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View Poll Results :hwo thinks that it is really really DANGERS to give sherman a wepon
HELL YEAH IT IS !!!! 8 53.33%
naa, it's ok... 7 46.67%
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January 7th, 2005  
i agree with doody, if your mate has any instument which can be used to cause pain or mischief, you gotta expect it to be coming your way!!!
January 15th, 2005  
oh a wepeons ok as long as its a bb gun, has no ammo trigger or pump.
January 16th, 2005  
C/2nd Lt Robot

Topic: Re: Crazy Sherman :")

Originally Posted by Armyjaeger
couple of inches lower and it would have really hurt
You have NOO idea about the amount of pain. And women say giving birth is painful. Try getting shot in the crouch at point blank with a paintball gun up at 300 FPS and both paintballs frozen. The unlucky SOB that shot me was pretty colorful for the last 10 rounds. I think I got back at him enough.
As long as I have a better weapon to fire back at him and I being out of range will he is in range. I would have no problem what so ever.
January 17th, 2005  
Italian Guy
Sherman? A weapon ?