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November 28th, 2006  
Chief Bones

Topic: GW Bush - needs a black cowboy hat .....

Originally Posted by C/1Lt Henderson
Looks like he fits the description pretty damned well to me...
I won't respond to this particular issue as I normally would (it would require a list several screens long).

Suffice it to say that I don't agree with you - as far as I am concerned GW is NOT a white hatted cowboy - he should be wearing a black hat. He is a criminal who has NOT been impeached ... but should be (he is a crook NOT a hero). He is also a liar of the first water who doesn't know what real honor is (since he has none of his own).

This is as far as I will go with this topic as I just know that there will be someone who will accuse me of being a Bush hater. I don't hate GW, I hate what he has done to the country I love and the military I spent 20+ years serving.

GW Bush can't leave the Office of the Presidency fast enough for me. The United States deserves better than him.
November 28th, 2006  
Rob Henderson
Had you read the description, you must agree that he has done everything to make him a white-hatted cowboy...Instead of blindly bashing the thread because you hate what he has done to the country, you could have read that he fits the descrition perfectly. Regardless of what you think, the description provided here fits GW well. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but from what I read, it looks like it to me.
November 28th, 2006  
Chief Bones

Topic: GW needs a black cowboy hat - not a white one ...


I said what I meant and meant what I said. I wasn't bashing the thread. I said what I thought of the so-called cowboy who is residing in the Whitehouse (he wasn't even born a Texan).

By the way - in the westerns the bad guy wears a black hat ... since I believe that GW is a criminal who has not been impeached - he should wear a black hat.
November 29th, 2006  
I'll take over for Chief Bones, Why Pres Bush is Not a real cowboy (according to this poll)

1. Never looks for trouble. He certainly did in Iraq. Trying to mess with Social Secuity and the Schiavo matter turned out to be really bad ideas too.
2. Faced Trouble with courage -since when Ignorance, arrogance and incompetence are a sign of courage?
3. Always on the side of right. Depends on the definition of what *right* means. Does war profiteering count as *right*? He was certainly on that side.
4. Defended the good against the bad. That must mean the Arab Oligarchs and Oil industry is the good guys and the American consumer is the bad guy.
5. High Morals. By continually lying to the American people???
6. Good Manners. Insulting people who disagree with you is not good manners in most peoples minds. Suggesting the Dems were traitors/cowards etc...
7. Honest. Honest people do not send their henchmen to do hatchet jobs on political opponents or on critics of his policies.
8. Speaking their minds and truth. Bush does speak his mind, thats the problem everybody thinks hes an idiot. He'd do better to say nothing. As for the truth, I dont think I need to list the times Bush as flat-out lied. but if you need proof, WMD.
9. Beacon of Intregrity. If Bush is a Beacon of intregrity (with all the lying manipulating, conniving, and scheming hes done over the past 6 years) that really puts the rest of us in a very bad light.
10. Respected. Bush is respected by no one, not even his own party. The last election every GOP congressman fled to the hills when they heard Bush was coming. The new GOP Govornor of Florida won the election by SNUBBING Bush.
11. Gunfight/fistfight. Real Cowboys didn't have Daddy's friends come to Juniors aid ever time he got in a jam. The only fight junior wanted to get into was against his own father, good thing his family talked him out of it, $100 says Senior would have whipped him good.
12. They always won. Bush ain't winning in Iraq. As for 'getting his man', umm, bin Laden, anyone?
November 29th, 2006  
Gentlemen, please try to stay civilized in here.
This topic seems the be the #1 reason these days for bans/warnings/locked threads/making enemies etc. etc. etc..

Just a friendly warning guys..
November 30th, 2006  
Historically, cowboys originated from Spain and then Mexico. Also, In Britain, Australia and New Zealand a "cowboy such and such" describes a tradesman who performs shoddy, questionable work e.g "a cowboy plumber". The use of the word "cowboy" in this sense predates the discovery of America.
November 30th, 2006  
Rob Henderson
*sigh* Some people just read too much into these things...
1.Trouble found him with September 11th, in case you were in France.
2. He didnt back down from terrorism and HASNT backed down from people who think it fair to criticize him will not doing anything about it themselves(hypocricy at its best).
3.America being the right, terrorism being wrong.
4.He defended the American people against the bad of the Middle East.
5.Elaborate and cite, please.
6.He followed the Golden Rule. That IMO, is good manners.
7.He KISSed the American public, with that simplicity, came honesty.
8.He spoke his mind...No one said what they thought of the cowboys speaking their minds, just that they spoke them...READING TOO MUCH INTO IT?
9.Beacon of hope and freedom to those who need it.
10.I respect him. I respect him for the office he holds. I respect him for doing the best he could with the information given to him. I respect him because he handles people who talk him down every day with SUCH poise. I respect him because he handles people criticizing him and saying they could do a better job than him, when they dont even VOTE.
11. Once again...READING TOO MUCH INTO IT. He's fighting terrorism right now, in case you missed that one...
12. We are making steady progress in Iraq(much to the Communist News Networks dismay).
13. As to getting his man...The war's not over, my friend.
December 13th, 2006  

Great and it's the truth.
December 13th, 2006  
The Other Guy
Originally Posted by C/1Lt Henderson
13. As to getting his man...The war's not over, my friend.
But the war is over! Mission Accomplished over 2 years ago!
December 14th, 2006  
Chief Bones

Originally Posted by The Other Guy
But the war is over! Mission Accomplished over 2 years ago!
Yeah right!

How about another one from the dark side of the moon?

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