Danish soldiers where killed by friendly fire

November 6th, 2007  
Venom PL

Topic: Danish soldiers where killed by friendly fire

By The Copenhagen Post
Published 05.11.07 12:00

A military spokesperson has confirmed that two Danish soldiers serving in Afghanistan were killed by British fire

Two Danish army privates who died during a firefight with Taleban rebels in Afghanistan in September lost their lives after being hit by British friendly fire, confirmed a highly placed Danish military official in Afghanistan on Sunday.

Although the military investigation into the 26 September deaths of privates Mikkel Keil Sørensen and Thorbjørn Ole Reese is still open, the official said friendly fire had been suspected from the start.

'We knew the day after it happened that it was British friendly fire,' the official, who wished to remain anonymous, told Nyhedsavisen newspaper. 'We found the log number for a British Javelin rocket at the site where Mikkel died.'

Peter Otken, spokesperson for the military's Judge Advocate, gave no offical comment until the investigation was complete.

Denmark currently has 550 soldiers in Afghanistan. Most of them are stationed in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan, where they operate with the British military.

Danish troops also served under British command in Iraq.
Source: http://jp.dk/uknews/article1156733.ece

Sadly such incidents happen in combat situations...

RIP soldiers...condolences to their family and friends.
November 6th, 2007  
Del Boy

What a terrible, sad situation. RIP.
November 6th, 2007  
Rest In Peace
November 7th, 2007  
A Can of Man
It's a shame I never realized Danes were in Afghanistan.

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