This day in military history.. - Page 144

May 8th, 2011  
May 8
1821 Battle of Gravia
1846 Battle of Palo Alto
1862 Battle of McDowell, Va.
1864 Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse begins
1945 VE Day!
May 9th, 2011  
May 9
1861 USS Yankee exchanges fire with CS batteries @ Glouchester Point, Va. US Naval Academy evacuated from Annapolis, Md
1862 Peninsula Campaign: Union advances cause the Confederates to abandon the Norfolk Navy Yard.
1864 Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse: a lull in fighting, but Union Maj. Gen. John Sedgewick is killed by a sharpshooter. Red River Campaign: Union engineers finish building a dam @ Alexandria, La., resulting in the Federal fleet escaping down river. 2nd Schlieswig War: naval Battle of Heligoland
1915 2nd Battle of Artois
1940 U-9 sinks French sub Doris
1941 U-110 captured by R.N. with Enigma code machine intact
1945 Channell Islands liberated by British
1992 Armenians capture Shusha
May 10th, 2011  
May 10
1775 Green Mountain Boys capture Ft. Ticonderoga
1796 Battle of Lodi
1801 Tripoli declares War on the US
1857 Sepoy Mutiny begins in India
1861 US troops attack Camp Jackson, St. Louis, Mo capturing 637 pro Confederate State Militiamen & 10,000 muskets
1862 Ft. Pillow exchanges fire with USS Cincinnati & USS Mound City, near Memphis, Tenn.
1863 Gen Stonewall Jackson dies
1864 Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse: Large union attack @ "the Mule Shoe".
1865 Jeff Davis captured. On the Tombigbee River in Ala. CSS Nashville & Morgan surrender. Quantrill is killed in Ky.
1940 Germany invades Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg
1969 Vietnam: Battle of Hamburger Hill begins
May 11th, 2011  
May 11
1745 Battle of Fontenoy
1846 US declares War on Mexico
1862 Peninsula Campaign: CSS Vtrginia's draft is too deep to allow her to escape the advancing Union Army by steaming up the James River, so she is destroyed to prevent capture
1864 Battle of Yellow Tavern, Va Gen. JEB Stuart is killed.
1943 US troops invade Japanese held Attu Island in the Alutians
1944 Allied offensive against the German Gustav Line in Italy begins
1945 USS Bunker Hill heavily damaged by Kamakazes
May 12th, 2011  
1264 Battle of Lewes
1780 British capture Charleston, S.C.
1797 France captures Vinice
1821 Battle of Valtetsi
1862 Union troops occupy Baton Rouge
1863 Vicksburg Campaign: Battle of Raymond, Ms
1864 Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse: Union attack takes the "Mule Shoe" but is halted @ "The Bloody Angle". Confederates evacuate the defences @ Dalton, Ga.
1865 Battle of Palmito Ranch, Texas, the last battle of the Civil war, begins
1885 Battle of Batoche, Canada
1942 2nd Battle of Kharkov
1968 Vietnam: Battle of Coral-Balmoral
1957 Mayagues Incident with Cambodia begins
May 13th, 2011  
May 13
1568 Battle of Langside
1864 Battle of Spotsylvania Couthouse: Fighting ends @ The Bloody Angle @ 0400, a rare night fight from the previous day fighting continued into the wee hours. Atlanta Campaign: Battle of Resaca begins
1865 Battle of Palmito Ranch ends, the last battle of the Civil War is a CS win.
1912 Royal Flying Corp. Est
1940 Germany attacks France
1943 Axis troops in N. Africa surrender
May 14th, 2011  
May 14
1509 Battle of Agnadello
1741 1st naval Battle of Cape Finistere
1863 Union troops capture Jackson, Ms
1864 Battle of New Market, Va begins
1940 The Netherlands surrender to the Germans
May 15th, 2011  
May 15
1525 Battle of Frankenhausen
1718 1st machine gun patented in U.K.
1862 Peninsula Campaign: Battle of Ft. Darling. Union troops, supported by USS Monitor & gunboats USS Galana, Port Royal, Naugatuck & Aroostock, unsucsessfully attack the Fort.
1864 Battle of New Market, Va ends. Atlanta Campaign: Battle of Resaca, Ga ends
1904 Siege of Port Arthur: IJN Battleships Yashima & Hatsuse sink in Russian minefield
1940 US sub USS Sailfish (ex Squalus) recommisoned
1948 Arab-Israeli War starts
May 16th, 2011  
May 16
1771 Battle of Alamance Pre American Revolutionary War battle between Rebels & N.C. Militia
1811 Battle of Albuera
1863 Vicksburg campaign: Battle of Champion's Hill, Miss.
1864 Battle of Drewry's Bluff, Va
1919 US Navy NC-4 begins the 1st trans-Atlantic flight
May 17th, 2011  
May 17
1863 Vicksburg Campaign: Battle of the Big Black River
1900 British break the Siege of Mafeking
1940 Germans occupy Brussels
1943 RAF Dam Buster air raids