CUCV M1008: Tactical Cargo, 1 ton

February 20th, 2006  

Topic: CUCV M1008: Tactical Cargo, 1 ton

This is my dream pickup truck

After the police academy, I'm going to save up some cash and buy her.

It's a M1008 CUCV.

Configurations: M1008: Tactical Cargo, 1¼ ton

Length: 220.7 inches

Width: 81.2 inches

Weight (curb): 5900 lbs

Height: 76 inches average.

Engine: V8, 6.2L (379ci) displacement, fuel injected diesel, liquid cooled, compression ignition.

Horsepower: 135 at 3,600 RPM

Transmission:TH400, 3 speed, automatic

Transfer case: NP208, 2 speed, locking, chain driven.

Axles: All models have Corp. 14-bolt rear and Dana 60 front.

Differentials: All models have the 14-bolt Detroit No-Spin. The fronts on all models are open except for a rare lot that came out with the Dana 60 TracLoc. All models came with 4.56 gear rations.

Electrical system: 12/24 volt, negative ground, 100 amps
Heating/Cooling: hot-water heat all models

Brakes: Hydraulic, front discs, rear drums

Fuel type: Diesel

Fuel capacity: 20 gal

What Is A CUCV??

CUCV is Uncle Sam's way of saying Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle. It's painted in the original OD Green CARC. CARC stands for Chemical Agent Resistant Coating and it's some tough stuff. The trees don't scratch it, it scratches the trees. Warning: CARC is some really nasty paint. You should wear a quality respirator (see the HAZMAT label) when sanding old CARC of if you get a hold of some, applying new CARC.

The CUCV was a military vehicle used by the US military starting in the mid-80's. The majority of them have been phased out and replace with Humvee's Only a few remain in service today on reserve bases. They are basically full-size Chevrolet Blazers(M-1009) and pick-ups(M-1010, M-1008, etc...) that have some special equipment added for Uncle Sam. Some of the added goodies are:
- gun racks behind the driver's seat(M-1009 only)
- four lifting shackles bolted to reinforced frame-rails
- heavy-duty front brush-guard
- blackout lights in the bumpers
- pintle hitch in back
- Gov-loc locker in the rear differential of M1009's and the Detroit No-Spin locker in the 14-bolt of the pick-ups.
- 24V 100 amp (200amp M1010) charging and starting system
- 6.2L GM Diesel with heavy-duty emissions package (slightly more power)
- NATO slave cable jump-start plug in the grill
- misc. other oddities (plugs, gauges, etc...)

And some of you might be asking me why I would want to get rid of my 2002 Ford F-150 with AC and in-dash CD player and power windows and such. Well, the reason is very simple. NO POWER ANYTHING. I hate that stuff. Power windows and locks and mirrors brake. And I hate stuff breaking. Also, it's a simple truck for a simple man. Tough, strong, rugged, and just dead sexy. No curves or looks that make it appear as some racing truck. It looks like a work truck and that's what I like in trucks.
February 20th, 2006  
What's the 24 volts for, winch? Are you planning on installing one?
February 20th, 2006  

I plan on using that truck for hunting, camping, and fishing (towing a boat). Also some mudding if at all possible.

I also plan to put a tool box on the back right behind the cab.
February 20th, 2006  
too bad she doesn't have air condition
February 20th, 2006  

She has AC, just lower the windows.
February 21st, 2006  
sven hassell
Is that a modern version of the M880 with the Chrysler318 5216cc engine in ?
I've a soft spot for a M882 myself although Ive never seen one for real,if there are even any this side of the pond.
February 21st, 2006  
they're great trucks. And I have seen ads of them on your side of the pond. Check out magazines like military auto trader and such.