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View Poll Results :What do you think the current US Recon plane looks like?
Flying Wing 3 17.65%
Standard Shape 3 17.65%
Flying Saucer 1 5.88%
No Idea 3 17.65%
Something Else 7 41.18%
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October 23rd, 2004  
i'm thinking it's something along the lines of a UAV, to avoid another Gary Powers incident, and for tons of other reasons. with a UAV you don't have the extra weight of life support and pilot space. you also don't have to worry about extremly high G loads achievable through a scram/ram jet engine. which this new spy plane probably has in order to achieve the speeds that everyone speculates it can achieve. as to the shape, no clue, could be a flying wing, could be delta wing, could be something we'd never imagine. someone get into skunkworks and let us know.