LCI(L)-600 sunk by Kaiten manned toepedo at Ulithi. Minesweeper HMS Regulus sunk by mine off Corfu. KM Minesweeper M-1 sunk by RAF Lancasters at Bergen. Finnish Minelayer Louhi sunk by U-370 in the Gulf of Finland.
1962 1st US combat mission in Vietnam, H-21s fly S. Vietnamese troops into combat 10 miles west of Saigon.
January 14th, 2014  
13 Jan
1797 Naval action in Bay of Biscay results in loss of Frigate HMS Amazon and French Ship-of-the-Line Droits de L'Homme
1815 Battle of Ft. Peter
1842 British retreat from Kabul ends.
1865 2nd Battle of Ft. Fisher begins
1940 Finnish Armed Yacht Aura II sunk by own Depth Charge in the Baltic. 1st flight Yak-1
1943 U-224 sunk by Corvette HMCS Ville de Quebec west of Algiers. U-507 sunk by USN PBY east of Brazil
1944 U-231 sunk by Wellington north east of The Azores
1945 I-362 sunk by destroyer USS Fleming between Ulithi and Eniwetok.
1951 Battle of Vinh Yen begins
January 14th, 2014  
I most likely won't have time/opportunity to post Jan. 14-19th. If someone wants to step up to the plate....
January 21st, 2014  
20 Jan
1567 Battle of Rio de Janeiro
1785 Battle of Rach Gam-Xoai Mut
1839 Battle of Yungay
1841 British occupy Hong Kong
1918 naval Battle of Imbros: Monitors HMS Raglan and M-28 sunk by Turkish Cruiser Midilli and Battleship Yavuz, during withdrawal Midilli sunk, and Yavuz beached, by mine damage
1941 Trawler HMS Relonzo sunk by mine in the Crosby channel, Liverpool
1942 I-124 sunk by Corvette HMAS Deloraine off Darwin. US Sub S-36 wrecked/scuttled in the Makassar strait. PT-31 scuttled after running aground in Subic Bay the day before
1943 Italian sub Santorre Santa Rosa ran aground off Tripoli and is sunk by MTB-260
1944 KM Minelayer Skagerak I sunk by NZAF aircraft west of Svaholmen. U-263 sank in the Bay of Biscay during diving trials
1945 Hungary signs armistice with the allies.
January 23rd, 2014  
22 Nov
1511 Battle of Ridaniya
1849 Siege of Mutan ends, began April 19, 1848
1879 Battle of Isandlwana. Battle of Rorke's Drift begins
1941 British capture Tobruk, Italian Armored Cruiser San Giorgio scuttled in the Harbor. Rescue Tug HMS St. Cyrus and Trawler HMS Luda Lady sunk by mines in the Humber.
1942 Trawler HMS Rosemonde sunk with all hands by U-203 off Cape Race
1944 Allies land at Anzio, US LCI-20 and 32 bombed/sunk, and Minesweeper USS Portent sunk by mine off Anzio. Sub RO-37 sunk by Destroyer USS Buchanon off the Santa Cruz Islands
1945 IJN river Gunboat Saga bombed/sunk at Hong Kong.
January 24th, 2014  
23 Jan
1865 Battle of Trent's Reach begins
1879 Battle of Rorke's Drift ends
1900 Battle of Spion Kop begins
1939 1st flight A-20 Havoc
1942 Japanese capture Rabaul and land at Balikipapan. Patrol Ship HMS Larat bombed/sunk at Sabang.
1943 Destroyer Hakaze sunk by USS Guardfish south of Kevieng. Patrol Boat YP-577 sunk by an explosion at Great Lakes Naval Training Center. Guadalcanal: Battles of Mount Austen, the Galloping Horse and the Sea Horse ends.
1944 Destroyer HMS Janus sunk by glide bomb off Anzio
1945 I-45 sunk by Destroyer USS Conklin north east of Yap.
1968 USS Pueblo captured by N. Korea
January 26th, 2014  
26 Jan
1564 Battle of Ula
1565 Battle of Talikota
1885 Siege of Khartoum ends, began 13 March, 1884
1940 Stores ship HMS Durham Castle sunk by mine off Cromarty
1942 Patrol ships HMS Shuman bombed/scuttled, and HMS Kelana scuttled, at Endau, Malaya
1944 R.N. LST 411 and 422, US LCT-325 sunk off Anzio. PT-110 sunk in a collision with PT-114 in Albing Harbor, New Britain. PTc-38 and 39 lost as cargo when SS Andrew G. Curtin is sunk by U-715. Destroyer Suzukaze sunk by USS Skipjack north west of Ponape.
1945 Norwegian MTB 712 wrecked in the Shetland Islands. Frigate HMS Manners sunk by U-1051, and U-1051 sunk b y 3 R.N. frigates west of the Isle of Man. US LCT-1151 lost north of Dutch New Guinea.