This day in military history.. - Page 184

June 4th, 2012  
June 4
1615 Siege of Osaka ends
1666 naval Four Days Battle ends
1794 British capture Port-au-Prince
1859 Battle of Magenta
1916 Russia begins the Brusilov Offensive
1934 USS Ranger, 1st purpose desgned Carrier, is Commissioned
1940 Battle of Dunkirk & the Dunkirk Evacuation ends. French Minesweeper Emil Deschamps sunk by mine off Foreness Point, Kent
1941 Minelayer HMS Van Meerlant sunk by mine off the Isle of Sheppey
1942 Dutch Harbor Air Raid ends. Battle of Midway begins. IJN Carriers Soryu, & Kaga sunk, Hiryu & Akagi heavily damaged.
1943 US Sub Chaser PC-456 sunk by underwater explosion in the Med.
1944 Allies capture Rome. A Task Force led by USS Guadalcanal captures U-505, 1st capture @ sea of enemy vessel since the 1800s. HMS LCT-2498 founders in the English Channel.
June 5th, 2012  
June 5
1284 Battle of the Gulf of Naples
1798 Battle of New Ross
1829 HMS Pickle captures armed Slaver Valadora off Cuba
1864 Battle of Piedmont, Va.
1900 British capture Pretoria
1940 KM Minesweeper M 11 sunk by mine off Jaederen, Norway
1941 R.N. Trawler HMS Ash sunk by mine in Thames estuary. Trawler HMS Lavinia bombed/sunk @ Portland. Italian gunboat Valoroso sunk in the Med by HMS Triumph
1942 US declares War on Hungary, Bulgaria & Romania. IJN carriers Hiryu & Akagi sunk
1943 U-217 sunk by Avengers from USS Bogue.
June 6th, 2012  
June 6
1513 Battle of Navara
1813 Battle of Stony creek
1862 naval Battle of Memphis.
1882 Battle of Embabo
1940 HMS Carinthia sunk west of Ireland by U-46
1942 Battle of Midway: I-168 sinks Destroyer USS Hammann & fatally damages the damaged Carrier USS Yorktown. US carrier planes sink Cruiser Mikuma
1944 D-Day, Battle of Normandy begins. Battleship HMS Centurion sunk as breakwater for a Mulberry Harbor. Destroyer USS Corry sunk by shore batteries & USS Meridith sunk by mine, both off Utah Beach. Norwiegan Destroyer Svenner sunk off Sword Beach by E-Boats. IJN Destroyer Minazuki sunk by USS Harder in the Sibutu Channel
1971 Battle of Long Khanh begins
1982 Israel invades Lebanon.
June 7th, 2012  
June 7
1099 Siege of Jeruselem begins
1420 Venice captures Udine
1777 HMS Fox is captured by USS Hancock & Boston
1880 Battle of Arica
1917 Battle of Messines begins
1941 R.N. Examination Vessel No. 10 sunk by mine @ Milford Haven
1942 Japanese occupy Kiska. Battle of Midway ends, previously damaged USS Yorktown sinks
1944 Transport USS Susan B. Anthony & U.S. Army Transport Francis C. Harrington sunk by mines off Normandy. IJN Destoyer Hayanumi sunk by USS Harder in the Sibutu Passage
1971 Battle of Long Khanh ends
1981 Isreali Air Force destroys Iraq's Osiraq reactor
June 8th, 2012  
June 8
218 Battle of Antioch
1776 Battle of Trois-Rivieres, Canada
1814 1st Battle of St. Leonard Creek
1830 USS Vincennes becomes the 1st US warship to circumnavigate the globe
1862 Battle of Cross Keys. Battle of Port republic begins
1928 KMT captures Peking
1940 Carrier HMS Glorious & escorting Destroyers HMS Acasta & Ardent sunk by Gneisenau & Sharnhorst, & Adm Hipper & 4 destroyers sink R.N. Trawler HMS Juniper & troopship HMS Orama, all in the Norweigan Sea
1941 Allies invade Syria & Lebanon. R.N. trawler HMS Cor Jeso bombed/sunk off Alnmouth
1942 IJN subs I-21 & 24 shell Sydney & Newcastle
1943 IJN Battleship Mutsu destroyed by internal explosion
1944 IJN Destroyer Harusame bombed/sunk by USAAF B-25s off Manokwari, New Guinea, & Destroyer Kazagumo sunk by USS Hake in Davao Gulf. Destroyer USS Glennon damaged by mine off Quineville, France
1945 IJN landing craft Hakusa sunk by USS Cobia in Gulf of Siam.
1967 USS Liberty Incident
1982 Arg. air strikes damage Frigate HMS Plymouth & Troopship Sir Tristan & damage Sir Galahad beyond repair, & sank an LCU.
June 9th, 2012  
June 9
721 Battle of Toulouse
1667 Raid on the Medway begins
1772 HMS Gaspee runs aground & is burned by Colonials @ Namquid Point, R.I.
1798 2nd Battle of Arklow. Battle of Saintfields
1813 US troops abandon Ft. Erie
1862 Battle of Port Republic ends
1863 Battle of Brandy Station
1864 An attack by Gen. Butler on Petersburg is repulsed
1940 R.N. Trawler Dewey Eve is sunk by a mine off Lyness, Orkney Islands. French Minesweepers Madeleine Louise & Notre Dame des Dunes bombed/sunk off Dunkirk. KM flackship V-801 sunk by mine off The Netherlands.
1942 Free French Corvette Mimosa sunk by U-124 in the Atlantic
1944 USS Glennon, damaged by a mine on the 8th, is further damaged by shore batteries. IJN Destroyer Matsukaze sunk by USS Swordfish off Chichi Jima, & Destroyer Tanikaze sunk by USS Harder in the Sibutu Passage
June 10th, 2012  
June 10
1190 Frederick I Barbarossa drowns in the river Saleph leading an army to Jeruselem during the 3rd Crusade
1619 Battle of Zablat
1719 Battle of Glen Shiel
1861 Battle of Big Bethel
1864 Battle of Brice's Crossroads
1871 US Marines attack forts on Kanghwa Island, Korea
1898 US Marines land in Cuba
1918 Italian torpedo boat sinks Austro-Hungarian Battleship Szent Istvan
1940 Norway surrenders. Norwegian sub B-3 suffers a battery explosion & is scuttled to prevent capture in Gavlefiord. Armed Boarding Vessel HMS Van Dyck bombed/sunk off Andenes, Norway
1941 Sloop HMS Pintail sunk by mine in Humber estuary
1942 US Army Transport Merrimack sunk by U-107 off Cozumel
1943 KM Auxiliary Birka sunk by mine off Trondheim
1944 USS Glennon sinks from previously inflicted damage off Utah Beach
1945 Australian troops land in Brunei. IJN sub I-222 sunk by USS Skate in Sea of Japan. USS William D. Porter sunk by a Kamakaze.
June 11th, 2012  
June 11
1429 Battle of Jargeau begins
1775 naval Battle of Machias begins
1864 Battle of Travilian Station
1938 Battle of Wuhan begins
1940 Troopship HMS Bruges bombed/beached @ Le Harve. French Minesweeper La Bretonniere scuttled @ Le Harve, & Patrol Boat Patrice II sunk by artilley fire off Fecamp
1943 Corvette HMAS Wallaroo sunk in collision with US freighter off Fremantle
1944 US LST-496 sunk by mine off Normandy
June 12th, 2012  
June 12
1653 Battle of Gabbard begins
1418 Bergundians take Paris
1429 Battle of Jargeau ends
1864 Battle of Travilian Station ends. Cold Harbor fighting ends
1940 Cruiser HMS Calypso sunk by Italian Sub Bagnolini south of crete. R.N. Trawler HMS Sisapon sunk by mine off Felixtowe. French sloop Cerans & Minesweeper Granville sunk in English Channel. Patrol Vessel Etienne Rimbert scuttled @ Dieppe. Italian Gunboat Giovanni Berta sunk off Tobruk by R.N.
1941 Italian Navy Tawler Carlo Forte sunk by explosion in the Med.
1942 Destroyer HMS Grove sunk by U-77 off Egypt
1943 U-118 sunk by aircraft from USS Bogue
1944 US Carrier Raid on the Marianas begins. US Paratroopers capture Carentan. Sub HMS Sickle sunk by mine in the Ionian Sea off Kythira, Greece
June 13th, 2012  
June 13
1653 Battle of Gabbard ends
1862 2nd Battle of Winchester begins
1881 USS Jeannette crushed by ice in the Arctic Sea
1940 R.N. Trawler HMS Ocean Sunlight sunk by mine off Seaford. Armed Merchant cruiser HMS Scotstoan sunk west of the Outer Hebrides by U-25. Sub HMS Odin depth carged by Italian destroyer Strale, rammed & sunk by Destroyer Baleno. French Minesweeper Marthe Roland & Harbor Defence Vessel Reines des Flots scuttled @ Dieppe.
1941 R.N. Trawler HMS King Henry bombed/sunk @ Lowestoft
1942 Troopship Konan Maru sunk by USS Sargo off Yap. Soviet sub Shch-405 sunk by mine in Gulf of Finland
1943 USCG Cutter Escanaba sunk by an explosion off Greenland. IJN sub I-81 shelled/sunk by USS Frazier off Attu
1944 Destroyer HMS Boadicea sunk by Aircraft off Portland
1952 Soviet Mig shoots down Swedish DC-3
1978 Israel withdraws from Lebanon