This day in military history.. - Page 195

September 22nd, 2012  
Sept 22
1236 Battle of Saule
1586 Battle of Zutphen
1789 Battle of Rymnik
1857 Russian Ship-of-the-Line Lefort founders in a storm with all hands, & passengers, totalling 826 lost
1864 Battle of cedar Creek
1866 Battle of Curupayty
1914 U-9 sinks Armored Cruisers HMS Aboukir, Hogue, & Cressy losing 1400
1937 Battle of El Mazuco ends
1939 Battle of Poland ends
1941 R.N. Motor Launch HMML 14 sunk by mine in the English Channel. Italian Torpedo Boat Palestro sunk by HMS Osiris west of Durazzo, Albania
1942 R.N. Aux. Tanker Grey Ranger sunk by U-435 west of Jan Mayen
1943 U-229 sunk by Destroyer HMS Keppel s.e. of Cape Farewell. R.N. Trawler Ocean Reciever sunk with all hands by mine in Thames Estuary
1980 Iran-Iraq War begins
September 23rd, 2012  
Sept 23
1338 naval Battle of Arnemuiden
1409 Battle of Kherlen
1459 Battle of Blore Heath
1568 Battle of san Juan de Ulua
1799 USS Bon Homme Richard captures HMS Serapis
1803 Battle of assaye
1821 Greeks capture Tripolitsa
1899 Battle of Olongapo
1931 1st landings & takeoffs from a US Navy ship, USS Langley, by a rotary wing aircraft, an XOP-1 Autogiro
1940 Battle of Dakar begins: Vichy French Destroyer L'Audacieux is damaged by HMAS Australia & beached, sub Pers'ee sunk by 3 R.N. destroyers
1941 Soviet Battleship Marat has her bow blow off by JU-87s & sinks in shallow water at Kronstadt, raised & returns to service as stationary battery
1943KM Sloop SG 2 bombed/sunk at Nantes.
1944 US army troops land on Ulithi. Soviet Corvette Brilliant sunk by U-957 in Kara Sea. U-859 sunk by sub HMS Trenchant in Malacca Strait
September 24th, 2012  
Sept 24
1645 Battle of Rowton Heath
1780 Benedict Arnold defects to the British
1863 Siege of Chattanooga begins
1877 Battle of Shiroyama
1914 Siege of Przemysl begins
1918 USNR Ensign David Ingalls becomes 1st US Navy Ace scoring his 5th kill flying a Sopwith Camel while assigned to fly with the R.F.C.
1937 Battle of Pingxinguan begins
1940 Battle of Dakar: Vichy French sub Ajax sunk by aircraft from HMS Ark Royal. Ship-of-the-Line HMS Wellesley bombed/sunk in the River Thames, last R.N. Ship-of-the-Line lost to enemy action & only one lost to an air attack. R.N. Trawler HMS Loch Inler sunk by mine off Harwich. MTB 15 sunk by mine n.e. of North Foreland, Kent. KM Seaplane Tender Ostmark sunk by HMS Tuna s.w. of St. Nazaire
1941 KM Minelayer Konigin Luise sunk by mine off Helsinki.
1944 US Minesweeper YMS 19 sunk by mine off Palau. KM Flackship V-5502 sunk by RAF Mosquitos in Hjeltefjorden. Soviet Minesweeper T-120 sunk by U-739 in the Kara Sea. U-596 bombed/scuttled in Skaramanga Bay
September 26th, 2012  
Sept 25
1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge
1396 Battle of Nicopolis
1775 Battle of Longue-Pointe
1846 US captures Monterrey
1868 Russian Frigate Alexander Nevsky wrecked off Jutland
1911 French Battleship Libert'e sunk by magazine explosion caused by unstable gunpowder, one one a number of French ships victimized by the powder.
1915 2nd Battle of Compagne begins
1937 Battle of Pingzinguan ends
1940 Battle of Dakar ends. R.N. Trawler HMS Stella Sirius bombed/sunk by Vichy French aircraft at Gibraltar. R.N. Trawler HMS White Daisy founders east of the Shetland Islands
1942 U-253 sunk by mine n.w. of Iceland
1943 R.N. Trawler HMS Franc Tireur sunk with all hands by E-Boat S-96, S-96 sunk by ramming by R.N. Motor Launches HMML 145 & 150 off Harwich. Minesweeper USS Skill sunk by U-593 off Capri. US LST-167 bombed/sunk off Vela Lavella
1944 Operation Market-Garden ends. Minelayer USS Miantonomah sunk by mine off Le Harve. KM Patrol ship V-6101 bombed/sunk, & V-6105 and F-752 bombed/beached, by Soviet aircraft
1955 Royal Jordanian Air Force est.
September 27th, 2012  
Sept 26
715 Battle of Compiegne
1345 Battle of Warns
1371 Battle of Maritsa
1777 British occupy Philadelphia
1781 naval Battle of the Chesapeake
1864 Battle of Ft. Davidson. Centralia, Mo Raid
1917 Battle of Polygon Wood begins
1918 USCG Cutter Tampa sunk with all hands by an explosion off Ireland
1940 Norwegian MTB-6 wrecked in the English Channel
1942 Destroyer HMS Veteran sunk with all hands, plus 63 of 65 rescued survivors of SS Boston, by U-404 south of Iceland
1943 Battle of Leros begins: Ju-88s bomb/sink Destroyer HMS Intrepid & Greek Destroyer Vassilissa Olga at Leros
1944 IJN sub RO-47 sunk by Destroyer Escort USS McCoy Reynolds. U-871 sunk by RAF B-17 west of the Azores
1950 UN recaptures Seoul from N. Koreans
September 28th, 2012  
Sept 27
1331 Battle of Plowce
1529 Siege of Vienna begins
1669 Siege of Candia, Crete ends, began May 1, 1648. Longest Siege in history
1940 Destroyer HMS Wren bombed/sunk off Aldeburgh
1941 1st Liberty ship launched. Italian Torpedo Boat Albatros sunk by sub HMS Upright off Messina. Soviet Patrol ship CKA-022 bombed/sunk in Black Sea off Tendra. Soviet Patrol Ship MO-196 sunk by German Field Artillery in the Baltic sea off Shlisselburg. British troopship Imperial Star bombed/scuttled in the Med. CAM ship SS Springbank sunk by U-201. KM Naval Trawler UJ-1201 sunk by HMS Trident off Rolvsoy, Norway
1942 Naval Armed Guard on SS Stephen Hopkins engages KM Raider Stier & supply ship Tannenfels, Stier & Hopkins sink.
1942 2nd Battle of the Matanikau ends. U-165 sunk by RAF Wellington in Bay of Biscay
1943 U-161 sunk by USN PBM Mariner. U-221 sunk by RAF Halifax, & the Halifax was downed by the U-Boat
1944 Destroyer HMS Rockingham sunk by mine. KM Sub Chaser UJ-1715 sunk by mine off Jaeren
1964 1st flight TSR-2
1996 Taliban capture Kabul
September 29th, 2012  
Sept 28
351 Battle of Ursa Major
1066 Normans invade England
1106 Battle of Tinchebray
1238 Aragon captures Valencia
1322 Battle of Muhldorf
1538 naval Battle of Preveza
1781 Siege of Yorktown begins
1822 USS Peacock captures 5 Pirate vessels
1868 Battle of Alcolea
1918 5th Battle of Ypres begins
1940 Italian sub Gondar sunk by Destroyer HMAS Stuart and an RAF Sunderland off Alexandria. R.N. Trawler HMS Recoil sunk by mine off Bridport
1941 Italian sub Fisalia sunk by Corvette HMS Hyacinth off Tel Aviv. Soviet Patrol ship MO-305 bombed/sunk
1943 Sub USS Cisco bombed/sunk in Sulu Sea
1944 KM weapons ferry AF-25 bombed/sunk by Soviets. KM Minesweeper NK-02 Dragone sunk by RAF Mosquitos off Ryvingen, Norway
September 29th, 2012  
Sept 29
1364 Battle of Auray
1789 Regular US Army Est.
1848 Battle of Pakozd
1864 Battle of Chaffin's Farm begins
1918 Battle of St. Quentin Canal begins. Bulgaria surrenders
1932 Battle of Boqueron ends
1939 Cadet Training Ship HMS Carolina burns & sinks in the Firth of Forth
1940 Mines sink 3 R.N. ships: R.N. Trawler HMS Comet & Guardship HMS Sappho off Falmouth & MTB 15 off Harwich
1944 U-863 sunk by 2 USN PB4Ys off Pernambuco. USS Narwhal evacuates 81 Allied POWs who survived the sinking of POW ship Shinyo Maru & came ashore on Mindanao & were rescued by guerillas.
1990 1st flight YF-22
September 30th, 2012  
Sept 30
489 Battle of Verona
737 Battle of the baggage
1744 Battle of Madonna del l'Olmo
1813 Battle of Barbula
1864 Battle of Chaffin's Farm ends. Battle of Peebble's Farm begins
1939 Polish Guard Ship Komendant Pilsudski sunk. Raised, repaired & entered KM service as M-3109 Heisternest
1941 Italian sub Adua sunk by destroyers HMS Gurka & Legion in the Med. Soviet Armored Cruiser Aurora bombed/sunk in Oranienbaum Harbor. raised & repaired post War. R.N. Trawlers HMS Eileen Duncan & Star of Deveron bombed/sunk in the Tyne
1943 USCG patrol ship Wilcox foundered off Cape Hatteras
1944 KM supply ship Herman Von Salza scuttled at St. Nazaire. Raised, repaired & put in French service post war. Troopship Nikken Maru sunk by USS Tang in Yellow Sea, 3219 casulties. U-1062 sunk by Destroyer Escort USS Fessenda s.w. of the Cape Verde Islands
1975 1st flight Hughes Helicopter AH-64 Apache
October 1st, 2012  
Oct 1
331 B.C. Battle of Gaugamela
1787 Battle of Kinburn
1795 France captures Belgium
1827 Russians captures Yerevan
1887 British capture Balochistan
1918 Arabs capture Damascus
1938 Germany annexes the Sudetenland
1939 KM Minesweeper M-85 sunk by mine off Jastima, Poland
1941 KM Sub Chaser UJ-117 sunk by mine off Hanko, Finland
1942 1st flight XP-59. IJN Aircraft Ferry Katguragi Maru sunk by USS Sturgeon west of Bouganville. POW ship Lisbon Maru sunk by USS Grouper north of Chushan Island with a loss of 800-1,000 of 1,800 British POWs.
1943 Allies capture Naples. IJN sub I-20 sunk by Destroyer USS Eaton off Vella Lavella. Soviet Minesweeper T-896 sunk by U-960 in Kara Sea
1944 IJN Minelayer Ajiro sunk by USS Snapper off the Bonin Islands. USN Minesweeper YMS-385 sunk by mine at Ulithi
1947 1st flight F-86
1991 Siege of Dubrovnik begins