This day in military history.. - Page 189

July 24th, 2012  
July 24
1132 Battle of Nocera
1148 Siege of Damascus begins
1411 Battle of Harlaw
1813 Sailing Master Elijah Mix attempts to sink HMS Plantagenet with a (spar?) torpedo off Cape Henry, Va.
1861 Battle of Tyler Mountain, Va
1863 Union troops battle Indians in Dakota Territory near where Bismarck is today
1864 2nd Battle of Kernstown
1910 Ottomans capture Shkoder
1940 R.N. Trawlers bombed/sunk..HMS Fleming in the Thames Estuary, HMS Kingston Galena & Rodino off Dover. French Troopship Meknes sunk by E-Boat S-27 in the English Channel
1942 U-90 sunk by Destroyer HMCS St. Croix
1944 Battle of Tinian begins
1945 IJN Carrier Amagi & Cruiser Aoba sunk at Kobe. Minesweeper HMS Squirrel damaged by mine & scuttled off Phuket, Siam. Destroyer Escort USS Underhill sunk by Kaiten manned torpedo
1977 Libyan-Egyptian War ends
2001 Bandaranaike Airport attack, Sri Lanka
July 26th, 2012  
July 25
1139 Battle of Ourique
1261 Nicaeans recapture Constantinople
1759 British capture Ft. Niagra & the French abandon Ft. Rouille
1797 Battle of Abu Qir
1814 Battle of Lundy's Lane, Ontario
1861 Battle of ft. Fillmore, New Mexico Territory begins
1863 Siege of Battery Wagner begins
1898 US invades Puerto Rico
1915 RFC Capt. Lanoe Hawker becomes the 1st British aviator to win the Victoria Cross for shooting down 3 German observation planes in one day.
1920 French capture Damascus
1940 KM Torpedo Boat Luchs sunk by sub HMS Thames off Norway.
1941 Italian Patrol Ship B 247 sunk by sub HMS Tetrarch off Gaidero Island, Greece
1942 R.N. Trawler HMS Laertes sunk by U-201 off Freetown, Sierra Leone. US Army Transport Tjinegara sunk by I-169 s.w. of Noumea
1993 Israel invades Lebanon
July 26th, 2012  
July 26
657 Battle of Siffin begins
811 Battle of Pliska
1469 Battle of Edgecote Moor
1758 Siege of Louisbourg ends
1812 USS Essex captures HMS Leander
1822 Battle of Dervenakia begins
1861 Battle of Ft. Fillmore ends
1897 Siege of Makaland begins
1937 Battle of Brunete begins
1940 KM Minesweepers M-61, 89, & 136 are sunk by mines off Hoek Van Holland, Neth.
1941 Soviet Gunboat MO-239 sunk by Finnish Gunboat Uusimaa off Bengtskar, Finland. Italian PT boats MAS 451 & 452 sunk by RAF at Malta.
1942 CAM equipped SS Empire Rainbow sunk by U-607
1944 I-29 sunk by USS Sawfish in the Balintang Channel. Sub USS Robalo sunk by mine off Palawan
1953 Cuban Revolution begins
1954 Fighters from USS Philippine Sea shoot down 2 Red Chinese fighters that fired on them while providing air cover for rescue operations after a Chinese fighter shot down a British airliner
July 27th, 2012  
July 27
1054 The Earl of Northumbria defeats McBeth
1214 Battle of Bovines
1302 Battle of Bapheus
1689 Battle of Killiecrankie
1720 naval Battle of Grengam
1778 1st naval Battle of Ushant
1880 Battle of Maiwand
1940 Spanish sub C-4 sunk in collision with Spanish Destroyer Lepanto. Destroyer HMS Codrington bombed at Dover, declared total loss & Destroyer HMS Wren bombed/sunk off Aldeburgh
1941 Japan occupies French Indochina. Soviet Destroyer Smelyi sunk by E Boat S-54 in Gulf of Riga
1942 1st Battle of El Alamein ends
1943 IJN Minelayer Hirashima sunk by USS Sawfish in the East China Sea and I-168 sunk by sub USS Scamp in Steffen Strait
1944 R.N. Trawler HMS Maaloy sunk by U-510 off Ceylon
1945 IJN Battleship Hyuga bombed/sunk at Kure
1953 Korean War ends
July 29th, 2012  
july 28
1364 Battle of Cascina
1809 Battle of Talavera begins
1822 Battle of Dervenakia ends
1864 Battle of Ezra Church
1914 Austria-Hungary declares War on Serbia, WWI begins
1915 US sailors & Marines land in Haiti to restore order
1935 1st flight B-17
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Staunton sunk by mine in Thames Estuary
1941 R.N. Lighter A 8 bombed/sunk off Bardia
1943 Operation Gomorrah: RAF starts a firestorm in Hamburg
1945 Destroyer USS Callaghan sunk by Kamakaze off Okinawa, last US warship sunk by Kamakazes. IJN Battleship Haruna bombed/sunk @ Kure, Battleship Ise bombed/sunk @ Hiroshima, Cruiser Oyoda bombed/damaged @ Kure, capsizes @ Hiroshima while being beached after being towed from Kure. Carrier Amagi, reported sunk on the 24th, is bombed again & capsizes at Kure.
July 29th, 2012  
July 29
904 Sack of Thessalonica begins
1014 Battle of Kleidon
1030 Battle of Stiklestad
1588 naval Battle of Gravelines(defeat of the Spanish Armada)
1693 Battle of Landen
1846 Sailors & Marines from USS Cyclops capture San Diego
1940 Destroyer HMS Delight bombed/damaged at Portland, Armed Yacht HMS Gulzar bombed/sunk at Dover
1941 Soviet Minesweeper T-201 Zaryad sunk off Ristna Lighthouse, Estonia
1967 Fire onboard USS Forrestal kills 134 & wounds 160.
July 30th, 2012  
July 30
1635 Siege of Schenkenschans begins
1656 Battle of Warsaw ends
1864 Siege of Petersburg: Battle of the Crater
1916 Black Tom Island munitions Disaster
1941 Sub HMS Cachalot rammed/sunk by Italian Torpedo Boat Generale Achille Papa. Destroyer HMS Delight, damaged by bombs the day before, sinks at Portland. River Gunboat USS Tutuila is bombed/damaged at Chunking. Soviet sub S-6 is bombed/sunk off Saaremaa, Estonia
1943 U-43 sunk by aircraft from USS Santee in the Atlantic, U-504 sunk by R.N. ships in the Bay of Biscay
1944 US Army troops land at Cape Opmari, New Guinea. US Minesweepers YMS 304 & 378 sunk by mines off Normandy
1945 IJN Destroyer Hatsushimo sunk by mine in Miyazu Bay. USS Indianapolis sunk by I-58 in the Philippine Sea, a large portion of the 880 men who died died from exposure & dehydration after the Cruisers sinking went unnoticed for many days
July 31st, 2012  
July 31
30 B.C. Battle of Alexandria
904 Arabs capture Thessolonica
1423 Battle of Crevant
1655 Russians capture Vilnius
1741 Bavaria invades Bohemia & Upper Austria
1763 Battle of Bloody Run
1862 Battle of Coggin's Point
1874 USS Intrepid Commissioned, 1st US warship armed with modern torpedoes
1941 Soviet sub M-94 sunk off Ristna, Estonia &Minesweeper #46 sunk off Tallin
1942 U-213 sunk off the Azores by R.N. ships. USS Grunion sunk off Kiska, Ak, Unkown cause but possibly by Japanese fire, or own torpedo malfuntion, or by I-26
1944 U-333 sunk by R.N. ships west of the Isles of Scilly
August 1st, 2012  
Aug. 1
30 B.C. Octavian captures Alexandria
902 Arabs capture Taormina
1664 Battle of Saint Gotthard
1759 Battle of Minden
1798 Battle of the Nile
1801 USS Enterprise defeats/captures Tripolitian ship "Tripoli"
1914 Germany declares War on Russia
1921 Norden Bombsight successfully tested
1927 Battle of Nanching
1940 Sub HMS Oswald rammed/sunk by Italian Destroyer Ugolino Vivaldi in the Strait of Messina, & HMS Spearfish sunk by U-34 n.w. of Aberdeen
1944 Warsaw Uprising begins
August 3rd, 2012  
Aug 2
338 B.C. Battle of Chaeronea
216 B.C. Battle of Cannae
1377 Battle of Pyana River
1798 Battle of the Nile ends
1861 Union troops evacuate Ft. Stanton, New Mexico Territory
1865 CSS Shenandoah learns the Civil War is over, she disarms & sails of the U.K., arriving in Nov.
1897 Siege of Malakand ends
1916 Italian Battleship Leonardo Da Vinci sunk by an explosion @ Toranto
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Cape Finesterre bombed/sunk off Harwich
1941 Soviet sub S-11 sunk by mine in the Soela Strait. Italian sub Tembian rammed/sunk by Cruiser HMS Hermione off Tunis
1943 PT-109 rammed/sunk by IJN Destroyer Amagiri
1944 Destroyer Escort USS Fisk sunk by U-804 north of the Azores
1964 Tonkin Gulf Incident, Pt. 1
1990 Iraq invades Kuwait, the Gulf War begins