a curious question

June 9th, 2006  

Topic: a curious question

just ask a curious question.
since i joined the forum,i see so many people just from many countries all over the world,and i even can not recognize some nation's flag here .do you always speak english in your daily lives or english is only your foreign language ,just like me?
if it is,do you ever take pains learning english just as i was,or it is only a piece of cake for you?and can anyone give some advice on the english study,especial the speaking and listening ability?
June 9th, 2006  
rotc boy
I speak english everyday...I took french in middle school and last year in high school, i barely passed and i only did it for the foreign language credit
June 9th, 2006  
You might want to get with Bulldogg, he's our English as a second language guru. He may have some tips n' tricks for you.
June 9th, 2006  
Shoot me a PM Mayuhao and I'll do what I can.
June 9th, 2006  
If you want to really understand english, getting a basic knowledge of old Latin is a real help, but it is a western language, about as similar to chinese as is english
watch american tv, or play videogames with the english language on, this makes it a lot quicker to learn
June 9th, 2006  
ow do me old china, i ken nish about this, i really haven't a scooby.
June 10th, 2006  
I owe everything to videogames and movies/series...

Long live the Simpsons!

June 10th, 2006  
Wing Nut
Rite m8, learnin english is a piss of piss like, yer jus' go(tt)a get yer barnet ou(tt)a them bloody books `n cha(t) ta sum reaw English spea(k)in geezers.
June 12th, 2006  
I can only give one piece of advice: listen to the BBC World Service. It worked miracles for me!
June 13th, 2006  
another question,how MUCH vocabulary IS REALLY ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND ENGLISH FREELY? >20000?

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