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November 8th, 2013  
Nov 8
960 Battle of Andrassos
1620 Battle of White Mountain
1936 Siege of Madrid begins
1940 Dutch Sub O-XXII Sunk by KN Sub chasers UJ-117 and UJ-1102 off Lindesnes. R.N. rescue Tug HMS Muria sunk with all hands by a mine off North Foreland. R.N. Whaler A.N.2 sunk by mine off Falmouth. Norwegian Fisheries Protection ship Fridtjof Nansen ran aground and sank at Jan Mayen
1941 R.N. trawler HMS Monardo sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary
1942 US/UK invade French North Africa: Destroyer HMS Broke damaged, sinks on the 10th. Destroyer Hartland sunk. Sloop HMS Walney sunk. Vichy French Subs Acteon, Amphitrite, Argonaute, Destroyers Brestois, Fougoeux, Frondeur, Milan, Boulonnais Tornade, and Tramontame, Cruiser Primauguet sunk
1944 Sub USS Growler sunk by Desyroyer Shigure and Frigates Chiburi and CD-19. Torpedo Boar Sagi sunk by sub USs Gunnel off Luzon
1950 F-80 shoots down 2 Mig-15s, 1st jet to jet kills
1965 Battle of Gang Toi
November 10th, 2013  
9 Nov
1313 Battle of Gammelsdorf
1330 Battle of Posada begins
1688 William of Orange captures Exeter
1780 Battle of Fishdam Ford
1822 boats from USS Alligator capture Pirate ship Revenge and recapture 5 prizes in Cuba
1914 Cruiser SMS Emden is damaged/beached on Direction Island in the Indian Ocean by HMAS Sydney
1940 Vichy French Sloop Bouganville sunk by Free French Sloop Sovorgnan de Brazza, and VF sub Poncelet damaged by Sloop HMS Milford and scuttled, off Gabon
1941 R.N. Trawler HMS Boy Andrew sunk in a collision in the Firth of Forth. Italian Destroyers Libeccio and Fulmine sunk by R.N. warships in the Med.
1942 Minesweeper HMS Cromer sunk by mine off Mersa Matruh. Operation Torch: Corvette HMS Gardinia sunk in a collision with R.N. Trawler HMS Fluellen off Oran. Vichy French Subs Ariane, Danae and Diane, Destroyers Epervier and Typhon sunk
1943 R.N. MTB 230 sunk in a collision with MTB 222 in the North Sea. U-707 sunk by RAF B-17 east of the Azores.
1944 U-537 sunk by USS Flounder in the Java Sea.
November 11th, 2013  
Nov 10
1202 Siege of Zara begins
1444 Battle of Varna
1580 Siege of Smerwick ends
1659 Battle of Pratapgad
1702 Siege of St. Augustine begins
1775 Contenental Marines Est.
1940 R.N. Trawler Kingston Alalite sunk by mine off Plymouth. Boom Defence Vessel HMS Marcelle sunk by mine in the Bristol Channel.
1942 Sub I-15 sunk by Destroyer-Minesweeper USS Southard off San Cristobal Island. Operation Torch: Italian sub Emo sunk by R.N. Trawler HMS Lord Nuffield off Algiers. Sloop HMS Ibis sunk by Italian torpedo planes near Algiers. Destroyer HMS Martin sunk by U-431 off Algeria. Vichy French Battleship Jean Bart bombed/sunk by USN aircraft in Casablanca Harbor. Vichy French Sub Meduse sunk by spotter plane from USS Philidelphia.
1943 R.N. MTB 222 sank from damage sustained in a collision with MTB 230 in the North Sea. U-966 sunk by RAF B-24s, Wellingtons and USN PB4Ys in the Bay of Biscay off Cape Ortugal
1944 IJN Patrol Boat PB-46 sunk by sub USS Greenling off Japan. Frigate CD-11 bombed/beached by B-25s. Ammo Ship USS Mount Hood explodes at Manus killing 432 & sinking 13 LSMs and damaging many more ships.
1945 Battle of Sorabaya begins
November 11th, 2013  
Nov 11
1673 Battle of Khotyn
1805 Battle of Durenstein
1813 Battle of Crysler's Farm
1865 Sherman begins destroying Rome and Atlanta Ga.
1918 Germany signs armistice with the Allies
1919 Battle of Riga
1940 R.N. Trawler Stella Orion sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Taranto Air Raid: Italian Battleships Andrea Doria, Conte di Cavour, and Littorio sunk
1941 U-580 sunk in a collision with KM Target Ship Angelburg off Lithuania
1942 Transport USS Joseph Hewes sunk by U-173, and Vichy French sub Sidi Ferruch sunk by aircraft from USS Suwanee, both off Fedhala Roads. Sub HMS Unbeaten sunk by RAF Wellington in the Bay of Biscay. Armed Merchant Cruiser Hokoku Maru sunk by Minesweeper HMIS Bengal and Dutch merchant tanker Undina in the Indian Ocean.
1943 Harbor Defence Motor Launches HDML 1244 and 1289 lost as cargo when SS Indian Prince is torpedoed/sunk by German aircraft north off Oran. Destroyer Suzunami sunk by USN aircraft at Rabaul
1944 IJN Supply ship Kurusaki sunk by sub USS Raton west of Luzon. Minesweeper W-22 sunk by mine at Palau. US Carrier aircraft wipe out a convoy sinking all 4 transports and Destroyers Hamanami, Naganami, Shimakaze and Wakatsuki and Minesweeper W-30 in Ormac Bay, Leyte. Sub USS Scamp sunk by a bomber and Frigate CD-4 north east of Hachijo Island, Japan
November 17th, 2013  
Nov 16
1776 1st foriegn salute to US flag by Dutch fort on St. Eustatius, West Indies to Contenintal Navy ship. Battle of Ft. Washington, NY.
1805 Battle of Schongrabern
1863 Battle of Campbell's Station
1864 Sherman's main body begins the March to the Sea
1939 R.N. MTB 6 rammed/sunk by Destroyer HMS Dainty while under tow by Dainty off Sardinia
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Arsenal sunk in a collision with Polish Destroyer Burza in the Clyde Estuary
1941 U-433 sunk by Corvette HMS Marigold east of Gibraltar
1942 U-173 sunk by Destroyers USS Woolsey, Swanson and Quick off Casablanca. Greek sub Triton sunk by KM Sub Chaser UJ-2102 off Euboia.
1943 Sub USS Corvina sunk by I-176 off Truk. U-280 sunk by RAF B-24 south west of Ireland. R.N. LCT 322 sank off Gijon, Spain. R.N. LCT 418 sank in a storm off the north west coast of France.
1944 Minelayer Ukishima sank north of Oshima Island, possibly by a mine.
November 17th, 2013  
Nov 17
1183 Battle of Mizushima
1796 Battle of Arcole
1810 Anglo-Swedish War of 1810-12 Declared. What if they had a War and no one came?
1862 Battle of Fredricksburg begins
1917 U-58 sunk by Destroyers USS Fanning and Nickolson off Milford Haven, Wales, 1st sub kill for the USN.
1942 U-331 damaged by RAF Hudson, surrenders, sunk after surrender by Albacores from HMS Formidable.
1943 High Speed Transport USS McKean torpedoed and sunk by IJN torpedo plane off Bouganville. Sub Tender Hie Maru sunk by USS Drum south west of Truk.
1944 R.N. LCT 1022 wrecked off Dungeness. US LST-6 sunk by mine in Siene Bay, France. Escort Carrier Shinyo and IJ Army Landing Craft Depot Ship Mayasan Maru sunk by sub USS Picuda in the Yellow Sea. Torpedo Boat Hiyodori sunk by sub USS Gunnel north east of Cape Tourane, French Indochina
November 18th, 2013  
Nov 18
1803 Battle of Vertieres
1809 French capture a convoy of British "East Indiamen" in the Indian Ocean.
1812 Battle of Krasnoi ends
1916 1st Battle of the Somme ends, began July 1.
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Go Ahead sunk in a collision in the Medway
1942 Norwegian Corvette Montbretia sunk by U-262 south east of Cape Farewell
1943 Sloop HMS Chanticleer damaged by U-515, repaired and used as an accomodations ship. U-718 rammed/sunk by U-476 during training exercise in the Baltic. Destroyer Samae sunk by USS Bluefish in the Celebes Sea.
1944 PT-311 sunk by a mine west of La Spezia. Sub I-41 sunk by Destroyer Escorts Lawrence C. Taylor and Melvin R. Nawman and planes from USS Anzio.
1991 Siege of Vukovar ends
November 20th, 2013  
19 Nov
636 Battle of Qadisiya ends
1885 Battle of Slivnitsa ends
1912 Serbs liberate Bitola from the Ottomans
1917 Destroyer USS Chauncey rammed/sunk by British SS Rose west of Gibraltar
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Fontenoy bombed/sunk off Lowestoft
1941 KM Raider Kormoran and Cruiser HMAS Sydney sink each other off Western Australia, Sydney lost with all hands.
1942 Whaler HMS Ullswater sunk by E Boats in the English Channel. KM Auxiliary MN-01 shelled/beached in Varangerfjord. Sperrbrecher 169 sunk by mine in Helgefjord. US Patrol Boat YP-26 destroyed by a explosion while hauled out on a marine railway at Cristobal, Panama Canal Zone.
1943 U-211 sunk by RAF Wellington east of The Azores. USN Sub Chaser SC-1067 sank off Attu, Alaska Territory. PT-147 ran aground and was scuttled off Teliata Point, New Guinea.
1944 Sub I-37 sunk by Destroyers USS Conklin and McCoy Reynolds. Sub Chaser CH-36 bombed/sunk by USN aircraft off Subic Bay. Sub USS Sculpin damaged by Destroyer Yamagumo and scuttled north of the Mariannas. KM Gun Ferry AF-18 bombed/sunk by Soviet aircraft. Battle of Vianden.
November 25th, 2013  
Nov 24
1429 Siege of Charite begins
1542 Battle of Solway Moss
1850 Battle of Lottorf
1863 Battle of Lookout Mountain
1940 Slovak Republic joins the Axis. Trawler HMS Amethyst sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. Armed Yacht HMS Gael sunk by mine at the mouth of the Humber
1941 Cruiser HMS Dunedin sunk by U-124 off Recife
1942 Destroyer Hayashiro bombed by US and RAAF aircraft, scuttled in Huon Gulf.
1943 Carrier USS Liscome Bay sunk by I-175 off the Gilberts. R.N. MTB 73 bombed/sunk off La Maddalena. Ex-Frech Cruiser Jeanne de Vienne, Destroyer Aigle and Minesweeper SG-21 bombed/sunk at Toulon by US bombers.
1944 R.N. MTBs 287 and 371 wrecked off Levrera Island, Yugpslavia. IJN Landing Ships T-111, T-141, and T-160 bombed/sunk by P-40s and P-47s at Port Cataingan, Masbate
November 25th, 2013  
Nov 25
1177 Battle of Montgisard
1758 British capture Ft. Duquesne
1863 Battle of Missionary Ridge
1917 Battle of Ngomano
1939 KM Flackship V-301 sunk by mine off Denmark
1940 1st flights Mosquito and B-26. Trawlers HMS Kennymore, sunk by mine, and HMS Conquistador, sunk by collision, in the Thames Estuary. R.N. Motor Launch ML 111 sunk by mine at the mouth of the Humber
1941 Italian Armed Merchant Cruiser Attilo Deffenu sunk by sub HMS Thrasher off Brindisi. Minesweeper Zirana bombed/beached at Benghazi. Battleship Barham sunk by U-331 off Alexandria. Trawlers HMS Jacques Morgand and HMS Fisher Girl bombed/sunk at Falmouth. KM Flackship V-412 sunk by R.N. MTBs off St. Pol, France, raised, repaired, returned to service as V-805.
1942 KM Minesweeper M-101 sunk in a collision with SS Levant off Norway. Sub HMS Utmost sunk by Italian Torpedo Boat Groppo south west of Sicily. Trawler HMS Leyland sunk in a collision off Gibraltar
1943 I-19 sunk by Destroyer USS Radford west of Makin. U-600 sunk by Frigates HMS Bazely and Blackwood. U-849 sunk by USN PB4Y west of the Congo. Battle of Cape St. George: Destroyers Makanami, Onami and Yuguri sunk. RO-100 sunk by mine off Buin.
1944 Cruiser Kumano, Sub Chaser CH-46, Escort Yasojima, Landing Ships T-6, T-10, T-113, T-142, and T-161 sunk by USN aircraft in the Philippines. Frigate CD-38 sunk by USS Hardhead, Destroyer Shimotsuki sunk by sub USS Cavalla, Patrol Boat PB-38 sunk by sub USS Atule. U-482 sunk by Frigate HMS Ascencion. Corvette HMCS Shawinigan sunk by U-1228 in the Cabot Strait
1952 Battle of Triangle Hill ends