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October 25th, 2013  
Oct 24
69 2nd Battle of Bedriacum
1812 Battle of Maloyarslavets
1912 Battle of Kumanovo ends
1917 Battle of Caporetto begins
1939 U-16 sunk by Sloop HMS Puffin and R.N. Trawler HMS Cayton Wyke in the Dover Strait
1940 KM Weather ship Adolf Vinnen sunk by 3 R.N. Destroyers off Norway
1941 R.N. Trawlers HMS Emilion and Lucienne Jeanne sunk by mines in the Thames Estuary
1942 U-599 sunk by RAF B-24 north west of The Azores
1943 Destroyer HMS Eclipse sunk by a mine off Kalymnos. U-566 damaged by a RAF Wellington off The Azores, scuttled. Destroyer Mochitzuki bombed/sunk by USN PBYs south east of Rabaul
1944 KM Patrol ship V-6111 sunk off Norway. U-673 sunk in a collision with U-382. Sub USS Tang sunk by own torpedo in the Formosa Strait. USS Shark sunk by 2 IJN Destroyers in the Luzon Strait. Battle of Leyte Gulf: Sub USS Darter runs aground in the Palawan Passage and is scuttled. Aircraft Carrier Princeton is bombed/scuttled. Fleet Tug USS Sonoma sunk by explosion of Kamakaze that hit a near by Liberty Ship. LCI(L)-1065 lost in Leyte Gulf. Destroyer Wakaba bombed/sunk west of Panay. Battleship Musashi bombed/sunk in the Sibuyan Sea
1973 Yom Kippur War ends
October 26th, 2013  
Oct 25
1147 Siege of Lisbon ends
1415 Battle of Agincourt
1812 HMS Macedonian captured by USS United States
1822 Siege of Missolonghi begins
1854 Battle of Balaclava
1864 Battle of Mine Creek
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Lord Inchcape sunk by mine off Plymouth. R.N. Trawler HMS Duthies bombed/sunk at Montrose
1941 Minesweeper HMS Latana bombed/sunk by JU-87s in the Med. Italian sub Galileo Ferraris damaged by RAF sub and a Destroyer and scuttled west of Gibraltar
1942 Fleet Tug USS Seminole and Patrol Boat YP-284 sunk by 3 IJN Destroyers off Tulagi. Cruiser Yura bombed/scuttled off Guadalcanal
1943 R.N. Trawler HMS Willian Stephens sunk by E Boat S-74, and S-63 and 88 sunk by MGBs 603 and 607, off Cromer
1944 R.N. Minesweeper BYMS 2077 sunk by mine in Gulf of Corinth. R.N. LCT 1045 sank in the English Channel. Sub USS Tang sunk by own torpedo in the Formosa Strait. Battle of Leyte Gulf: IJN losses: Carriers Chiyoda, Chitose, Zuiho, and Zuikaku, Battleships Fuso and Yamashiro, Cruisers Chikuma, Chokai, Mogami, Suzuya, Tama, destroyers Akizuki, Asugumo, Hatsuzuki, Michishio, Wakaba. US Losses: Carriers St. Lo and Gambier Bay, Destroyers Hoel and Johnston, Destroyer Escort Samuel B. Roberts, PT-493
1983 US invades Grenada
October 27th, 2013  
26 Oct
1597 naval Battle of Myeongnyang
1813 Battle of Chateauguay
1917 Brazil declares War on the Central Powers
1940 1st flight P-51
1941 CAM ship HMS Ariguani damaged by U-83, repaired and sold into merchant service 1944
1942 Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. Carrier USS Hornet and Destroyer USS Porter sunk. Battle of Henderson Field ends.
1943 1st flight Do-335 fighter
1944 Norwegian Corvette Rose rammed/sunk by Frigate HMS Manners east of Newfoundland. KM Minesweeper M-433 bombed/sunk off Norway. R.N. Motor Launch ML 579 bombed/sunk at Leros. R.N. MTB 669 sunk by KM ships off Norway. Battle of Leyte Gulf ends: IJN losses: Cruisers Kunu, Noroshiro, Abukuma, sub I-26, Destroyers Nowaki, Urinami, and Hayashimo, Landing Ship T-102.
2002 Moscow Theatre Siege ends
October 28th, 2013  
Oct 27
1644 2nd Battle of Newbury
1864 Ironclad CSS Albemarle sunk in the Roanoke River by Lt. Cushing using a spar torpedo on a steam launch. Battle of the Boydton Plank Road begins.
1870 Siege of Metz ends
1914 Battleship HMS Audacious sunk by mine off Ireland
1916 Battle of Segale
1942 R.N. LCT 2281 lost as cargo when Whaling Factory ship SS Sourabaya is sunk by a U-Boat. U-436 sunk by RAF B-17 south of Iceland.
1944 U-1060 damaged by R.N. and RAF aircraft, beached at Bronnoysund. Destroyers Fujinami and Shiranuhi sunk with all hands by USN aircraft off Panay.
1981 Soviet sub S-363 runs aground off Sweden, "Whiskey on the rocks" Incident
October 30th, 2013  
Oct 30
1137 Battle of Rignano
1270 Siege of Tunis ends
1340 Battle of Rio Saludo
1657 Battle of Ocho Rios
1806 Stettin surrenders to the French
1863 Gunboat USS Undine and 2 transports captured by Forrest's CS Cavalry.
1939 Armed Boarding Vessel HMS Northern Rover sunk by U-59 north west of the Orkneys
1940 U-32 sunk by Destroyers HMS Harvester and Highlander north west of Ireland. Destroyer HMS Sturdy wrecked off Tiree, Inner Hebrides. R.N. ML 109 sunk by mine in The Humber
1941 Soviet sub Kalev sunk by mine off Hanko
1942 U-520 sunk by RCAF B-18 east of Newfoundland. U-559 sunk by 5 R.N. Destroyers, Enigma machine and materials captured before she sinks. U-658 sunk by RCAF Hudson east of Newfoundland
1944 KM Minesweeper Zeus bombed/sunk at Thessaloniki. R.N. LCT 936 damaged beyond repair at Lowestoft.
November 2nd, 2013  
Nov 2
1899 Siege of Ladysmith begins
1914 Russia declares War on the Ottomans
1940 Battle of Elia-Kalamas begins. U-31 sunk by Destroyer HMS Antelope north west of Ireland. R.N. Trawler HMS Rinovia sunk by mine off Falmouth
1943 Battle of Empress Augusta Bay: Cruiser Sendai and Destroyer Hatsukaze sunk. U-340 sunk by Sloop HMS Fleetwood and Destroyers Active and Withington off Tangiers. Minesweeper W-26 bombed/beached by 5th Air Force B-25s at Rabaul
1944 R.N. LCTs 7011, 839, and 789 lost off Walcherin
1947 1st and only flight Hughes H-4 Hercules
November 4th, 2013  
3 Nov
1812 Battle of Vyazma
1867 Battle of Mentana
1918 Austria-Hungary signs armistice with the Allies. Gerrman Revolution of 1918-19 begins
1940 Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Laurentic sunk by U-99 west of Ireland
1941 Patrol Ship HMS Ouzel sunk with all hands by a mine east of Maplethorp. KM Patrol ship UJ-1213 sunk by HMS Trident in Honningsvaag
1942 Battle of Koli Point
1944 R.N. Motor Launch ML 147 damaged beyond repair off Portmouth. Destroyer Akikaze sunk with all hands by sub USS Pintado when she intercepted torpedoes launched at Carrier Junyo.
1967 Battle of Dak To begins
November 5th, 2013  
4 Nov
1429 Siege of Saint-Pierre-le-Moutiere ends
1576 Siege of Antwerp ends. Sack of Antwerp begins
1791 Battle of the Wabash
1798 Siege of Cotfu begins
1864 Battle of Johnsonville: Gunboat Undine burned to prevent recapture
1940 Armed Merchant Cruiser Patroclus sunk by U-99 west of Ireland
1941 R.N. LCTs 105 and 109 lost in Home Waters
1942 U-132 sunk by the explosion of SS Hatimura south east of Cape Farewell. Sub RO-65 sinks in a diving accident in Kiska Harbor
1943 R.N. LCT 583 lost in the Med. R.N. MTB 606 sunk by KM vessels off Holland. Survey ship Tsukushi sunk by mine off Kavieng, New Ireland
1944 Minesweeper W-5 sunk by sub HMS Terrapin in the Molacca Strait
1979 Iran Hostage Crisis begins
November 7th, 2013  
Nov 6
1632 Battle of Lutzen
1863 Battle of Droop Mountain
1865 CSS Shenandoah surrenders to HMS Donegal at Liverpool, last CS military unit to surrender
1935 1st flight Hawker Hurricane
1940 R.N. Whaler HMS Sevra sunk by mine off Falmouth. R.N. Trawler HMS Girl Helen sunk by mine off Newcastle
1942 R.N. MGB 19 bombed/sunk at Oulton Broad
1943 Destroyer USS Beatty torpedoed/sunk by JU-88s off Algeria. U-226 sunk by 3 R.N. Sloops. U-842 sunk by Sloops HMS Starling and Wild Goose. Sub Chaser CH-11 bombed/sunk by B-25s west of Buka
1944 R.N. LCT 609 sank in a storm off Ostend
1948 Battle of Xu-Beng begins
1951 Soviets shoot down USN P2V off Siberia
November 8th, 2013  
7 Nov
1811 Battle of Tippecanoe
1861 Battle of Port Royal. Battle of Belmont
1863 Battle of Kelly's Ford
1900 Battle of Leliefontein
1914 Japan captures Tsingtao from Germany
1917 Battles of Hareira and Sheria
1940 HMS Swordfish sunk by mine off the Isle of Wight. Vichy French sub Poncelet damaged by Sloop HMS Milford and scuttled off Gabon. Free French Minesweeper Poulmic sunk by mine off Portsmouth. R.N. Trawler HMS William Wesney sunk by mine off Orford. R.N. Trawler HMS Reed sunk by mine in the Thames Estuary. KM Torpedo Boat T-6 sunk by mine off Kinnaird Head.
1941 Soviet Hospital ship Armenia bombed/sunk by an HE-111 in the Black Sea.
1942 IJN midget sub HA-11 ran aground and scuttled off Marovovo Island, Guadalcanal.
1944 USS Albacore sunk by mine off Hokkaido. R.N. LCT 976 sank near the mouth of the Schelde. R.N. LCT 420 sunk by mine in the English Channel.