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D-Day 60th Aniversary Quiz
June 8th, 2004  

Topic: dday

D-Day 60th Aniversary Quiz
1.operation overlord
4.They were not manned when the rangers destroyed them
5.duplex drive "dd" it had extendable and retractible skirts to make it float and had propeller
6.used to get blow hole in barbed wire.
7.first ship to carry an airplane march 9,1919
8.land at omaha beach
9.Comanhe code talkers
10Rommels aspheras
11.they put a system of chains and rotors called flails
13.James galvin
14.John steel
15 used as cover
June 8th, 2004  

Topic: shermen tank

Perhaps the most famous variation was the "Duplex Drive," or DD, tank, a Sherman equipped with extendable and collapsible skirts that made it buoyant enough to be launched from a landing craft and make its way to shore under propeller power

here is some more regarding awsner #5