This day in military history.. - Page 196

October 3rd, 2012  
Oct 2
1187 Siege of Jerusalem ends
1263 Battle of Largs
1552 Russia captures Kazan
1814 Battle of Rancagua ends
1835 Battle of Gonzales
1864 Battle of Peeble's Farm ends. 1st Battle of Saltville
1939 Polish minesweepers Czajka, Mewa, Rybitwa, and Zurow are scuttled at Hel. Raised, repaired & put into KM service as Westerplatte, Putzig, Rixhoft, and Oxhoft
1940 Italian sub Berillo scuttled after being attacked by Destroyers HMS Hasty and Havock in the Med.
1941 Operation Typhoon begins. CAM ship SS Empire Wave sunk by U-652. IJN sub I-61 sunk in collision in the Tsushima Strait
1942 R.N. trawler HMS Lord Stonehaven sunk by S Boat S-112 off the Eddystone Lighthouse. U-512 sunk by US B-18 off Cayenne
1943 USN LST-203 wrecked at Nanumea, Ellice Island
October 3rd, 2012  
Oct 3
42 B.C. 1st Battle of Philippi
1574 Siege of Leiden ends
1864 Battle of Corinth, Miss begins
1912 Battle of Coyotepe Hill ends
1935 Italy invades Ethiopia
1940 Cable Layer HMS Lady of the Isles sunk by mine east of St. Anthony Point
1941 Argentine Destroyer Corrienes sunk in collision with Cruiser Almirante Brown. KM Suppy ship Klara & Submarine Depot ship Konrad sunk by HMS Kenya west of Spain
1943 Destroyer USS Henley sunk by Ro-108 off Finschaven, PNG. R.N. Midget sub X-10 scuttled in the North Sea.
1944 I-177 sunk by Destroyer Escort USS Samuel S. Miles. USS Seawolf sunk by Destroyer Escort USS Richard M. Rowell off Morotai. Destroyer Escort USS Shelton sunk by Ro-41 off Morotai
1951 Battle of Maryang Sang begins
1993 Battle of Mogadishu begins (Black Hawk down)
October 4th, 2012  
Oct 4
1363 naval Battle of Lake Poyang ends
1636 Battle of Wittstock
1693 Battle of Marsaglia
1777 Battle of Germantown
1862 Battle of Corinth ends
1918 T A Gillespie munitions factory disaster
1940 Sub HMS Rainbow sunk in collision with Italian SS Antonietta Costa
1941 U-111 sunk by R.N. Trawler HMS Lady Shirley s.w. of Tenerife. R. N. Whaler HMS Whippet bombed/sunk n.e. of Bardia
1943 U-279 sunk by USN Ventura patrol plane s.w. of Iceland. U-389 sunk by RAF B-24 s.w. of Iceland. U-422 & 460 sunk by aircraft from USS Card
1944 Frigate HMCS Chebougue damaged by U-1227, not repaired & scrapped post war. U-993 sunk, and U-92 & 437 damaged by RAF at Bergen, damaged boats scrapped.
October 5th, 2012  
Oct 5
456 Battle of Astorga
1813 Battle of the Thames, Ontario
1862 Battle of Hatchie Bridge
1863 CSS David damages USS New Ironsides with spar torpedo
1864 Battle of Alatoona Pass
1915 Bulgaria joins the Central Powers
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Kingston Sapphire sunk by Italian sub Nani off Cadiz
1942 U-619 sunk by RAF Hudson south of Iceland. U-582 sunk by USN PBY south of Iceland
1943 U-336 sunk by RAF Hudson s.w. of Iceland. USN LST-448 bombed/sunk off Bouganville
1944 RCAF claims 1st kill of German jet fighter. Unfinished Italian Aircraft Carrier Sparviero sunk as block ship at Genoa by the Germans. KM Minesweeper Pommern sunk by mine off Toulon
October 6th, 2012  
Oct 6
105 B.C. Battle of Arausio
69 B.C. Battle of Tigranocerta
1762 Battle of Manila ends
1777 Battles of Ft Clinton & Ft. Montgomery
1940 Minesweeper HMS Poulmic sunk by mine off Penlee Point, Cornwall. Italian sub Gemma sunk by Italian sub Tricheo east of Crete
1943 Naval Battle of Vella Lavella: IJN Destroyer Yugumo sunk, Destroyers USS Chevalier, O'Bannon & Selfridge damaged.
Soviet destroyers Besposhchadny, Sposobny, & Kharkov bombed/sunk
1944 U-168 sunk by Dutch sub Zwaardvis in the Java Sea
1973 Yom Kippur War begins
1977 1st flight Mig 29
October 7th, 2012  
Oct 7
1513 Battle of La Motta
1571 naval Battle of Lepanto
1777 2nd Battle of Saratoga
1780 Battle of Kings Mountain
1800 French ship Confiance, 22, captures British East Indiaman Kent, 26.
1864 USS Wachusett illegally captures CSS Florida in the harbor of Bahia, Brazil in violation of Brazilian neutrality
1939 KM Flackship V-804 sunk by mine off Schiermonnikoog, Neth.
1942 R.N. Motor Launch HMML 339 sunk by E Boat S-62 off Cromer. Troopship Naminoue Maru sunk by USS Sculpin off Rabaul
1943 Destroyer USS Chevalier scuttled of Vella Lavella. US Sub S-44 sunk by IJN Destroyer off Paramushiru
1985 PLO hijacks Achille Lauro
2001 Afgan War & Operation Enduring Freedom begins
October 9th, 2012  
Oct 8
314 Battle of Cibalae
1480 Battle of Ugra
1573 Siege of Alkmaar ends
1821 Peruvian Navy est.
1862 Battle of Perryville
1879 naval Battle of Angamos
1932 Indian Air Force est.
1940 Barrage balloon ship HMS Borealis bombed/sunk south of the Isle of Wight
1941 Germans capture Mariupol
1942 U-179 sunk by Destroyer HMS Active s.w. of Cape Town. KM R Boats R 77, 78, 82 & 86 sunk in North Sea
1943 Polish Destroyer Orkan sunk by U-378 in Barents Sea off Greenland. U-643 & 419 sunk by RAF B-24s, & U-610 sunk by RCAF Catalina, in N. Atlantic
1944 Battle of Crucifix Hill. Troopship Dainichi Maru sunk by sub USS Gurnard in South China Sea with 2,089 casulties
1967 Che Guevara captured
October 9th, 2012  
Oct 9
1238 Aragon captures Valencia
1264 Castile captures Jerez
1595 Spain captures Cambrai
1760 Russians occupy Berlin
1799 HMS Lutine sinks with large gold shipment onboard
1812 US cutting out party captures HMS Detroit & Caledonia on the Niagra River. HMS Caledonia is sucsessfully sailed off, but HMS Detroit drifts down river off of a British fort and is burned to prevent recapture.
1854 Siege of Sevastopol begins
1861 Battle of Santa Rosa Island, Fla
1864 Battle of Tom's Creek
1914 Siege of Antwerp ends
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Sea King sunk with all hands by a mine in the Thames Estuary
1942 3rd Battle of the Matanikau ends. KM supply ship Uckermark & Raider Thor, plus a German and a Japanese merchant ship, are destroyed at Yokohama when Uckermark suffers a fire and explosions that destroy the supply ship and burn out the other three ships. KM Sperrbrecher Lola sunk by mine off Nieupoort. U-171 sunk by mine in Bay of Biscay
1943 Destroyer USS Buck sunk by U-616 off Salerno. Destroyer HMS Panther sunk by Ju-87s in the Scarpanto Strait. KM patrol ship UJ-1210 bombed/sunk off Gdynia
1944 KM patrol ship UJ-1711 bombed/sunk off Norway
1999 last flight SR-71
October 11th, 2012  
Oct 10
680 Battle of Karbala
731 Battle of Tours
1471 Battle of Brunkeberg
1575 Battle of Dormans
1580 Siege of Smerwick ends
1631 Saxons take Prague
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Girl Mary sunk by mine in Firth of Forth off Inchcolm
1941 Danish Naval Trawler Fugloyjin bombed/sunk at Klalsvik, Faroe Islands. Raised, repaired & returned to service. R.N. LCT 102 lost as deck cargo when SS Nailsea Manor is sunk by U-126. Romanian Minelayer Regele Carol I sunk by mine off Varna.
1942 Soviet Cruiser Komintern is bombed/sunk at Chopi. Troopship HMS Orcades sunk by U-172 west of Cape Town. Aircraft ferry Tonan Maru sunk by USS Amberjack in Kaeving Harbor, raised & repaired.
1944 US Carrier Raid on Okinawa. U-2331 lost off Hela Pomerania in a diving accident
October 11th, 2012  
Oct 11
1649 Siege of Wexford ends
1797 naval Battle of Camperdown
1776 naval Battle of Valcour Island
1912 Greeks take Kozani
1940 Armed Yacht HMS Aisha sunk by mine off the Isle of Sheppy. R.N. Trawler HMS L'Istrac sunk by KM Torpedo Boat Grief off the Isle of Wight. R.N. Trawler HMS Warwick Deeping sunk by KM Torpedo Boats Falke and Kondor
1941 KM Auxilary NB-11 bombed/sunk off Bergen by a RAF Hudson
1942 Battle of Cape Esperance begins. Soviet Naval Trawler Mussen sunk by mine off Chernyj Kame Island
1943 Minesweeper HMS Hythe sunk with all hands by U-371 off Bougie, Algeria. USS Wahoo bombed/sunk in the La Peruse Strait
1944 KM Minesweeper M-303 sunk off Norway
1967 Operation Coronado VI begins