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October 13th, 2012  
Oct 12
1748 naval Battle of Havana
1861 naval Battle of the Head of the Passes
1917 1st Battle of Paschendale
1940 E Boat S-37 sunk by mine east of Orfordness, Suffolk. French Naval Trawlers Chasseur 6 & 7 sunk by KM Torpedo Boat Grief. R.N. Trawler HMS Resolvo damaged by mine n.e. of Sheerness, beached & abandonded at Scheerness. naval Battle of Cape Passero: Italian Torpedo Boats Ariel & Airone sunk by Cruiser HMS Ajax and Ajax recieving damage, Destroyer Artigliere damaged by Ajax and later sunk by Cruiser HMS York
1941R.N. Lighters A6 & A7 sunk by U-75 in the Med. Soviet sub S-8 sunk by mine off Dago, Estonia.
1942 Soviet subShch-311 sunk by Finnish Patrol Boats VMV 13 & 15. U-597 sunk by RAF B-24 s.w. of Iceland. Battle of Cape Esperance ends: Destroyer USS Duncan & IJN Destroyers Fubuki & Furutaka sunk, Cruisers Aoba & Boise heavily damaged, IJN Destroyer Natsugumo bombed/sunk and Murakumo damaged by US aircraft from Henderson Field, Murakuma scuttled by Destroyer Shirayuki.
1944 Athens liberated
2000 Terrorists damage USS Cole
October 13th, 2012  
Oct 13
1644 Naval Action of Oct. 13, 1644
1710 British capture Port Royal, Capital of Acadia
1775 Continental Navy Est.
1812 Battle of Queenston Heights
1915 Battle of Loos ends
1939 U-40 sunk by mine in English Channell. U-42 sunk by Destroyers HMS Imogen & Ilex off the s.w. coast of Ireland
1940 Rescue Tug HMS Danube III sunk by mine off Sheerness. R.N. Trawler HMS Summer Rose sunk by mine off Sunderland.
1943 Italy declares War on Germany. U-402 sunk by Avengers from USS Card
1944 Red Army occupies Riga
October 14th, 2012  
Oct 14
1066 Battle of Hastings
1322 Battle of Byland Moor
1758 Battle of Hotchkirch
1805 Battle of Elchingen
1806 Battles of Jena-Auerstedt
1863 Battle of Bristoe Station
1938 1st flight P-40
1939 Battleship HMS Royal Oak sunk by U-47 @ Scapa Flow. U-45 sunk by 3 R.N. Destroyers s.w. of Ireland
1940 Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Chesire damaged by U-137 n.w. of Ireland, beached at Belfast Lough, repaired & returned to service. R.N. Trawler HMS Lord Stamp sunk by mine off Dorset. Cruiser HMS Liverpool damaged by Italian torpedo bomber. KM netlayer Genua sunk by Destroyer HMS Cossack at Egersund, Norway
1941 Corvette HMS Fleur de Lys sunk by U-206 west of Gibraltar. R.N. Trawler HMS Forerunner sunk in collision in the Thames Estuary. Italian Torpedo Boat Pleiada sunk by RAF at Tripoli. KM Flackship UJ-1709 sunk by RAF west of Lista
1942 KM Raider Komet sunk with all hands by R.N. MTB 236 off Cap de la Hague, France. R.N. LCMs 508, 509, 519, 522, 523, 532, 537, 547, & 620, and LCT 2006 lost as deck cargo when Whaling factory ship Southern Empress is sunk by U-221 n.e. of St. John's, Newfoundland. Soviet sub Shch-213 sunk by mine off Constanta. Troopship Teison Maru sunk by USS Finback off Tansui, Formosa.
1943 2nd Schweinfurt Air Raid. USCG Patrol ship Dow lost by grounding during a gale off Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
1944 KM Repair ship Sudmeer sunk by RAF or Soviet aircraft off Nordkyn, Norway
1949 Chinese Communists occupy Canton
1952 Battle of Triangle Hill begins
October 15th, 2012  
Oct 15
1211 Battle of Rhyndacus
1529 Siege of Vienna ends
1863 H L Hunley & his crew are killed by a ballast tank failure while testing his sub H L Hunley, later raised, repaired & returned to service.
1864 Confederates capture Sedalia & Glasgow, Mo.
1917 Destroyer USS Cassin damaged by U-61 south of Mind Head, Ireland
1940 Sub HMS Triad sunk by Italian sub Enrico Toti south of Cape Collonne, Gulf of Toranto. R.N. Trawler HMS Mistletoe sunk by mine in Humber Estuary, possibly raised, repaired & returned to service.
1942 Attack Cargo ship USS Electra torpedoed off Casablanca, beached, repaired & returned to service. Destroyer USS Merideth bombed/sunk off Guadalcanal. U-661 rammed/sunk by Destroyer HMS Viscount
1944 U-777 bombed/sunk by RAF at Wilhemlshaven. KM patrol ship V1609 bombed/sunk off Justoy, Norway
October 17th, 2012  
Oct 16
1793 Battle of Wittignies ends
1803 Battle of Leipzig begins
1859 John Brown's Harper's Ferry Raid
1940 Destroyers HMS Ashanti, Fame, & Maori run aground off Sunderland, repaired & returned to service. Minesweeper HMS Dundalk damaged by mine off Harwich. R.N. MTB 106 sunk by mine north of Sheerness
1942 U-353 sunk by Destroyer HMS Fame west of Ireland
1943 Naval Yacht USS Moonbeam sunk in collision with Destroyer USS Greer at the mouth of the Indian River. U-470, 844, & 964 sunk by RAF B-24s in the Western Approaches. U-533 sunk by RAF Blenheim in the Gulf of Oman.
1944 U-1006 sunk by Frigate HMCS Annan s.e. of the Faeroes. KM Minesweeper R-301 sunk by Soviet aircraft at Vardo. KM Patrol Ship V-1707 sunk by Soviet aircraft at Kirkines
1962 Cuban Missle Crisis begins
October 18th, 2012  
Oct 17
456 Battle of Placentia
1347 Battle of Neville's Cross
1448 2nd Battle of Kosovo begins
1777 Gen. Burgoyne surrenders at Saratoga
1800 British occupy Curacou
1939 Battleship HMS Iron Duke bombed by Ju-88s and beached at Scapa Flow, repaired & returned to service.
1940 Minesweeper HMS Dundalk, damaged by a mine the day before, sinks off Harwich. R.N. Trawler HMS Kingston Cairngorm damaged by mine south of the Isle of Portland
1941 Corvette HMS Gladiolus sunk with all hands by U-558. Destroyer USS Kearny torpedoed/damaged by U-568 while in a battle defending a British convoy even though the US wasn't at War with Germany. Repaired & returned to service
1943 U-540 sunk by RAF B-24s s.e. of Cape Farewell, Greenland. U-631 sunk by Corvette HMS Sunflower s.e. of Cape Farewell. U-841 sunk by Frigate HMS Byard east of Cape Farewell. KM Raider Michel sunk by USS Tarpon 50 miles from Yokohama
1944 IJN Minelayer Itsukushima sunk by Dutch sub Zwaardvis in Java Sea n.e. of Bawean Island. Soviet Guard Ship BMO-527 sunk by U-1165 in the Baltic. KM Patrol Ship V-6107 bombed/sunk by Soviet aircraft in Varangerfjord. US Minesweeper YMS 70 foundered in a storm off Leyte
1977 GSG 9 rescues hostages from Lufthansa Flight 818 in Mogadishu
October 18th, 2012  
Oct 18
1016 Battle of Ashingdon
1081 Battle of Dyrrhachium
1540 Battle of Mabila
1599 Battle of Sellenberk
1812 USS Wasp captures HMS Frolic
1859 US Marines capture John Brown & his Raiders
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Kingston Cairngorm, damaged by a mine the day before, sinks. R.N. sub H-49 sunk by KM Sub Chasers UJ-116 and UJ-118 off Texel. Aux. Minesweeper HMCS Bras d'Or lost with all hands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Italian sub Durbo sunk by 2 Saunders-Roe London seaplanes & HMS Firedrake and Wrestler.
1941 Destroyer HMS Broadwater sunk by U-101 south of Iceland. Italian Troopships Oceana & Neptunia sunk by HMS Upholder off of Tripoli
October 19th, 2012  
Oct 19
202 B.C. Battle of Zama
439 Vandals capture Carthage
1781 Cornwallis surrenders @ Yorktown
1805 Battle of Ulm ends
1812 French retreats from Moscow
1813 Battle of Leipzig ends
1912 Italy takes Tripoli
1914 1st Battle of Ypres begins
1939 Soviet sub SC-424 sunk in collision with a trawler
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Velia sunk by mine off the Kentish Knock Lightship. Destroyer HMS Venitia sunk by mine off Margate
1941 U-204 sunk by Corvette HMS Mallow & Sloop HMS Rochester in the Strait of Gibraltar
1942 Destroyer USS O'Brien was torpedoed by I-15 on Sept. 15 off Espiritu Santo. She sailed to Australia & recieved temporary repairs. While sailing to the US for permanent repairs she suffered loss of structural integrity and sank off Samoa.
1944 US troops land on Leyte
1950 China intervienes in the Korean War
October 21st, 2012  
Oct 20
1572 Siege of Goes lifted
1824 USS Porpoise captures 4 Pirate ships off Cuba
1827 Battle of Navarino
1861 Battle of Ball's Bluff begins
1939 KM Flackship V-701 sunk by mine off Mon, Denmark
1940 Italian Destroyer Francesco Nulla damaged by Destroyer HMS Kimberly & beached on Harmil Island in the Red Sea. Italian sub Lafole sunk by 3 R.N. Destroyers off Melilla
1941 Italian Torpedo Boats Altair & Aldebaran sunk by mines in the Gulf of Athens
1942 U-216 sunk by RAF B-24 s.w. of Ireland. Cruiser USS Chester damaged by I-176 in the Solomons
1943 German POW ship Finfra sunk by B-25s & Beaufighter in Suda Bay, killing 2,098 Italian POWs. U-378 sunk by aircraft from USS Card
1944 Red Army occupies Belgrade
1962 Sino-Indian War begins
1967 Operation Coronado VII begins
October 21st, 2012  
Oct 21
1096 Battle of Civetot
1097 Siege of Antioch begins
1600 Battle of Sekigahara
1797 Frigate USS Constitution launched, oldest commissioned US Navy ship
1805 Battle of Trafalgar
1861 Battle of Ball's Bluff ends
1912 Bulgaria captures Kardzhali
1937 Spanish Nationalists capture Gijon
1938 Japan captures Guanthou. Japanese capture Chinese gunboat Yongji at Xinti
1940 Italian Destroyer Francesco Nulla, damaged & beached the day before, is destroyed by RAF Blenheims. R.N. MTB 17 sunk by mine off Ostend, Belgium
1941 Gunboat HMS Gnat is damaged by U-79 off Bardia. Beached at Alexandria & used as an anti-aircraft platform for rest of the War, then scrapped. Soviet sub M-58 sunk by mine at mouth of the Danube
1942 KM POW ship Palatia sunk by RNZAF Hampden torpedo bomber off Lindesnes, Norway. 915 Russian POWs & apx 70 crew killed. Soviet sub S 7 sunk by Finnish sub Vesihiisi in the Baltic
1943 Destroyer USS Murphy is cut in two in a collision with tanker SS Bulkoil off the New Jersey coast. The forward section ahead of the forward funnel sinks, the rest is towed in, repaired with a new forward section & returned to service. U-431 sunk by RAF Wellington off Algiers. R.N. Trawler HMS Orfasy sunk with all hands by U-68 s.e. of Freetown, Liberia. Minesweeper HMCS Chedabucto sunk in collision with cable ship Lord Kelvin in the St. Lawrence River
1944 US troops capture Aachen. KM Gun Ferries AF-6 & AF-57 sunk by Soviet aircraft off Kirkenes. KM Minesweeper R-151 sunk by Soviet aircraft off Vardo & M-31 torpedoed & sunk off Honningsvag, Norway. Cruiser HMAS Australia damaged by an airplane strike
1950 Battle of Yongju begins