This day in military history.. - Page 193

September 3rd, 2012  
Sept 2
31 B.C. naval Battle of Actium
1649 Papal forces destroy Castro, Italy
1807 2nd Battle of Copenhagen begins
1862 Confederates occupy Lexington, Ky
1864 Union troops occupy Atlanta
1898 Battle of Omdurman
1939 Polish auxilleries Gdansk & Gydnie bombed/sunk off Gdansk
1940 US-UK Bases for Destroyers Deal. KM Troopship Pionier sunk by HMS Sturgeon off Skagen, Denmark. Sub Chaser UJ-121 sunk by mine off Ostend
1943 IJN Frigate Mutsure sunk by USS Snapper north of Truk
1944 Soviet Minesweeper BTSC-410 Vzryv sunk by U-19 in the Black Sea. U-394 sunk by Swordfish from HMS Vindex & gunfire from 4 R.N. ships
1945 Japanese surrender on USS Missouri. Japanese Garrisons surrender on Palau, Truk, Rota & Pagan Island
September 3rd, 2012  
Sept 3
36 B.C. naval Battle of Naulochus
863 Battle of Lalakaon
1260 Battle of Ain Julat
1650 Battle of Dunbar
1651 Battle of Worchester
1777 Battle of Cooch's Bridge
1782 The US Navy's 1st Ship-of-the-Line, USS United States, is transfered upon launch to France
1798 Battle of St. George's Caye
1861 CS troops invade Ky
1863 Battle of Whitestone Hill, Dakota Territory. Union Cavalry inflicts the worse defeat in Sioux history
1864 Battle of Berryville
1925 Zepelin USS Shenandoah crashes in Ohio
1939 UK, France, New Zealand & Australia declares War on Germany. Polish Destroyer Wicher, Minesweeper Mewa & Minelayer Gryf bombed/sunk at Hel
1940 U-57 sunk in collision with Norwegian S.S. Rona off Brunsbuttel. Raised, repaired & returned to service
1943 Allies invade Italy. K.M. Patrol Ship UJ-1202 sunk by a sub off Norway. US troops land at Lae & Salamaua, P.N.G.
1944 1st use of radio controlled PB4Y flying bomb, remote controlled from a PV, to hit sub pens @ Heligoland Island. K.M. Sperrbrecher 155 scuttled at Antwerp, repaired & returns to (Belgian?) service as S.S. Ardea in May of 1945
1945 Japanese surrender on Wake Island
September 5th, 2012  
Sept 4
1260 Battle of Montaperti
1804 Fireship USS Intrepid destroyed in Tripoli Harbor with all hands lost
1812 Siege of Ft. Harrison begins
1861 Confederates occupy Columbus, Ky
1886 Geronimo surrenders
1939 Polish Torpedo Boats A-64 & A-68 scuttled off Danzig
1940 Tug HMS Saucy sunk with all hands by a mine in the Firth of Forth
1941 U-652 misses Destroyer USS Greer with torpedos, but is damaged by depth charges from Greer
1942 IJN Ammo Ship Kashina sunk by USS Growler off Formosa
1944 Finnish-Soviet Continuation War ends. British liberate Antwerp
1954 US Navy P2V shot down off Swatow, China
1967 Operation Swift begins
September 6th, 2012  
Sept 5
1590 Siege of Paris ends
1697 naval Battle of Hudson's Bay
1781 Battle of the Chesapeake
1800 British capture Malta from the French
1812 Siege of Ft. Wayne begins
1813 USS Enterprise captures HMS Boxer off Portland, Me.
1914 1st Battle of the Marne begins
1940 Two KM Flackships are sunk by mines, V201 in the Westerschelde & V-402 off Dunkerque
1942 Destroyer-Transports USS Little & Gregory sunk by IJN Destroyers off Guadalcanal
1970 Operation Jefferson Glenn begins
1972 Munich Massacre
September 6th, 2012  
Sept 6
394 Battle of Frigidus
1634 Battle of Nordlingen
1781 Battle of Groton Heights
1861 Union troops occupy Paducah
1963 CS troops evacuate Chatanooga, CS troops evacuate Battery Wagner over the night of 6-7th.
1918 US Navy manned 14" Railroad Guns bombard a German railhead in the Compeigne Forest
1937 Battle of El Mazuco begins
1939 South Africa declares War on Germany. Polish Guard Ship General Haller, damaged in previous air attacks & stripped of armament, is bombed/sunk at Hel
1940 Corvette HMS Godetia sunk in collision with SS Marsa off Altacarry Head, N. Ireland.
1941 R.N. Trawler HMS Brora founders in the Sound of Harris, and R.N. Trawler HMS Strathbone sunk by a mine in the North Sea off the mouth of the Humber. KM Gunnery Training ship Bremse sunk by HMS Nigeria in Hammerfjiord, Norway. Soviet Patrol Boats MO-404 and 407 sunk by German field artillery off Kuivasto Estonia. Italian anti-aircraft ship Carla run ashore attempting to evade attack from Dutch sub O-24 off La Spezia
1943 Destroyer HMS Puckeridge sunk by U-617 east of Gibraltar
1944 Ypres, Belgium & Yartu, Estonia are Liberated. German Lightship Norderney II sunk by Beaufighters off Emden
September 8th, 2012  
Sept 7
70 Romans take Jeruselem
1191 Battle of Arsuf
1775 USS Hannah captures British supply ship Unity, 1st prize taken by the Continental Navy
1776 Sub Turtle attempts to sink Ship-of-the-Line HMS Asia in NY harbor
1812 Battle of Borodino
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Abronia foundered in the River Thames. Ocean Boarding Vessels HMS Inanda & Inkosi bombed/sunk in the Royal Albert Dock. Inanda rebuilt and returned to service as SS Empire Explorer & Inkosi as SS Empire Chivalry. Armed Yacht HMS Rhodora sunk in collision with SS Ngatira in the Bristol Channel off Cardiff.
1942 Battle of Milne Bay ends. 1st flight B-32. Armed Yacht HMCS Raccoon sunk with all hands by U-165 in the Strait of Belle Isle
1944 KM Transport Westfalen sunk by mine off Marstrand, Sweden
1965 Operation Piranah begins
September 9th, 2012  
Sept 8
1380 Battle of Kulikovo
1514 Battle of Orsha
1655 Sweden captures Warsaw
1755 Battle of Lake George
1756 Battle of Kittanning
1781 Battle of Eutaw Springs
1793 Battle of Hondeschoote ends
1796 Battle of Bassano
1863 2nd Battle of Sabine Pass
1923 Honda Point Disaster: 9 US Destroyers run aground, 7 lost
1939 Dutch Minesweeper Willem Van Ewijck sunk by mine off Terschelling
1941 Siege of Leningrad begins. Aux Minesweeper HMS Corfield sunk by mine off Grimsby. Italian sub Maggiore Barracca rammed/sunk by Destroyer HMS Croome in the Atlantic
1954 SEATO formed
September 9th, 2012  
Sept 9
9 Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
999 naval Battle of Svolder
1493 Battle of Krbava Field
1513 Battle of Flodden Field
1855 Siege of Sevastapol ends
1939 Battle of Hel ends
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Dervish sunk by mine off the mouth of the Humber
1942 Aux. USS Muskeget sunk with all hands by U-755
1943 Allies invade Italy, landing @ Salerno, Toranto & Calabria. Italian Govt changes sides. Italian Battlefleet sails to join Allies. Italian Battleship Roma sunk by German Fritz X guided missle from a Do-217 off Asinara. Fleet Tug USS Nauset bombed/sunk in the Gulf of Salerno. IJN sub I-182 sunk by USS Trout. Sub USS Grayling probably sunk by ramming by SS Hokuan Maru west of Luzon.
1944 US carriers raid on Mindanao
September 11th, 2012  
Sept 10
1547 Battle of Pinkie Cleogh
1561 4th Battle of Kawanakajima
1798 Battle of St. George's Caye ends
1813 Battle of Lake Erie
1861 Battle of Carnifax Ferry
1918 Red Army captures Kazan from the White Army
1939 Canada declares War on Germany. Sub HMS Triton sinks sub HMS Oxley off Stravanger, Norway. 1st R.N. ship lost.
1941 R.N. Trawler HMS Christine Rose wrecked on Knap Rock, Argyllshire. CAM ship SS Empire Hudson sunk by U-81. KM Minesweeper M-1102 sunk by RAF in the North Sea. U-501 damaged by HMCS Chambley. U-Boat surrenders & is boarded by Boarding Party from HMCS Moosejaw, but sinks.
1942 Italian Hospital Ship Arno sunk by RAF n.e of Ras El Tin, Libya
1943 Germans occupy Rome. Minelayer HMS Abdiel sunk by mine in Toranto Harbor
1944 U-20 & 23 scuttled in the Black Sea
September 11th, 2012  
Sept 11
1297 Battle of Sterling Bridge
1541 Indians attack Santiago, Chile
1565 Siege of Malta lifted
1683 Battle of Vienna begins
1697 Battle of Zenta
1709 Battle of Malplaquet
1714 Siege of Barcelona ends( began 7/25/13)
1758 Battle of Seint Cast
1777 Battle of Brandywine creek
1803 Battle of Delhi
1814 Battle of Lake Champlain
1861 Battle of Cheat Mountain
1914 Australia invades German Neu Pommern: Battle of Bita Paka
1919 US Marines land in Honduras
1939 Canada declares War on Germany
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Beathwood sunk by mine off Montrose, Angus
1941 U-207 sunk by HMS Leamington & Veteran
1942 Corvette HMS Charlottetown sunk by U-517 off Ca-Chat, Quebec IJN Aircraft Ferry Kanto Maru sunk by sub USS Saury in the Makassar Strait
1943 Germans occupy Corsica & Kosovo. Destroyer USS Rowan sunk by E Boat off Oran, Algeria. R.N. Midget subs X 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9 lost attempting to attack KM Lutzow, Tirptz & Scharnhorst in Norway
2001 9-11 Islamic Terrorist attacks