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January 8th, 2005  
Originally Posted by cullion
My favorite command to get people out on when I call cadence for our knockout is, when it comes down to squad, "Squad right face. Platoon, forward march." If they don't move, I say 'Squad, forward march. Column left, march." And then whoever does it is OUT. Can't do a column unless you're facing the direction of the squad leader. The only two people who even know that rule is myself and our XO. Even First Sargeant didn't understand that it was wrong.
lol ur wrong man when u say right face ur facing the squad leader and wen u say forwad march and then column left u can do it u probably meant to say left face then forward march and if u called column left then the people would be wrong the whole drill team knos that trick i taught it to the people who didnt kno and did u go to Neptune? my CO won the knockout it was 5 people left and 3 out of the 5 were my senior staff Co,XO,OPS and my CO won i will be glad to teach u drill pinters and how to knock people out easily my masterchief knocks out people so easily by saying only calling 2 different commands
January 8th, 2005