This day in military history.. - Page 194

September 13th, 2012  
Sept 12
490 B.C. Battle of Marathon
1213 Battle of Muret
1229 Aragon invades Majorca
1683 Battle of Vienna ends
1814 Battle of North Point, Md
1847 Battle of Chapultepec begins
1861 Battle of Cheat Mountain, Va ends. Siege of Lexington, Mo begins
1897 Battle of Saragarhi
1940 Tug HMS Salvage King wrecked off Duncansby Head, Caithness
1941 Soviet Patrol Ship PC-121 bombed/sunk in Black Sea off Tendra
1942 Battle of Edson's Ridge begins
1943 Mussolini rescued by Skorzeny
1944 Destroyer USS Noa sunk after being rammed by Destroyer USS Fullam. US Subs attack a Japanese convoy, USS Growler sinks Destroyer Shikinami & Frigate Hirado, plus Rayuku Maru & Kachidoki Maru carrying rubber & 2118 British & Australian POWs. Japanese rescue 780 & US Subs 159. They were survivors of those who worked on building the Burma Railroad. US Minesweeper YMS-409 foundered with all hands in the Great Hurricane of 1944 off Florida
1948 India invades Hyderabad
1967 Operation Coronado V begins
September 14th, 2012  
Sept 13
533 Battle of Ad Decium
1759 Battle of the Plains of Abraham
1808 Battle of Jutas
1814 Battle of Ft. McHenry begins
1847 Battle of Chapultepec ends
1882 Battle of Tel el-Kibir
1900 Battle of Pulang Lupa
1914 Battle of Aisne begins
1939 French Minelayer Pluton blows up at Toulon. Minelayer La Tour d'Auvergne blows up while unloading mines at Casablanca, 3 civilian trawlers are sunk & Aux Minesweepers Charcot, Chellah & Grosse damaged beyond repair, at least 200 killed.
1940 KM Trawler M-1306 sunk by mine off Hanstholm
1941 KM Flackship V-308 sunk bySoviet MBT off Porkkala, Finland. Finnish Coast Defence Ship Ilmarinen sunk by mine off Uto, Finland
1944 Destroyer-Minesweeper USS Perry sunk by mine off Palau. Destroyer USS Warrington founders during the Great Hurricane of 1944 off of The Bahamas
September 15th, 2012  
Sept 14
1180 Battle of Ishibashiyama
1808 Battle of Oravais
1812 French enter Moscow
1814 Battle of Ft. McHenry ends
1862 Battle of South Mountain
1939 Polish Minesweeper Jaskolkc bombed/sunk at Jastarnia. U-39 sunk by 3 R.N. Destroyers after her torpedoes malfuntion when launched at HMS Ark Royal off Rockall. 1st U-Boat lost in WWII.
1940 Two KM Naval Trawlers are lost in Norway, NM 11 catches fire & sinks at Kristiansund, & UJ-173 is wrecked at Hardangersjord
1942 Destroyer HMCS Ottawa sunk by U-91. Operation Agreement: A Raid on Tobruk results in disaster for the British, Cruiser HMS Coventry bombed by Ju-87s & scuttled, Destroyers Sikh and Zulu bombed/sunk, MTBs 308, 310, and 312 bombed/sunk & Motor Launches 351 & 352 sunk by German field artillery & MTB 314 bombed/damaged & later captured by KM Minesweeper R-10.
1943 Greek sub Katsonis sunk by KN Sub Chaser UJ-2101 off Skiathos.
1944 The Great Hurricane of 1944 sinks the USCG Cutters Bedloe and Jackson, the Vinyard Sound Lightship is sunk with all hands
September 16th, 2012  
Sept 15
994 Battle of the Orantes
1762 Battle of Signal Hill, Newfoundland
1816 HMS Whiting wrecks on the Doom Bar
1862 CS troops capture Harper's Ferry
1894 Battle of Pyongyang
1916 Battle of the Somme: Battle of Flers-Courcelette, 1st use of Tanks on this day
1940 Battle of Britain Day, height of the Battle. Sloop HMS Dundee sunk by U-48 off Northern Ireland
1942 IJN sub I-19 sinks Carrier USS Wasp & heavily damages Destroyer USS O'Brien south of Guadalcanal
1943 IJN sub Ro-101 sunk by Destroyer USS Saufley & PBYs
1944 Battle of Peleliu begins
1945 A Hurricane wrecks 366 planes & 26 Blimps at NAS Richmond
1950 Inchon Invasion
September 16th, 2012  
Sept 16
1776 Battle of Harlem Heights
1862 Battle of Sharpesburg begins
1940 Italians capture Sidi Barrani. British troopship Aska bombed/sunk off Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland
1941 Italian sub Seraldo sunk in the Med. KM Flackship V-5107 sunk in collision with SS Carl Rehder off Norway
1945 Japanese surrender Hong Kong
1975 1st flight Mig-31
September 17th, 2012  
Arnhem.....Whooa Mohamed
September 17th, 2012  
Sept 17
1176 Battle of Myriokephalon
1462 Battle of Swiecino
1631 1st Battle of Brietenfeld
1716 Jean Thurel Enlists, starting an apx 90 yr carrier In French Army, seems unlikely
1775 Siege of Ft. St. Jean begins
1862 Battle of Sharpesburg ends
1894 Battle of the Yalu River
1939 Soviets invade Poland. Carrier HMS Couragious sunk by U-29
1940 Italian Destroyers Aquilone & Borea sunk by Swordfish in Benghazi Harbor. KM Fkackdhip V-304 sunk by mine.
1941 Swedish Destroyers Goteborg, Klas Horn & Klas Ugga sunk by explosives, probable Soviet sabotage at Harsfjarden. Klas Horn raised, repaired & returned to service
1942 R.N. Trawler HMS Waterfly bombed/sunk in English Channel off Dungeness
1944 Operation Market-Garden begins(A bridge too far). IJN Escort Carrier Unyo sunk by USS Albacore in South China Sea.
September 19th, 2012  
Sept 18
324 Battle ofChrysopolis
1454 Battle of Chojnice
1743 HMS Bridgewater lost off Newfoundland
1759 British capture Quebec
1901 Destroyer HMS Cobra breaks in half & sinks in a storm
1914 South Africa invades German South West Africa
1931 Mukden Incedent begins
1939 R.N. Trawler HMS Lord Minto sunk by U-35 N.W. of St. Kilda
1941 Italian Troopships Neptunia & Oceania sunk by HMS Upholder off Tripoli
1943 KM Sub Chaser UJ-2104 sunk by 2 R.N. & 1 Greek Destroyer
1944 POW ship Junyo Maru sunk by sub HMS Tradewind carrying 1377 Dutch, 64 U.K. & Australian, & 8 US POWs, plus 4200 Javanese slave laborors. Ony 723 rescued
1947 US Air Force est.
1948 India captures & annexes Hyderabad
September 19th, 2012  
Sept 19
1356 Battle of Poitiers
1777 1st Battle of Saratoga
1799 Battle of Bergen
1862 Battle of Iuka
1863 Battle of Chicamauga begins
1864 Battle of Opequon Creek
1870 Siege of Paris begins. Battle of Rome begins
1939 Battle of Oksywie Heights ends
1940 KM Torpedo Boat T-3 bombed/sunk at Le Harve, raised, repaired & returned to service
1941 Corvette HMCS Levis sunk by U-74 off Cape Farewell, Greenland. R.N. Oiler Denbydale severly damaged by Limpet mines placed by frogmen from Italian sub Scire at Gibraltar, used as a refueling hulk untill 1955
1943 KM Hospital Ship Strassburg torpedoed by R.N. MTB 617 in the Med.
1944 Battle of the Huertgen Forest begins. IJN Frigate Iwoshima sunk by USS Shad off Honshu. U-407 sunk by 2 R.N. & 1 Polish Destroyer off Milos. U-565 bombed/scuttled south off of Salamis. U-867 sunk by RAF B-24 west of Bergen
September 21st, 2012  
Sept 20
1187 Siege of Jerusalem begins
1792 Battle of Valmy
1835 rebels capture Porto Alegre, Brazil
1854 Battle of Alma
1857 Supoy Mutiny ends with East India Co. troops capturing Delhi
1861 Siege of Lexington, Mo ends
1863 Battle of Chicamauga ends
1870 Battle of Rome ends
1939 U-27 sunk by 3 R.N. Destroyers west of Lewis, Scotland
1941 CAM ship Empire Burton sunk by U-74 east of Cape Farewell, Greenland. R.N. Trawler HMS Marconi sunk off Harwich
1942 Minesweeper HMS Leda sunk s.w. of Spitsberen. HMS Somali torpedoed by U-705 in the Greenland Sea
1943 Frigate HMS Lagan damaged by U-270, declared total loss. Destroyer HMCS St. Croix sunk by U-305 in Bay of Biscay. U-338 sunk by HMCS Drumheller. U-346 lost in diving accident in DanZig Bay
1951 1st combat helo landing by USMC in Korea