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July 14th, 2012  
July 14
1813 Lt. John Gamble becomes the 1st US Marine to command a ship in battle. He commanded Prize Vessel Greenwich & assisted in capture of British Whaler Seringapatam
1864 Battle of Tupelo
1882 US Marines & sailors from 4 US ships land to restore order in Alexandria, Egypt
1900 Allies capture Tientsin
1916 Battle of Delville Wood begins
1941 Troopship Georgic bombed/beached in Gulf of Suez, refloated in Nov. Repaired & returned to service in 1945
1943 U-160 sunk by aircraft from USS Santee south of the Azores
1944 IJN sub I-6 sunk by USS Gilmer & William C Miller
1945 US ships bombard Kanashi, Japan. 1st bombardment of Home Islands in WWII
1950 Battle of Taejon begins
July 15th, 2012  
July 15
1099 Siege of Jerusalem ends
1240 Battle of the Neva
1410 Battle of Grunwald
1862 Ironclad CSS Arkansas battles past USS Queen of the West, Carondelet & Tyler on the Yazoo River & then steams through Farragut's Squadron, cought with steam down, on the Mississippi to Vicksburg.
1918 2nd Battle of the Marne begins
1941 Ocean Boarding Vessel HMS Lady Somers sunk by Italian sub Morosini in the Atlantic. Landing Ship HMS Prince Phillipe sunk in collision with SS Empire Wave off west coast of Scotland. Italian Patrol Vessel Nettano sunk sunk by HMS Unbeaten & Vincenzio Padre by HMS Taku
1942 Italian sub Pietro Calvi rammed by HMS Lulworth, scuttled by crew in the Med off Morocco. Soviet sub Shch-317 sunk by Finnish Minelayer Ruotsinsalmi & Patrol Vessel VMV 19.
1943 U-509 sunk by aircrafr fron USS Santee
1944 Soviet Torpedo Boat TKA-239 sunk attacking German convoy off Vardo, Finland
1945 I-351 sunk by USS Blackfin in South China Sea.
1966 Vietnam: Operation Hastings begins
July 16th, 2012  
July 16
1212 Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa
1779 Battle of Stony Point
1940 Destroyer HMS Imogen rammed/sunk by HMS Glasgow. Sub HMS Phoenix sunk by Italian Torpedo Boat Albatros
1941 R.N. Motor Gun Boats MGB 90 & 92 burn @ Portland
1943 U-67 sunk by aircraft from USS Core. Algiers Port Disaster: Norweigan cargo ship Bjorkhaug is destroyed when her cargo of landmines detonate, British cargo ship Fort Confidence is beached & burns out. Apx 1,000 killed in the disaster
1945 Destroyer-Minelayer USS Gamble, damaged in an air attack on 2/18/44 off Iwo Jima, is scuttled off Guam (or Saipan). I-13 sunk by USS Lawrence C Taylor.
July 17th, 2012  
July 17
1203 Crusaders capture Constantinople
1453 Battle of Castillion
1898 Santiago de Cuba surrenders
1927 USMC performs 1st combat dive bombing @ Ocotal, Nicaragua
1936 Spanish Civil War starts
1940 R.N. Tug Steady sunk by mine of Newhaven
1941 R.N. Trawler HMS Fertile Vale sunk in a collision in Firth of Tay
1944 Port Chicago, Ca Disaster. 1st use of Napalm by P-38s near Saint-Lo
1989 1st flight B-2
July 19th, 2012  
July 18
390 B.C. Battle of Allia
1391 Battle of the Kondurcha River
1656 Battle of Warsaw begins
1779 Commodore Whipple's US Squadron captures 11 British Prizes, richest US capture of the War
1813 USS President captures 4 British Prizes
1861 Battle of Blackburn's Ford
1863 Battle of Battery Wagner
1920 Ex-Ger. Cruiser Frankfort sunk by aircraft as a target
1940 KM Sub Chaser UJ-126 sunk by R.N. sub H31 off Terschelling, Neth.
1943 U Boat shoots down US Navy Airship K-74, only US airship shot down in WWII. US LST 342 sunk by Ro-106 west of Guadalcanal
1944 US Motor Gunboat PGM 7 sunk in collision in the Bismarck Sea
1945 IJN Cruiser Kasuga sunk by aircraft @ Yokosuka
1996 Battle of Mullaitivu
July 19th, 2012  
July 19
1333 Battle of Halidon Hill
1544 1st Siege of Boulogne begins
1545 English warship Mary Rose sinks off Portsmouth
1813 USS Constitution escapes after a 3 day chase by R.N. ships
1863 Battle of Buffington Island, Oh
1864 3rd Battle of Nanking ends
1886 USS Atlanta, 1st US Cruiser with steel hull & breachloading guns, is commissioned
1916 Battle of Fromelles begins
1918 USS San Diego sunk by mine laid by U-156 off Fire Island, NY
1940 Battle of Cape Spada: Italian Cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni sunk. R.N. Fleet Oiler War Sepoy bombed @ Dover, breaks in two. Used later as a blockship. R.N. Trawler HMS Crestflower bombed/sunk south of the Isle of Wight.
1941 KM Escort Ship NK-08 sunk by RAF off Sirevagnor, Nor. Sub HMS Umpire sunk in collision with R.N. Trawler HMS Peter Hendricks off The Wash.
1944 IJN Cruiser Oi sunk by USS Flasher in South China Sea & Ro-48 sunk by USS Reynolds & Wyman
1945 Destroyer USS Thatcher heavily damaged by Kamakaze off Okinawa & not repaired
1972 Battle of Mirbat
July 20th, 2012  
July 20
1304 2nd Siege of Sterling Castle ends
1402 Battle of Ankara
1864 Battle of Peachtree Creek. Yet another Battle of Winchester
1866 naval Battle of Lissa
1940 Destroyer HMS Brazen bombed of Dover, sinks on the 21st. Italian Destroyers Nembo & Ostro sunk by Swordfish from HMS Eagle off Tobruk
1941 Sub HMS Union sunk by Italian Torpedo Boat Circe s.w. of Pantellaria. Soviet Patrol Vessel Shtil sunk at Guba Ura & Destroyer Stremitenlnyi sunk at Yekatarinskaya Gava, both by Ju-87s
1944 Polish Crusier Dragon, torpedoed on July 5th by a German Neger semisubmersible torpedo craft, is scuttled as a blockship for Mulberry B.
1961 Siege of Bizerte ends
1969 Honduras-El Salvador "Soccer War" ends
1974 Turkey invades Cyprus
July 21st, 2012  
July 21
1242 Battle of Taillebourg
1403 Battle of Shrewsbury
1545 French invasion of the Isle of Wight defeated
1568 Battle of Jemmingen
1823 Lt. David Farragut leads a landing party that destroys a Pirate base in Cuba
1861 1st Battle of Manassas
1862 Battle of Gordonsville
1941 Soviet sub M-94 sunk by U-110
1944 Battle of Guam begins
1977 Libya-Egyptian War starts
July 22nd, 2012  
July 22
838 Battle of Anzen
1298 Battle of Falkirk
1456 Siege of Belgrade ends
1484 Battle of Lochmaben Fair
1499 Battle of Dornach
1797 Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife begins
1802 USS Constitution defeats 9 Tripolitan Gunboats
1805 Battle of Cape Fenisterre
1812 Battle of Salamanca
1864 Battle of Atlanta
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Campina sunk with all hands by mine in Irish Sea off Holyhead, sub HMS Narwhal sunk by Do-17 in Norwegian Sea.
1941 Soviet Survey ship Meridian sunk by German Destroyers in Arctic Ocean off Murmansk, Destroyer Serdityi damaged by Ju-88 in the Suur Strait.
1943 Allies capture Palermo
July 23rd, 2012  
July 23
1677 Sweden captures Marstrand
1793 Siege of Mainz ends
1821 Greeks capture Manemvasia Castle
1941 Destroyer HMS Fearless bombed/scuttled n.e. of Bone, Algeria. KM Sub Chaser UJ-113 sunk by mine off Liepaja, Estonia, & Flackships V-1310 & V-1508 sunk by R.N. MTB off Bouglogne.
1943 U-527 sunk by aircraft from USS Bogue. U-613 sunk by Destroyer USS George E Badger
1983 Sri Lankan Civil War begins