This day in military history.. - Page 154

August 14th, 2011  
Aug 14
1385 Battle of Aljobarrota
1592 naval Battle of Hansando
1598 Battle of the Yellow Ford
1897 French capture Anasimena, Madigascar
1900 Boxer Rebellion ends when the Allies capture Peking
1916 Romania declares War on Austria-Hungary
1937 Chinese fighters shoot down 6 Japanese bombers, celebrated as Chinese Air Force Day.
1974 Turkey invades Cyprus
August 15th, 2011  
Aug 15
778 battle of Roncevaux Pass, Roland is killed
927 Saracens destroy Taranto
982 Battle of Capolonna
1057 Battle of Lumphanon Macbeth is killed or executed
1281 Kamakaze destroys Chinese invasion fleet off Japan
1309 Knights of St. John capture Rhodes
1430 Milan takes Lucca
1461 Trebizand Empire surrenders to the Muslims
1599 Battle of Curlew Pass
1695 Bombardment of Brussels ends
1760 Battle of Liegnitz
1914 Russians invade E. Prussia
1940 Italian sub sinks Greek light Cruiser ELLI while the 2 Counties are @ peace.
1944 Allies invade southern France
1945 Japan surrenders
August 16th, 2011  
Aug 16
1513 Battle of Guinegate
1777 Battle of Bennington
1780 Battle of Camden
1812 Ft. Detroit surrenders to the British with out a fight
1864 Battle of Fussell's Mill, Va
1869 Battle of Acosta Nu
1870 Battle of Mars-La-Tour
1914 Battle of Cer begins
August 17th, 2011  
Aug 17
986 Battle of Trajan's Gate
1862 Sioux Indian uprising in Minn. begins
1914 Battle of Stalluponen
1943 Schweinfurt-Regensburg Air Mission. Allies capture Messina
1953 Battle of Teagu: Hill 303 Massacre, 41 US POWs shot by N. Koreans
August 18th, 2011  
Aug 18
1864 2nd Battle of the Weldon RR, Va
1870 Battle of Gravelotte
1965 Vietnam: Operation Starlight begins
1966 Battle of Long Tan
August 19th, 2011  
aug 19
1504 Battle of Knockdoe
1666 Holmes's Bonfire, naval raid on Tershelling, Holland
1759 naval Battle of Lagos
1782 Battle of Blue Licks, Va
1812 USS Constitution defeats HMS Guerrier
1864 2nd Battle of the Weldon RR continues
1940 1st flight B-25
1942 Dieppe Raid
1981 Gulf of Sidra Incident
August 20th, 2011  
Aug 20
636 Battle of Yarmouk
917 Battle of Acheloos
1710 Battle of Saragossa
1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers
1862 Battle of Brandy Station, Va Minnesota Sioux Uprising: Sioux attack Ft. Ridgely, but are driven off
1914 Germans occupy Brussels
1944 Battle of Romania begins
1950 Battle of Taegu ends
1988 Iran-Iraq War ends
August 21st, 2011  
Aug 21
1680 Pueblo Indians capture Santa Fe from the Spanish
1689 Battle of Dunkeld
1808 Battle of Vimeiro
1852 Tlingit Indians destroy Ft. Selkirk, Yukon Territory
1863 Lawrence, Ks Raid
1918 2nd Battle of the Somme
1942 Guadalcanal Campaign: Battle of the Tenaru River
1944 Canadian & Polish troops capture Falaise, France
1968 Soviet troops crush the "Prague Spring"
August 23rd, 2011  

August 23

1943: After a year-long siege of the city, Hitler orders the final attack on Leningrad (Operation Nordlicht). At Stalingrad, bombers and dive-bombers of Luftflotte 4 (von Richthofen) launch massive attacks (over 2,000 missions) that devastate the city. A battle group of 16.Pz.Div., 3. and 60.Inf.Div.(mot) rapidly advances from the Don, reaching the west bank of the Volga at Rynok north of Stalingrad.
1943: Heavy RAF raid on Berlin. The Red Army recaptures Charkov.
1944: King Michael I of Rumania dismisses Marshall Antonescu, the head of state and Hitler's close ally, and brings his country over to the Soviet side.

1918Lieutenant L.D. McCarthy, VCLieutenant L.D. McCarthy, 16th Battalion, originally from York, Western Australia, wins the Victoria Cross at Madame Wood, France.

1864 - RADM David Farragut's squadron captures Fort Morgan at Mobile Bay winning control of Mobile Bay
1958 - Massive concentration of Pacific Fleet in Quemoy-Matsu area prevents invasion of islands by China.
1958 - In Taiwan Straits Crisis, Units of 7th Fleet move into Taiwan area to support Taiwan against Chinese Communists.
1963 - The first satellite communications ship, USNS Kingsport (T-AG-164) in Lagos, Nigeria, connected President John F. Kennedy with Nigerian Prime Minister Balewa who was aboard for the first satellite (Syncom II) relayed telephone conversation between heads of state.

August 24th, 2011  
Aug 24
49 B.C, 2nd Battle of the Bagradus River
410 Visigoths sack Rome
1812 Siege of Cadiz ends
1814 British capture Washington, D.C. & burn the White House
1914 Germans capture Nemur
1942 Battle of the Eastern Solomons begins