This day in military history.. - Page 192

August 24th, 2012  
Aug 23
1328 Battle of Cassel
1514 Battle of Chaldiran
1595 Battle of Calugareni
1813 Battle of Gassbeeren
1839 British capture Hong Kong
1864 Siege of Ft. Morgan ends
1914 Japan declares War on Germany
1940 KM Naval Trawler Dusseldorf sunk by mine off Dieppe, raised, repaired & returned to service as Flackship V-607. Destroyer HMS Hostile damaged by mine & scuttled off Cape Bon
1941 Corvette HMS Zinnia sunk by U-564 s.w. of Portugal
1942 Battle of Stalingrad begins. USS Blue, damaged the day before, is scuttled.
1943 Kharkov liberated. Finnish Minelayer Riilahti sunk by Soviet M.T.B.s. off Tiiskeri. US Subchasers SC-694 & 696 bombed/sunk off Palermo
1944 Marseille liberated. IJN Destroyer Azakaze sunk by USS Haddo in Paluan Bay
1954 1st flight C-130
1958 2nd Taiwan Strait Crisis begins
August 24th, 2012  
Aug 24
49 B.C. Battle of Bagradas River
410 Visigoths sack Rome
455 Vandals sack Rome
1185 Normans sack Thessalonica
1482 English capture Berwick upon Tweed
1812 Siege of Cadiz ends, began Feb 5, 1810
1814 British capture Washington, D.C., Washington Navy Yard & US Warships burned to prevent capture
1940 Sloop HMS Penzance sunk by U-37 s.w. of Iceland. Minesweeper USS Peacock sunk in collision with SS Hindanger off Cartegena, Colombia
1941 Soviet Destroyer Engels sunk by mine n.e. of Cape Juminda, Estonia. R.N. Trawler/Minesweeper Kos XVI sunk in collision with HMS Walney off Hull
1942 Battle of the Eastern Solomons begins: IJN Carrier Ryujo sunk
1943 Soviet Minesweeper Shkval sunk in Black Sea off Cape Kodor. U-84 & 185 sunk by aircraft from USS Core
1944 Sub USS Harder sunk by Siamese Destroyer Pra Ruang off Caiman Point. U-354 sunk in Barents Sea by R.N. ships
1945 USCG Lighthouse Tender Magnolia sunk in collision with S.S. Marguerite LeHand off Mobile
August 25th, 2012  
Aug 25
1580 Battle of Alcantara
1758 Battle of Zorndorf
1864 2nd Battle of the Weldon RR ends
1920 Battle of Warsaw ends
1941 British & Soviets invade Iran: Sloop HMS Yarra destroys Iranian Sloop Babr, captures Gunboats Charogh & Simorgh, & Navy Tug Neyrou. Sloop HMS Shorham sinks Sloop Palang. Soviet Minesweeper Dvina sunk by U-752 in the Arctic Sea off Syvatoy Nos. U-452 sunk by RAF Catalina & HMS Visenda south of Iceland
1942 Battle of the Eastern Solomons ends: IJN Destroyer Mutsuki sunk by B-17s. Battle of Milne Bay begins
1944 Paris liberated. KM Sperrbrecher 14 sunk as blockship in the Gerande. IJN Destroyer Yunagi sunk by sub USS Picuda north of Cape Bojeador, Luzon
1991 Siege of Vukovar begins
August 26th, 2012  
Aug 26
1071 Battle of Manzikert
1278 Battle of Marchfield
1346 Battle of Crecy
1444 Battle of St. Jakob an der Birs
1813 Battle of Katzbach
1814 Battle of Les Tres Acequias
1862 Battle of 2nd Manassas begins
1914 Battle of Le Cateau. British & French invade Togoland
1942 Fleet Auxillary Cargo ship Thelma sunk by U-162 in the Atlantic
1944 IJN Destroyer Samidare sunk by USS Batfish
1999 2nd Chechnia War begins
August 27th, 2012  
Aug 27
410 Sack of Rome ends
1776 Battle of Long Island
1798 Battle of Castlebar
1810 Battle of Grand Port, Madagascar ends
1813 Battle of Dresden ends
1896 Anglo-Zanzibar War: World's shortest War, 45 minutes!
1916 Romania declares War on Austria-Hungary
1918 Battle of Ambos Nogales, only WWI battle on US soil
1922 Turks capture Afyonkarahisar from the Greeks
1939 1st flight He-178, 1st jet aircraft
1941 R.N. Trawler HMS Skudd III bombed/sunk at Tobruk
1943 Japanese evacuate New Georgia. Sloop HMS Egret sunk by a Do-217 using a Henschel 293 glide bomb off Portugal. U847 sunk by aircraft from USS Card
1944 Minesweepers HMS Salamander, Hussar, and Britomart are attacked by RAF Typhoons off La Poterie-Cap-d'Antifer. Salamander is ruled a constructive total loss & the other two are scuttled
August 28th, 2012  
Aug 28
489 Battle of Isonzo
663 Battle of Buekgang begins
1189 Siege of Acre begins, ends July 12, 1191
1521 Ottomans occupy Belgrade
1542 Battle of Wofla
1640 Battle of Newburn
1810 Battle of Grand Port ends
1849 Austria captures Venice
1861 Battle of Hatteras Inlet begins
1867 US occupys Midway
1914 Battle of the Heligoland Bight. Germans capture Namur.
1916 Germany declares War on Romania, & Tialy on Germany
1941 Soviets evacuate Tallinn
1944 Toulon & Marseille liberated
August 29th, 2012  
Aug 29
1350 naval Battle of Winchelsea
1526 Battle of Mohacs
1541 Ottomans capture Buda
1756 Prussia attacks Saxony
1778 Battle of Quaker Hill
1861 Battle of Hatteras Inlet ends
1863 CS Army sub H L Hunley sinks in Charleston harbor, drowning some of her crew
1940 IJN sub I-67 sinks during an excersize
1941 U-570 captured & grounded on Iceland to prevent sinking. Repaired & returned to service as HMS Graph, only sub to serve in the KM & R.N.
1942 IJN sub I-123 sunk by Destroyer USS Gamble. Sub RO-33 sunk by Destroyer HMAS Arunta Off Port Moresby, P.N.G.
1943 Operation Safari: Germans disarm the Danish Army & try to sieze the Danish Fleet
August 30th, 2012  
Aug 30
1363 naval Battle of Lake Poyang
1791 Frigate HMS Pandora sinks after grounding on the Great Barrier Reef the day before
1799 A Dutch fleet surrenders to the British w/o a fight
1813 Battle of Kulm ends. Ft. Mims Massacre
1862 Battle of 2nd Manassas ends. Battle of Richmond, Ky
1914 Battle of Tannenberg ends
1922 Battle of Dumlupinar ends
1941 Soviet Patrol Boat MO-202 sunk by German field artillery in the Baltic Sea
1942 Battle of Alam Halfa begins. Destroyer-Transport USS Colhoun bombed/sunk off Guadalcanal
1945 Hong Kong liberated
August 31st, 2012  
Aug 31
1795 British capture Trincomalee from the Dutch
1813 British/Portugese capture Donostia. Battle of San Marcial
1864 Battle of Jonesboro, Ga. begins
1920 Battle of Komarow
1940 Destroyers HMS Express & Ivanhoe damaged, & HMS Esk sunk by mines off Texel. French Naval Trawler Vivagel sunk by mine off Royan
1941 Battle of Loznica
1942 Ro-61 sunk by Destroyer USS Reid off Alaska
1944 3 day Carrier Raid on Iwo Jima begins. IJN Minelayer Shirataka sunk by USS Sealion in the Bashi Channel
September 1st, 2012  
Sept 1
1644 Battle of Tippermuir
1781 USS Wasp captures HMS Avon
1862 Battle of Chantilly
1870 Battle of Sedan
1939 WWII starts: Germany invades Poland. Polish gunnery training ship Mazur bombed/sunk @ Oksywie, German planes also sink KM Torpedo Boat V1
1940 Destroyer HMS Ivanhoe, damaged by a mine the previous day, is scuttled. R.N. Launch Mesme sunk in collision with HMS Sunfish off Grangermouth. R.N.Trawler HMS Royalo sunk by mine off Pinzance
1944 US Minesweeper YMS 21 sunk by mine off Toulon