Cubs v. Yankees v. Red Sox

Cubs v. Yankees v. Red Sox
June 29th, 2007  
The Other Guy

Topic: Cubs v. Yankees v. Red Sox

Cubs v. Yankees v. Red Sox
A Cubs fan, a yankees fan, and a sox fan are walking to the all star game together wearing their favorite teams hats. (why, I don't know, but I think they were all armed) They pass these feet sticking out of the bushes on the side of the road. They walk over and find a dead naked woman laying face up in the bushes.

The red sox fan says, "We should go get the police!"

The cubs fan says, "Wait." he removes his hat and places it on "hill 1."

The sox fan covers "hill 2" with his hat and the yankees fan shields the lower area from view with his hat.

The police come by. One officer picks up the cubs hat, looks, and sets it back down. He repeats the process with the red sox hat. However when he picks up the yankees hat he looks confused. He looks again. He calls his buddy over. They both keep looking under the yankees hat, and looking at each other all confused.

The yankees fan is going ballistic. "What is wrong with you sickos? What on earth are you doing?"

The one officer stands up and says, "Well, sir, please bear with us. You know that usually under a cubs cap is a boob, and usually under a red sox cap is a boob, but usually under a yankees cap is an arsehole, so you understand our confusion..."
June 29th, 2007  
Team Infidel

June 29th, 2007  
Hahaha. Nice one.
Cubs v. Yankees v. Red Sox
June 29th, 2007  
hahaha....good one.
July 2nd, 2007  
March 13th, 2009  
March 13th, 2009  
March 13th, 2009  

Im going to re-arrange that to soccer teams
March 14th, 2009  

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