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October 23rd, 2012  
Oct 22
1633 Battle of Liaoluo Bay
1707 R.N. Scilly Isles Disaster
1777 Battle of Red Bank
1940R.N. Trawler HMS Josepth Button sunk by mine off Aldegurg. R.N. Trawler HMS Hickory sunk by mine south of Portland. Destroyer HMCS Margaree sunk in collision with MV Port Fairy
1941 R.N. Trawler HMS Alder lost by grounding on east coast of Scotland. Fleet Aux Oiler Darkdale sunk with all hands that were aboard by U-68 at Jamestown, St. Helena
1942 U-42 sunk by RAF Wellington n.e. of the Faroe Islands
1943 Kassel, Germany Air Raid. Greek Destroyer Adrias loses her bow, & Destroyer HMS Hurworth sunk, by mines off Kalymnos. Adrias beached at Gamusluk, Turkey. After temp. repairs sailed to Alexandria where bow was parialy fixed & returned to service
2007 Anuradhapura Sri Lankan Air Force Base Raid
October 24th, 2012  
Oct 23
42 B.C. 2nd Battle of Phillipi
1086 Battle of Sagrajas
1157 Battle of Grathe Heath
1642 Battle of Edge Hill
1864 Battle of Westport, Mo
1937 Chinese Protected Cruiser Yingrui sunk by dive bombers at Jiangyin
1938 Japan captures Humen, China
1940 Italian sub Foca lost to unkown causes in eastern Med.
1942 2nd Battle of El Alamein begins. Battle of Henderson Field begins. Cruiser HMS Phobe damaged by U-161 off the Congo Estuary. Beached at Pointe Noire, repaired in New York, returned to service.
1943 Cruiser HMS Charybdis is sunk by KM Torpedo Boats T23 and T27, and Destroyer HMS Limbourne is torpedoed by T22 & scuttled by Destroyer HMS Rocket, in Bay of Biscay off Quessant, France. U-274 sunk by 2 R.N. Destroyers and an RAF B-24 s.w. of Iceland
1944 Red Army enters Hungary. Battle of Leyte Gulf begins: Battle of Palawan Passage:Cruiser Atago sunk by Sub USS Darter & Cruiser Maya sunk by sub USS Dace.
KM Patrol ship V-6311 sunk by Soviet aircraft off Syltefjord, Flackship Zick V-5506 sunk by RAF Mosquitos off Bergen. U-985 damaged by mine at Lister and withdrawn from service. Seaplane Tender Kamikawa Maru sunk by USS Sawfish south of Formosa
1972 Operation Linebacker ends
1983 US Marine and French Army Barracks in Beirut blown up with truck bombs
2002 Moscow Theatre Siege begins
October 25th, 2012  
Oct 24
1812 Battle of Maloyaroslavets
1912 Battle of Kumanovo ends
1917 Battle of Caporetto begins
1940 KM Weather ship Adolf Vinnen sunk by 3 R.N. destroyers
1941 R.N. Trawlers HMS Emilian and Lucienne Jeanne sunk by mines in the Thames Estuary, Wreck of Emilian blown up as a hazard to navigation
1942 U-599 sunk by RAF B-24 n.w. of the Azores.
1943 U-566 damaged by RAF Wellington west of Portugal & scuttled. Destroyer HMS Eclypse sunk by mine off Klymnos
1944 KM Patrol Ship V-6111 sunk by Soviet aircraft off Korsfjord. U-672 sunk after collieding with U-382 and then running aground near Smaaskjar, raised, scrapped after the War. POW ship Arisan Maru sunk by USS Shark with 1781 US & Allied POWs on board, only 9 survived.
Battle of Leyte Gulf: Sub USS Darter runs aground while chasing the IJN Fleet & is scuttled to prevent capture. IJN Destroyer Wakaba sunk by US aircraft west of Panay. Battleship Musashi sunk by aircraft in Luzon Strait. Fleet Tug USS Sonoma sunk by aircraft hit off Dio Island. USS Shark sunk by Destroyer Harakaze in Luzon Strait.
Sub USS Tang sunk by own malfuntioning torpedo off Turnabout Island.
October 26th, 2012  
Oct 25
1147 Siege of Lisbon ends. Battle of Dorylaeum
1415 Battle of Agincourt
1812 USS United States captures HMS Macedonian
1854 Battle of Balaklava
1864 Battle of Mine Creek, Ks
1939 U-16 sunk by R.N. Trawler HMS Clayton Wyke & Sloop HMS Puffin off Goodwin Sands
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Lord Inchcape sunk by mine, raised, repaired & returned to service
1941 Italian sub Galileo Ferraris damaged by RAF PBY & sunk by Destroyer HMS Lamerton, or scuttled by her crew west of Gibraltar. Minesweeper HMS Latona sunk by Ju-87s off Tobruk
1942 fleet tug USS Seminole & Patrol Ship YP-284 sunk by IJN Destroyers off Tulagi. IJN Cruiser Yura dameged by US aircraft & scuttled in the Indispencible strait off Guadalcanal
1943 KM E Boats S-63 & S-88 sunk by R.N. MTBs 603 & 607, and S-74 sinks R.N. Trawler HMS William Stephen, all off of Cromer
1944 Destroyer HMCS Skeena wrecked in a storm at Vioey Island, Iceland. KM Minesweeper R-250 sunk by soviet aircraft. Soviets capture KM base at Kirkenes, Norway
Battle of Leyte Gulf: Battle of Surigao Strait: IJN losses: Destroyers Michishio, Yamagumo & Asagumo, Cruiser Mogami, Battleships Fuso & Yamashiro. Battle off Samar: Cruiser Chiyoda, Destroyer Wakaba, Destroyer Escort USS Samuel B Roberts, Destroyers USS Hoel & Johnston, Escort Carrier Gambier Bay. Battle of Cape Engano: Destroyer Hatsuzuki, carrier Zuiho.
Other losses Escort Carrier USS St. Lo, IJN Cruiser Toma & Carrier Zuikaku
1982 UD invades Grenada
October 26th, 2012  
Oct 26
1597 naval Battle of Myeongnyang
1813 Battle of Chateauguay
1912 Greece liberates Thessaloniki. Serbia liberates Skopje
1917 Brazil declares War on the Central Powers
1940 1st flight P-51
1941 Fighter Catapult ship HMS Ariguani damaged by U-83. Towed to Gibraltar & layed up, eventually repaired & sold into merchant service
1942 Troopship SS President Coolidge sunk by mines at Espiritu Santo. Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands: Carrier USS Hornet sunk by aircraft. Destroyer USS Porter damaged by torpedo from crashed USN TBF & scuttled. IJN Carrier Shokaku, Cruiser Chikuma heavily damaged.
1944 I-26 sunk by 2 US Destroyer Escorts. KM Minesweeper M-433 bombed/sunk off Leka, Norway. Norwegian Corvette Rose sunk in collision with Frigate HMS Manners east of Prince Edward Island.
Battle of Leyte Gulf ends:US aircraft sinks Cruisers Noshiro & Kinu & Destroyers Uranami & Nowaki.
October 28th, 2012  
Oct 27
710 Saracins invade Sardinia
1644 2nd Battle of Newbury
1863 Battle of Brown's Ferry begins
1864 Battle of Boydton Plank Road begins. Lt. Cushing sinks CSS Albemarle using a steam launch armed with a spar torpedo
1870 Siege of Metz ends
1914 Battleship HMS Audacious sunk by mine off of Ireland
1916 Battle of Segale
1940 Free French Forces from Cameroon invade Vichy French held Gabon
1941 Destroyer HMS Cossack, torpedoed on the 23rd by U-563, sinks west of Gibraltar
1942 U-627 sunk by RAF B-17 south of Ireland. R.N. LCT 2281 lost as deck cargo when whaling factory ship Sourabaya is sunk by U-436
1944 U-1060 is attacked by Barracudas & Fireflys from HMS Implacable, plus RAF B-24s, & is then wrecked south of Bronnoysund
1967 Operation Coronado VIII begins
1981 Soviet "Whiskey on the rocks" sub grounding Incident begins with Sweden
October 29th, 2012  
Oct 28
312 Battle of Milvian Bridge
456 Visigoths sack Braga
1516 Battle of Yaunis Khan
1531 Battle of Amba Sel
1628 Siege of La Rochelle ends (began 9/27)
1664 British Royal Marines est.
1776 Battle of White Plains
1864 Battle of Boydton Plank Road ends
1940 Italy invades Greece. Troopship Empress of Britian sunk by U-32 n.w. of Ireland
1941 KM Flackship V-309 sunk by mine off Ventspils, Latvia
1943 U-220 sunk by aircraft from USS Block Island
1944 Destroyer escort USS Eversole sunk by IJN sub I-46. I-45 sunk by Destroyers USS Gridley & Helm
1962 Cuban Missle Crisis ends
October 30th, 2012  
Oct 29
969 Siege of Antioch ends
1467 Battle of Brustem
1658 naval Battle of the Sound
1665 Battle of Mbwila
1863 Battle of Brown's Ferry ends
1918 High Seas Fleet Mutiny begins
1941 R.N. Trawler HMS Flotta runs aground off Buchan Ness. Soviet Patrol Boat MO-266 bombed/sunk off Shepelevski Lighthouse, near Leningrad
1942 R.N. LCT-2190, 2192, & 2284 lost as deck cargo when whaling factory ship Kosmos II, damaged by U-606 on the 28th, is sunk by U-624
1943 U-282 sunk by 3 R.N. ships s.e. of Greenland
1944 I-45 sunk by Destroyer Escort USS Whitehurst off Dinagat Island, Philippines
1955 Soviet Battleship Novorossiik sunk by mine at Sevastopol
1956 Arab-Israeli War begins
October 30th, 2012  
Oct 30
758 Canton, China sacked by Arabs & Persians
1137 Battle of Rignano
1270 Siege of Tunis ends by agreement
1340 Battle of Salado
1806 Stettin surrenders to the French
1864 Gen. Forrest's Cavalry captures Gunboat USS Undine & transports
1918 Ottomans sign armistice with the Allies, ending WWI in the Mid-East
1937 Chinese coast artillery sink 2 IJN ships at Wushan
1939 Ocean Boarding Vessel HMS Northern Rover sunk by U-59 west of the Shetlands
1940 U-32 sunk by Destroyers HMS Harvester & Highlander n.w. of Ireland. R.N. Motor Launch ML 109 sunk by mine in the Humber. Destroyer HMS Sturdy wrecked off Tiree Island, Scotland
1942 British Troopship President Doumer sunk by U-604 north of Madeira. U-559 sunk by 5 R.N. ships in the Med. U-520 sunk by RCAF Douglas Digby light bomber (B-18) east of Newfoundland. U-658 sunk by RCAF Hudson east of Newfoundland
1944 KM Minelayer Zeus bombed/sunk at Thessaloniki
October 31st, 2012  
Oct 31
1917 Battle of Beersheba
1940 Battle of Britain ends. R.N. MTB 16 sunk by mine off Clecton-on-Sea
1941 Destroyer USS Reuben James sunk by U-552 off Iceland
1943 Soviet Minesweeper SKA-088 sunk by U-24 off Gagra. U-306 sunk by Destroyer HMS Whitehall and Corvette HMS Geranium n.e. of the Azores. U-584 sunk by aircraft from USS Card. U-732 sunk by R.N. Trawler HMS Imperialist & Destroyer HMS Douglas off Tangier
1944 Troopship Bremerhaven sunk by Soviet aircraft north of Gotenhafen. IJN Oceanographic Research ship Kaiyo No. 6 sunk by sub USS Gabilan in the Kii Strait. Soviet Landing Craft SB-2 sunk by U-475 off Osmussaar, Estonia
1956 British & French aircraft begin bombing Egyptian positions