custom military coins made at?

July 29th, 2004  

Topic: custom military coins made at?

I have mentioned our little crew on here in another thread called "The Animal Squad" This is a big deal in our unit and myself and one of our other founders have decided to see about designing our own type of coin of excellence. Anyone know of a good place to send in a design and get them made and if so, whats the prices they usually ask? a link or a past dealings would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

We already have our own personal guidon that we fly out front when we are inducting new members lol. Now we just need to put the icing on the cake for even more esprit de corps.
August 16th, 2009  
just type in google and then unit coins and I'm sure you can find a site or two that can get you going
August 16th, 2009  
A Can of Man
I know a few places that make custom coins over here. Dunno if that's going to help...
August 26th, 2009  
Went to the VFW National Convention last week and found this company that makes coins, pins, etc. They make some items made for the VFW.
Web site is or email

Expect you all ready found someone.
August 30th, 2009  
Here's another possibility:
April 4th, 2010  
SGT Long
Know anyone serving in Korea? you can get them dirt cheap there.
July 9th, 2010  
I have a coin with all the military branches embalum on it...i got from sea cadets..