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December 30th, 2012  
Dec 30
1460 Battle of Wakefield
1702 Siege of St. Augustine ends
1862 Battle of Chicasaw Bayou ends
1939 KM Patrol ship V-704 sunk by mine
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Bandolero sunk in collision with Destroyer HMS Waterhen off Solum
1941 Depot Ship HMS Kudat bombed/sunk in the Klang Straits off Port Swettenham, Malaya.
1942 Special Service Ship HMS Fidelity sunk by U-435, taking LCV-752 and 754, on board as deck cargo, along with her.
1944 Tanker USS Porcupine sunk, and Destroyer USS Gansevoort damaged and beached, by Kamakazes in Mangarin Bay, Mindoro. Gansevoort repaired and returned to service. PT Boat Tender USS Orestes damaged by Kamakazes and beached, repaired and returned to service. IJN Destroyer Kuretake sunk by sub USS Razorback s.e of Formosa. IJN Coast Defence Frigate CD-20 and Sub Chaser CH-18 sunk by 5th Air Force B-25s, A-20s and P-40s Lingayen Gulf.
December 31st, 2012  
Dec 31
406 Germanic tribes invade Gaul
535 Byzantines takes Palermo
1229 Aragon takes Majorca
1501 1st naval Battle of Cannanore begins
1775 Battle of Quebec
1862 Battle of Murfreesboro begins. USS Monitor founders in a storm off Cape Hatteras
1941 Soviet Patrol Boat CKA-094 bombed/sunk in Strait of Kerch
1942 Battle of the Barents Sea: Minesweeper HMS Bramble is sunk with all hands & Destroyer HMS Achates damaged, both by Cruiser Adm Hipper, Hipper damaged by Cruisers Sheffield and Jamaica, Sheffield sinks destroyer Friedrich Eckold with all hands.
Salvage ship USS Rescuer wrecked in the Aleutians near Scotch Cap.
1943 Minesweeper HMS Clacton sunk by mine off the east coast of Corsica. HMS HDML 1121 founders off Pantalleria.
1944 Hungary declares War on Germany. KM Minesweeper M-445 & U-2530 bombed/sunk at Hamburg. U-2530 is raised & bombed/sunk again on Jan. 17 & again on Feb. 20, '45
1994 Battle of Grozny begins
January 2nd, 2013  
Jan 1
1776 British burn Norfolk, Va
1781 Continental Army's Pennsylvania Line Mutiny begins
1861 Bombardment between Union held Ft. Pickens & CS held Ft. Barrancas and the Pensacola Navy Yard begins
1863 Battle of Galveston: CS recaptures Galveston, capturing Gunboat USS Harriet Lane & destroying Gunboat USS Westfield
1940 Cruiser HMS Coventry bombed/damaged at Sullom Voe
1943 US LCT-21 lost as cargo when Liberty Ship Arthur Middleton is sunk by U-73. R.N. MTB-105 is scuttled by Corvette HMCS Woodstock in the Atlantic after floating away from the sinking Special Service Ship HMS Fidelity, sunk by U-435 on Dec. 30, '42
1944 Aux. Gunboat Okuyo Maru sunk by sub USS Ray in Ambon Bay.
1962 US Navy SEALs Est.
January 2nd, 2013  
Jan 2
366 Alamanni invade Gaul
1492 Granada liberated from the Moors
1777 Battle of Assunpink Creek
1862 Bombardment between Ft Pickens & Ft. Barrancas anf the Navy Yard ends before daylight
1863 Battle of Murfreesboro ends
1869 Siege of Paysandu ends
1905 Siege of Port Arthur ends
1942 Japanese capture Manila, Clark Field & the Cavite Navy Yard. USN Launch YFB-683 & Tug YT-107 bombed/sunk at Cavite. Tug HMS Daisy founders between Alexandria and Tobruk
1943 Minesweeper HMS Alarm bombed/damaged off Bone, scrapped. Fleet Tug USS Grebe, grounded on Dec 6, 1942 at Vuanta Vatoa, Fiji Islands, is destroyer on the night of Jan. 1-2, 1943 by a Hurricane
1945 R.N. Trawler HMS Hayburn Wyke sunk by KM Seehund midget sub off Ostend. IJN Coast Defence Frigate CD-138, Transport Meiryu Maru & IJ Army transport Shirokawa Maru are sunk, and CD-66 damaged, by A-20s and P-38s at San Fernando, Luzon
1963 Battle of Ap Bac
January 3rd, 2013  
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<font size="6"><b>October 23</b></font><br />
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42. B.C: Brutus commits suicide:<br />
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<br />
1864, Civil War:<br />
Battle of Westport, Missouri<br />
Confederate GEN Sterling Price was defeated at the Battle of Westport, MO, ending Civil War fighting west of the Mississippi River.<br />
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<br />
1941 Soviets switch commanders in drive to halt Germans <br />
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<br />
1942: The British, led by Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, launched a successful infantry attack against the Germans at El-Alamein, Egypt, during World War II. <br />
<br />
1944: During World War II, U.S. forces under the leadership of Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr., commenced a decisive air and sea battle against the Japanese on the central Philippine island of Leyte. <br />
<br />
1965, Vietnam War:<br />
1st Cavalry Division launches Operation Silver Bayonet <br />
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January 3rd, 2013  
Jan 3
1777 Battle of Princeton
1940 Soviet sub S-2 sunk by mine in Gulf of Aland. R.N. Trawler HMS New Spray foundered in a storm off Sheerness.
1943 Unfinished Italian Cruiser Ulpio Traiano sunk by British Chariot manned torpedoes at Palermo
1944 Destroyer USS Turner sunk by internal explosions off Ambrose Light, N.Y.
1945 IJN Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-10 sunk by 13th Air Force B-25s at Davao. IJN Landing Craft Depot ship Shinshu Maru & IJ Army cargo ship Shoto Maru sunk by USN aircraft off the west coast of Formosa.
January 5th, 2013  
Jan 4
46 BC Battle of Ruspina
871 Battle of Reading
1847 Colt's 1st pistol contract with US Govt.
1878 Sphia is liberated from the Ottomans
1910 USS Michigan, the US Navy's 1st Dreadnought Battleship, is Commisioned
1942 Armed Yacht HMS Sona bombed/sunk at Poole
1943 Norwegian Patrol ship Bodo sunk by mine off Aberdeen
1944 Soviet Sub M-36 sinks while undergoing trials off of Georgia. USN PT-145 runs aground & is scuttled off Mindiri, New Guinea.
1945 Carrier Ommaney Bay fatally damaged by Kamakaze, scuttled by Destroyer USS Burns. IJN Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-176 sunk and CHa-163 damaged and scuttled in the Formosa Strait, and IJN Transport Iwoto Maru sunk n.e. of Formosa, by US Navy aircraft. IJ Army Transport Horikosi Maru No. 15 sunk by mine n.e. of Mukai Jima
1951 Chinese/N. Koreans capture Seoul
1989 2nd Gulf of Sidra Incident
January 6th, 2013  
Jan 5
1477 Battle of Nancy
1675 Battle of Colmar
1781 R.N. forces led by Benedict Arnold burn Richmond.
1855 Crew of USS Plymouth skirmish with Chinese troops
1913 naval Battle of Lemnos
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Kingston Cornelian sunk with all hands in a collision east of Gibraltar
1941 KM Patrol Ship V-303 Tannenburg sunk by mine. V-306 Fritz Hincke sunk by mine off Ijmuiden. Sloop HMS Lowestoft damaged by a mine in the Thames Estuary
1942 Italian sub Ammiraglio St. Bon sunk by sub HMS Upholder near Milazzo, Sicily. Italian Troopship Citta di Palermo sunk by sub HMS Proteus n.w. of Patras. Soviet Minesweeper Vrzyvatel bombed/beached at Eupatoria
1943 Cruiser USS Helena 1st to use proximity shells in combat.
1945 IJN transport no. 107, an LST, is sunk by Destroyer USS Fanning off Haha Jima. Transport No. 154,an LST, is sunk by 4 US Destroyers off Iwo Jima. Destroyer Momi sunk by USN aircraft wsw of Manila. Aux Net Tenders Kanko Maru & Shunsen Maru are sunk by USS Cavalla in the Java Sea. Midget sub Ha-71 sunk by PB4Ys off Chichi Jima.
1991 South Ossetia War begins
January 7th, 2013  
Jan 6
1118 Zaragoza liberated
1781 Battle of Jersey
1809 Invasion of Cayenne begins
1916 Flight training of enlisted men begins at Pensacola
1921 Iraqi Army formed
1928 Lt. Schilt wins Medal of Honor by flying 10 evac trips in a Curtis O2U Corsair in Nicaragua flying wounded Marines from a battle with rebels
1940 French Patrol Ship Barsac wrecked on the Islaons Rocks near Vigo, Spain
1943 U-164 sunk by USN PBY off Pernambuco. R.N. LCTs 106 and 107 founder in a storm off Benghazi
1944 Patrol Gunboat USS St. Augustine rammed/sunk by SS Camas Meadows off Cape May, N.J. R.N. Trawler HMS Wallasea sunk by E Boat off Mounts Bay, Cornwall.
1945 Destroyer-Minesweeper USS Long sunk by Kamakaze in Lingayen Gulf. Destroyer HMS Walpole damaged by mine off Flushing, Netherlands and scrapped. IJN Aux. Sub Chaser CHa-64 sunk by US Army planes off Poulo Condore Island
1967 Operation Deckhouse V begins
January 8th, 2013  
Jan 7
1558 France captures Calais
1863 Battle of Springfield, Mo begins
1940 Battle of Ratte Road ends. Sub HMS Seahorse is sunk n.w of Heligoland & Sub Undine is sunk s.w of Heligoland by a group of KM Minesweepers
1941 Italaian Sub Nani sunk by HMS Anemone in the Atlantic
1942 Siege of Bataan begins
1943 R.N. Trawlers HMS Horatio sunk by E Boat S-58 off Algeria & HMS Jura sunk by U-371 off Algiers
1944 Frigate HMS Tweed sunk by U-305 s.w. of Ireland. KM Seaplane Tenders Krischan and Bernard Von Tschirschky bombed/sunk by RAF at Kiel.
1945 Soviet Sub S-4 rammed/sunk by KM Torpedo Boat T-3 in Danzig Bay. Destroyer Hinoke, damaged by US Navy aircraft the day before, is sunk by 4 USN Destroyers off Manila Bay. IJN Stores Ship Shensei Maru bombed/sunk by 14th Air Force B-24s in the Formosa Strait. Guard ship Nichiei Maru No. 2 sunk by Sub USS Spot in the Inland Sea. Destroyer-Minesweeper USS Hovey torpedoed/sunk, and Destroyer-Minesweeper USS Palmer bombed/sunk by Japanese aircraft in Lingayen Gulf
1949 Israeli fighters shoot down 4 RAF Spitfires and a Tempest over Israel.
1979 Vietnam captures Phnom Penh